In order to prepare higher quality fertilizer and make more profits from fertilizer production, more and more fertilizer manufacturers prefer to invest in granular fertilizer making. Then to meet the requirements for fertilizer granulation, we design various pellets making machines for your choice. Pan pelletizer is one of them and has won the trust of fertilizer suppliers at home and abroad. It has a simple design and is easy to operate. But whether you want to process chicken manure, cow dung or NPK into fertilizer pellets, disc granulator can complete it quickly. In addition, this only needs low investment and a small area site. So if you want to start your fertilizer manufacturing business, it will be an ideal choice for you!

What material can pan pelletizer process into fertilizer granules?

In general, material collection is the first step of fertilizer production. At the same time, material also plays an important role in fertilizer granulator purchasing. Is this equipment suitable for processing your fertilizer materials? Pan pelletizer has a high adaptability, which makes it can granulate various fertilizer materials. Such as chicken manure, cow dung, NPK materials, etc.

Chicken manure granulation

Are you looking for a perfect way to recycle manure from your chicken farm? Making it into organic fertilizer pellet is an excellent choice for you. But there is only a small area in the farm, how to make chicken dung into fertilizer granules? Disc granulation equipment can fully meet your requirements. It is a vertical granulation machine. So only needs 3-15 ㎡, it can finish the whole process of chicken manure granulation.

Disc granulator for chicken fertilizer granulation
Disc granulator for small scale cow manure pelleting

Cow dung fertilizer granules making

When you plan to prepare fertilizer pellets from cow manure, you will find that this kind of material is corrosive. Can disc pellet machine bear this erosion? Of course. The steel type of our pan pellet equipment is Q235B boiler steel, which has a high performance in erosion resistance. So it can help you produce cow waste fertilizer granules for a long time.

NPK fertilizer pellets production

Is this granulator suitable for NPK compound fertilizer pellet making? The answer is yes. Disc granulator can process various N, P, K chemical materials into quality compound fertilizer pellets. So that NPK fertilizer can be stored for a long time and can provide nutrients with crops in a targeted way.

Pan pelletizer for NPK fertilizer granulation

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How does pan granulator work to make fertilizer powder into pellet?

After determining that pan pelletizer is suitable for your raw materials, it is necessary to learn how does it work to make these materials into pellet. Commonly, the process of disc granulation is divided into five parts.

Feeding fertilizer powder

At the feed inlet, there is a belt conveyor. It will transport raw materials to disc granulation equipment continuously at a proper speed. Here, to produce higher quality fertilizer granules, it is advisable to crush materials into fine powder. And 50 mesh is the best feeding material particle size.

Crushing machine for fertilizer powder making

Adjust the angle of disc

According to local conditions, you may need to produce granular fertilizer with different sizes. How to control pan granulation pellet size? Adjusting the angle of the pan is an excellent choice. Sharper slope, smaller size; slower slope, bigger granules. But please remember that the disc angle must be kept between 40° and 60°. Otherwise, the powder fertilizer cannot form into particles.

Spray water

Moisture content is essential for fertilizer granulation, it is the same as pan granulation. Because disc pellet machine adopts wet granulation method, which makes use of liquid as binders to facilitate the granulation of powdery fertilizer. Hence, controlling the water content of materials is another way to regulate fertilizer granule size. Less water, smaller size; much water, bigger size. In addition, in order to make it more convenient to control water adding volume, we especially equip a spray system above our pan pelletizer.


Then with the rotation of pan pellet equipment, fertilizer powder will be affected by centrifugal force and gravity. So it will roll and form into round fertilizer particles in 5-8 minutes. In this process, by adjusting the pan angle and material moisture content, you can produce organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer with a diameter of 1-8 mm freely.


When the size of fertilizer particle meets the required diameter, pan granulator will discharge it automatically. Is it batch by batch? No, it is a continuous process. The unqualified fertilizer pellets will be left in disc and combine with new materials.

Why so many fertilizer suppliers use disc granulation machine in fertilizer pellets production?

From past data, we found that many fertilizer suppliers buy disc granulator for their fertilizer pellets production plants. Why? From the feedback of our customers, we summarized three reasons as follows:

Various types of pan granulators for your choice

To fully meet the requirements of fertilizer suppliers, we especially design disc pelletizers with different capacities. Therefore, when you need small laboratory fertilizer pan granule machine, we can offer you SXYZ-1500, which has a minimum output of 0.5 t/h. And for those who want to dispose of animal manure in the farm, we can offer you disc granulator with a capacity up to 6 t/h, that is, SXYZ-3600.

Different types pan pelletizers
Granulation rate

High granulating rate

Our disc granulation machine has a high granulating rate of over 93%. This means this pellet machine can produce more required fertilizer pellets with the same amounts of raw materials. So you can complete process fertilizer powder into granules quickly and reduce the material waste.

Favourable price

The favourable price is also an important advantage which attracts fertilizer production businesses to purchase pan pelletizer. Generally speaking, the price of a disc granulator is $1,000-$16,000. Why does it has such an economical price? For one thing, it has a compact design and a capacity of 0.5-6 t/h. The smaller the capacity, the lower the price. For another, SX is a source factory for fertilizer equipment manufacturing. So there is no extra charge during the transaction.

Technical parameters of SX fertilizer pan pelletizer

Model Dia. of Disc (mm) Edge Height (mm) Rotary Speed (r/min)  Motor Power (kw) Capacity  (t/h) Reducer Model Dimensions  (mm)
SXYZ-500 500 200 32 0.55 0.02-0.05 BYW0-43-0.55 650×600×800
SXYZ-600 600 280 33.5 0.75 0.05-0.1 BYW0-43-0.55 800×700×950
SXYZ-800 800 200 21 1.5 0.1-0.2 XWD4-71-1.5 900×1000×1100
SXYZ-1000 1000 250 21 1.5 0.2-0.3 XWD4-71-1.5 1200×950×1300
SXYZ-1200 1200 250 21 1.5 0.3-0.5 XWD4-71-1.5 1200×1470×1700
SXYZ-1500 1500 300 21 3 0.5-0.8 XWD5-71-3 1760×1500×1950
SXYZ-1800 1800 300 21 3 0.8-1.2 XWD5-71-3 2060×1700×2130
SXYZ-2000 2000 350 21 4 1.2-1.5 XWD5-71-4 2260×1650×2250
SXYZ-2500 2500 450 14 7.5 1.5-2.0 ZQ350 2900×2000×2750
SXYZ-2800 2800 450 14 11 2-3 ZQ350 3200×2200×3000
SXYZ-3000 3000 450 14 11 2-4 ZQ350 3400×2400×3100
SXYZ-3600 3600 450 13 18.5 4-6 ZQ400 4100×2900×3800

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How upgrade the disc granulation system to produce better fertilizer?

If you want to upgrade your disc granulation system or produce better fertilizer pellets, you can choose to establish a disc granulation line.

Before pan pelletizer, you can use dewatering machine, compost equipment, crusher, mixer to make raw materials more suitable for fertilizer granules manufacturing. After disc granulation, you can choose screener, dryer, cooler, coating machine, packaging scale to further improve the purity and quality of granular fertilizer you prepare.

Small scale pan granulation line for sale

If you are still hesitant about disc granulation line setup, you can tell us your conditions. Such as material, budget, factory area, expectant capacity, equipment you need, etc. We can design fertilizer granulation line design according to your requirements.

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