Is there a business plan for large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing? Of course. We can provide you with 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer production project. And in terms of hourly output, it can reach 15-20 t/h. So it can fully meet your requirement of commercial organic fertilizer making in large quantities. In addition, according to the needs of different fertilizer manufacturers, we especially design various 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer preparation systems. Such as 100,000 t/y organic waste composting system, 100,000 t/y compost granulation line, 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer packaging system, etc. If you have any other requirements, you can contact us immediately, we will offer you the best solutions.

How to start 100,000 t/y organic compost fertilizer production project?

If you want to turn organic waste (cow dung, chicken manure, mushroom waste, etc) into compost in a large scale, you can choose our 100,000 t/y large scale composting line. In this process, you need to take three steps:

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What equipment is used in large scale compost granulation?

Is there fertilizer making plan for further process manure compost? The answer is yes. If you have completed the composting of organic waste, you can purchase 100,000 t/y compost granulation line directly. During 100,000 t/y compost pellets making, you may need equipment: rotary drum granulator, screener, dryer and cooler.

SXZGZ-3210 rotary drum pelletizer

For large scale organic fertilizer granulation, the best hot selling equipment is rotary drum pelletizer. On the one hand, it has a large capacity, which means it can granulate more compost into pellets. Therefore, you can finish large scale organic fertilizer granules manufacturing more quickly. On the other hand, it has low energy consumption. The power of SXZGZ-3210 rotary drum pelletizer, which can process 15-30 tons of organic fertilizer pellets per hour (100,000 ton/year and more), is only 37 kw.

SXGS-2080 rotary screener

In order to improve the purity of final organic fertilizer granules, it is advisable to screen it after granulation. For this, SXGS-2080 rotary screener is an excellent option. It can separate the required size organic fertilizer pellets from small or large particles. Then you can return unqualified fertilizer pellets to re-crush and re-granulate. So you will complete large scale organic fertilizer production with nearly no material waste.

SXHG-2424 rotary dryer and SXLQ-2424 rotary cooler

Because rotary drum granulator adopts wet granulation method, which uses liquid as binder to make compost powder into pellets. The water content of produced organic fertilizer pellets is about 15%-20%. However, in order to make fertilizer more convenient for transport, store and use, it is necessary to lower the moisture to below 10%. Here, SXHG-2424 rotary dryer and SXLQ-2424 rotary cooler are excellent choices for the excessive water removing in 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer production project.

100,000 t/y packaging system for your finished organic fertilizer processing

When you have finished organic fertilizer making and want to sell to your customers, it is advisable to use our packaging system for large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing. Because in this system,

Automatic bagging equipment can help you package finished organic fertilizer compost powder or pellets into 10 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc. So you can sell fertilizer to your customers in a targeted way. For capacity of 100,000 tons per year, SX especially design double buckets packaging scale and ton bag packing machine for your choice.

Automatic palletizer is used in arranging the packaged organic fertilizer neatly. Because of flexible and fast stacking method, it is an intelligent device that replaces manual palletizing. It can greatly improve the work efficiency of finished organic fertilizer arrangement. So it is suitable for large-volume organic fertilizer production.

Automatic palletizer for large scale fertilizer bagging system

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How to reduce the dust pollution in the 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer production project?

For large scale 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer production project, there is an item you also must pay attention to. It is purifying waste gas discharged from organic fertilizer preparation. For this, our engineers have three advice for you.

  • 1

    Buying professional dust collector

    We can provide you with cyclone dust collector, water curtain dust collector and bag filter dust collector. They are commonly used to collect dust caused by fan in the drying and cooling process of organic fertilizer preparation.

  • 2

    Building dust fall room

    Besides professional dust collectors, you also can filter exhaust gas of drying by building a dust fall room. There are a number of vertical baffles in the dust fall room. When the gas flows through, it will change direction and reduce speed, and the contained dust particles will collide with the baffle and fall.

  • 3

    Adding dust cover

    But how to prevent dust pollution in other processes of 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer manufacturing? You can add dust cover to large scale organic fertilizer equipment. For example, installing dust covers on rotary screener, belt conveyors, etc.

Technology parameters of equipment can be used in 100,000 t/y organic fertilizer production project

Equipment Model Capacity (T/H) Power (KW) Dimension (MM) Quantity
Wheel type compost turner 1
New type vertical crusher SXLFL-1000 8-15 37 2150*1220*2700 2
Rotary drum granulator SXZGZ-3210 15-30 37 10000*3200*3200 1-2
Rotary screening machine SXGS-2080 10-20 11 1
Rotary drying machine SXHG-2424 14-18 1-2
Rotary cooling equipment SXLQ-2424 14-18 1
Rotary coating equipment BM1800×8000 15-30 11 6000*1600*1600 1
Dynamic batching machine 1
Automatic packaging scale 1
Automatic palletizer SXMD-800 500(bag/h) 4 3200*2200*3000 1
Dust collector 1
Belt conveyor 1

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