For quality organic fertilizer making, besides bio organic fertilizer production, it is also a ideal choice for mix compost with biochar to prepare carbon-based fertilizer. On 15 November 2023, a customer from Indonesia emailed us for solution to compost and biochar granule making. Here, this client wanted to make the mixture of compost and biochar into pellets, which is 3-5 mm size. In addition, there is a moisture content requirement of final biochar fertilizer granules – being 12% to 15%. So he wanted to buy a system that consists of organic fertilizer granulator and drying machine.

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:

Is there a suitable machine for granulate compost and biochar?

The Indonesian customer had clear requirements for the granulator. The initial moisture of the material mixture is about 35%. Moreover, this client wanted to start compost and biochar granule making with a capacity of 1-1.5 TPH. Here, SX designed 2 charcoal fertilizer granulation plans for your choice.

Disc granulation machine for biochar fertilizer pellets making

On the one hand, you can choose our SXYZ-2000 pan disc pellet machine. This machine has an output of 1.2-1.5 t/h, which can fully meet your small scale carbon-based fertilizer granule manufacturing. In addition, according to your needs, we can add a water spray device to disc fertilizer granulator. So when the water content of raw material is lower than 35%, it can help you add water to powder material easier. In this way, you can granulating compost and biochar quickly. The most suitable moisture for fertilizer powder to pellet is 35%-45%.

Double roller granulation system for compost and biochar granule production

On the other hand, we designed a double roller granulation plan for you. It mainly makes use of the extrusion force between two rollers to turn biochar compost material into granules. This makes you have a higher efficiency of biochar organic fertilizer granulation. Then, our SXDG-1.5 T roller press fertilizer granulator is the best choice for your 1-1.5 TPH compost and biochar granule making project.

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Granule diameter (mm) Dimensions (mm)
SXYZ-2000 Disc Granulation Machine 1.2-1.5 4 1-8 2260*1650*2250
SXDG-2T Double Roller Granulator 2 22 1-10 1630*850*1650

Can the above granulators produce 3-5 mm biochar fertilizer pellets?

Of course. Both the above two machines can prepare 3-5 mm biochar fertilizer pellets for you. Then how to adjust the biochar fertilizer pellet size? For this, these two compost and biochar granulation machines have their own methods.

How to regulate charcoal fertilizer pellets with disc pan pelletizer?

In general, you can adjust the size of final compost and biochar fertilizer granule you make in 2 ways.

  • Controlling material moisture: Less water, smaller size; much water, bigger size

  • Adjusting machine disc angle: Sharp slope, smaller size; slow slope, bigger granules.

How to regulate charcoal fertilizer pellets with disc pan pelletizer?

The answer is yes. Only by using rollers with different size ball sockets, you can make fertilizer particles with the diameter you require. Generally, SX can offer you rollers for 1-10 mm granular charcoal based fertilizer manufacturing.

How to dry biochar compost granule moisture to 12%?

Moreover, the client from Indonesia also planned to purchase a dryer for fertilizer pellets. Because this customer wanted to prepare compost and biochar fertilizer granules that have a 12%-15% moist. But, after granulation, it is usually about 25%-35%. For this, we recommend you choose our rotary drying equipment. With the drum rotation, it can dry your biochar organic fertilizer pellet evenly and quickly. In addition, because of lift plate design, it can reduce the possibility of fertilizer particles sticking and further shorten the drying time. Then for 1-1.5 fertilizer pellet drying, it is advisable to choose our SXHG – 0808 dryer.

Model Power (kw) Reducer Midel Temp of Inlet (℃) Angle of Installation (°) Speed (r/min) Capacity (t/h)
SXHG-0808 5.5 ZQ250 ≥300 3-5 6 1-2

What is the suitable temperature for carbon-based fertilizer granule drying?


Biochar fertilizer pellets drying temperature

Then from the email of this Indonesian client, it showed that there is already a heat generation at their fertilizer production site. And their machines can generate hot air (up to 150ºC), which can keep the temperature inside dryer machine at 60ºC. However, the customer hesitated whether this temperature was suitable for the drying of compost and biochar pellets. Or, can it harm the properties of the fertilizer? Of course not. The premium temperature inside the drying machine for fertilizer pellets drying is 50ºC – 80ºC. In this way, you can dry granular organic charcoal fertilizer fast and do not harm the nutrients and beneficial bacteria in it.

Considering the budget for biochar and compost fertilizer pellet making, the final plan of the Indonesian customer is pan disc granulation and drying system. And after one month, receiving the system, this client gave us a good feedback of the fertilizer machines. And he had started compost and biochar granule making smoothly.

Get precise quote for your biochar fertilizer pellet machines!

The above are details about our communication with the customer about compost and biochar granule making in Indonesia. In addition, we can also offer you many other fertilizer business plans and machines. Such as bio fertilizer making line, chemical fertilizer production equipment, fertilizer compost system, etc. Welcome to contact us for your own fertilizer production business plan immediately.

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