When you want to start making organic fertilizer in a large quantities, you need to pay attention to 4 aspects. Material supply, fertilizer machine choosing, budget, workshop area. That is, how to ensure a stable material supply for large scale organic fertilizer making? What equipment is suitable for preparing organic fertilizer in a large quantities? How much does the large scale organic fertilizer production plant setup cost? How much area do you need to prepare for installation? Knowing these, you can start producing organic fertilizer in a large scale smoothly and successfully.

Large scale organic fertilizer making
Large scale organic fertizer production
  • Cpacity: 10-20 t/h
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy

  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

  • Cost: $100,000-$400,000

  • Application: Application: Making organic fertilizer from cow dung, chicken manure, pig waste, straw, biogas residues, etc

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How to ensure a stable material supply for large scale organic fertilizer making?

When you want to start large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing, it is essential to ensure stable sources of your materials. In this way, you can produce organic fertilizer continuously and deliver it to your customers. In general, you can consider it from two aspects:

Ensure the quantity of organic fertilizer making materials supply

That is, when you find material supplier for large organic fertilizer making, it is advisable to choose those who can supply you a large amount of materials continuously. Such as large animal farms, large animal meat selling factories, etc. For example, when you plan to produce more than 10 tons of organic fertilizer from cow dung per hour and work 20 hours a day. You need to find a farm which can generate at least 600 tons of cow dung a day.

Large animal farm waste disposal
Convenient transport conditions for fertilizer production plant setup

Ensure the speed of organic materials transport

In addition, if you want to ensure the table material sources for your large quantities organic fertilizer plant. It is also important to finish organic waste transport faster. For this, there are 2 tips for you. On the on hand, it is an ideal choice to set up your large organic fertilizer plant near the materials sources. On the other hand, you can choose a place with convenient transportation to produce organic fertilizer.

What other things need to focus on when set up organic fertilizer plant?

What equipment is suitable for preparing organic fertilizer in a large scale?

Capacity always plays an important role in fertilizer making machine selection. So Provided you want to produce organic fertilizer in a large quantities, there is no doubt that you need to choose organic fertilizer processing equipment with a large capacity. Then what equipment do you need to buy for large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing? You can choose the following organic fertilizer machines.

Manure dehydrator

In general, fresh animal manure is a mixture of solids and liquid, which is not suitable for preparing organic fertilizer directly. But using our manure dehydrator, you can reduce the water content of manure to 30%-50% easily and quickly. And for the large amount of manure dryinging, we recommend you choose SXTSX-1200 inclined screen solid-liquid separator. Which can help you process 30-40 m³ of animal manure per hour.

Inclined screen solid-liquid separator for sale

Wheel type compost turner

Wheel type compost turner has a turning span of 10-30 m and a turning depth of 1-3 m. So it can process 1-2 times organic litter more than other compost machines. In addition, combining with an electrically automatic control system, it can help you finish large scale organic composting easily and quickly.

Large scale crusher

Then for large scale organic fertilizer crushing, SXFLF-1000 new type vertical crusher is your best choice. It can grind 8-15 tons of organic materials into finer powder per hour. It is beneficial for subsequent organic fertilizer granulation. Moreover, because this machine is highly adaptable to organic waste with high moisture content. When you process a large amount of animal manure, it is not easy to block and can discharge material smoothly.

New type vertical crusher for organic fertilizer powder making
Dynamic batching machine for continuous fertilizer making

Dynamic batching machine

Dynamic batching machine is especially designed for the continuous materials batching of large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing. It mainly uses electronic belt scale or nuclear scale to measure feeding material volume. Moreover, it has a PID regulation and alarm function. Therefore, it can help you feed various organic fertilizer making materials in required proportion.

Horizontal mixer

SXWJ-1630 horizontal mixer can help you mix different raw materials evenly. This is beneficial for producing organic fertilizer with a balanced nutrient content. Generally, it can process 10-15 tons of organic fertilizer per hour.

Horizontal mixing machine for cow dung fertilizer making
Rotary drum pelletizer for large scale granulation

Rotary drum granulator

If you want to make organic fertilizer pellets in a large quantities, rotary drum granulator is an ideal choice for you. For one thing, the largest capacity of it can reach 15-30 t/h, which can fully meet your requirement of large scale organic fertilizer production. For another, we especially equip it with rubber lining and angle irons. So it can reduce the erosion caused by the large quantities of organic fertilizer processing.


Screening machine can separate qualified organic fertilizer granules from the unqualified. So you can return unqualified organic fertilizer pellets to reprocess to reduce material waste. If you need a screener with an output of 10-20 t/h, we recommend you buy SXGS-2080 rotary screener.

Fertilizer rotary screening machine in SX

Drying and cooling machines

Because rotary drum granulation machine adopts wet granulation method, which uses liquid as binder to facilitate organic fertilizer granulation. But in order to meet the international moisture content requirement (14%) of organic fertilizer, it is necessary to remove excessive moisture from your organic fertilizer particles. For this, SXHG-2424 rotary dryer + SXLQ-2424 rotary cooler is an excellent choice for your large scale organic fertilizer processing.

Coating equipment

Then if you want to further improve the quality of your organic fertilizer pellets, you can add a coating machine to the large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing line. It will add a protective film to your granular organic fertilizer. So it is more convenient to store, transport and has a longer effect.

Coating equipment for fertilizer pellet quality improvement
Double buckets packaging machine for sale

Double bucket bagging machine

This is the final equipment of large scale organic fertilizer making line. After fertilizer packaging, you can transport and store organic fertilizer easier and sell it to different customers in a targeted way.

How much does a large scale organic fertilizer production plant setup cost?

For starting organic fertilizer making in a large scale, cost of organic fertilizer production is also an item you must pay attention to. Generally, by making use of the above large scale organic fertilizer machine, you usually can create 2 types of systems for large amounts of organic fertilizer manufacturing. powder organic fertilizer making line and granular organic fertilizer production line. Then how much do they cost?

10-20 t/h large scale powder organic fertilizer making system price

If you want to start large quantities organic fertilizer making at a low cost, powdery organic fertilizer production line is your optimal option. It simply needs wheel type compost turner, loader type feeder, SXFLF-1000 new type vertical crusher, powder rotary screener, double bucket bagging machine and belt conveyor. The price of a complete 10-20 t/h large scale powder organic fertilizer making system is only $60,000-$90,000.

10-20 t/h large scale granular organic fertilizer production line cost

But it is more complicated to produce granular organic fertilizer in a large quantities. It needs all the above mentioned large organic fertilizer machines. Therefore, for a whole set of 10-20 t/h large quantities granular organic fertilizer production line, you need to prepare $360,000-$550,000 for it.

Large powder organic fertilizer making line
Large granular organic fertilizer making line

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How much area do you need to prepare for the large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing line installation?

Provided you want to run large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing smoothly, you also need to prepare a suitable area for the production line installation. But how much area does it cover?

10-20 t/h powder organic fertilizer preparation line

For 10-20 t/h powder organic fertilizer manufacturing, you need to offer a 3,000-5,000㎡ of area for it.

10-20 t/h granular organic fertilizer making line

But when you want to setup a 10-20 t/h granular organic fertilizer plant, it will need a workshop covering an area of 5,500-110,00 ㎡ .

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