Nowadays, more and more farmers are prone to turn animal manure waste into organic fertilizer. And there are already professional organic fertilizer production lines in the market. But, the design of manure fertilizer production system usually varies with capacity. This will lead to changes in area occupation, cost, labor, etc. So before buying manure fertilizer manufacturing line, we recommend you clear your output. Then how about a 3 t/h manure fertilizer production line? On 5th April 2023, a customer from Botswana inquired about this.

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:

What is the design of a 3 t/h manure fertilizer production line?

The client from Botswana told us that the raw material will be chicken and kraal manure, and the fertilizer processing line capacity is 3 tons per hour. And he wanted to know which manure fertilizer making system is the most suitable one? And what is its design?

If you want to produce 3 tons of manure organic fertilizer per hour, we recommend you choose our disc fertilizer granulation line. Because it is an ideal choice for small scale organic fertilizer making. There are two reasons. For one thing, it makes animal manure waste into fertilizer granules, which is more convenient to transport, store and use. For another, it has characteristics of low cost, less area occupation, over 93% granulation rate, etc.

Pan granulator for small scale manure fertilizer making line

What is the design of 3 t/h pan granulation system for manure disposal?

In general, a complete small scale pan fertilizer pellet making line usually consist of groove type compost turner, batching machine, SXSF-90 semi-wet material crusher, powder screener, single shaft mixer, SXYZ-3000 disc granulator, granules screening machine, SXHG-1010 rotary dryer, SXLQ-1010 rotary drum cooler, automatic packaging machine and belt conveyor.

How much area does the disc manure fertilizer processing system cover?

After knowing the design, the Botswana’s customer paid attention to the space requirement of manure fertilizer manufacturing. He wanted to know can the workshop accommodate the 3 t/h manure fertilizer production line? Generally, a whole set of disc granulation line equipment needs an area of 2,000-3,000 ㎡.

Area Coverage

How to start 3 t/h manure fertilizer making in a smaller space

In-vessel organic fertilizer fermentation tank for sale

On the one hand, you can replace equipment with a smaller area occupation. For example, you can use in-vessel fertilizer fermentation tank in manure aerobic fermentation, which only needs a 10-30 ㎡ area. On the other hand, you can provide us with more details of your manure fertilizer making plant area. We will offer you a customized fertilizer making business plan, which will make full use of the surrounding land.

Is 1,500 ㎡ area enough for a 5 t/h manure fertilizer plant setup?

How much does a 3 t/h manure fertilizer production line cost?

Generally, you need to prepare $110,000-$140,000 for the above 3 t/h disc manure fertilizer production line. However, if you want to finish manure fertilizer making at a lower cost, we can also meet your requirements.

Firstly, you can replace the groove type composter with moving type windrow compost machine. Because it has a more economical price, $ 4,000- $ 12,000. In addition, you can reduce the cost by only turning farm manure waste into powder organic fertilizer. Because it only needs composter, load type feeder, crusher, powder screener, bagging equipment and conveyor. The fewer the fertilizer machines, the lower the cost.

Moving type windrow composting machine for economical manure fermentation

Labour and skills required to operate this fertilizer making line of manure disposal

0 workers
High automatic

Moreover, the customer from Botswana asked us about labour and skills required to operate about this manure fertilizer manufacturing system. Don’t worry, our disc fertilizer granulation line has a high degree of automation. In general, only needs 4-5 workers, it can finish the whole process of making manure waste into quality organic fertilizer.

How many critical spare parts are the manure fertilizer making plan included?

In this 3 t/h production line of manure fertilizer, spare parts are mainly the compost turning blade and screen machine mesh. Moreover, it is advisable to replace them every 0.5-1 year. This only needs a low cost.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about 3 t/h manure fertilizer production line setup in Botswana. In addition, we also can provide you with many other fertilizer making business plans, such as large scale organic fertilizer making plan, pig manure fertilizer making line, bio fertilizer fertilizer making line, etc.

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