In organic fertilizer making process, moisture content usually plays an important role. Both too much and too little water will affect the quality of organic fertilizer production. Especially in processes of composting, granulation and bagging.

Then what moisture content is required in the organic fertilizer making process?

Ideal moisture content for better organic fertilizer composting

When you want to make quality organic fertilizer, it is essential to compost raw materials. Because composting is a process of eliminating harmful substances in organic waste. But if you want to compost organic waste faster, moisture control is an item you must focus on . Because excessive water (over 60%) will block the transport of oxygen, which is necessary for aerobic fermentation of organic waste. While too low water content (below 40%) also can not support the activity of composting bacteria. So it is advisable to keep the moisture content of materials at 40%-60%.

Composting moisture
Composting temperature

How reduce moisture content before organic fertilizer composting

In general, there are two choices for you. For one thing, pave dry materials under the organic fertilizer composting piles, such as straw, leaves, corn cobs, etc. For another, using dewatering machine directly. This can remove water from organic fertilizer material quickly. And after dewatering, the moisture can decrease to 30%-40%.

Optimum water content for organic fertilizer granulation

In order to turn compost into organic fertilizer pellets successfully, you also need to pay attention to water content before granulation. Then what is the optimum feeding water content of material for organic fertilizer granulation? 20-40%. But how to adjust moisture content for better organic fertilizer granulation? Generally, you don’t need to do anything extra. Why? Because composting is a temperature rising, which will evaporate water continuously. And after composting, the moisture content of raw materials is 30%, which is suitable for making fertilizer pellets.

How to increase moisture content during organic fertilizer granulation

Besides water content reduction, sometimes, you also need to increase moisture during organic fertilizer granules manufacturing. How to finish it? In order to add water easily, we especially design spray devices for pan pelletizer and rotary drum granulator. But how to increase moisture content when using other fertilizer granulation machine? You can choose to add water in fertilizer mixing.

The standard for final organic fertilizer before packaging

Is it the end? No. Finally, you must adjust the moisture content of final organic fertilizer to below 10% before packaging. There are two reasons. On the one hand, for organic fertilizer granules making, the lower the water content, the higher the hardness, the lower the possibility of pulverization, the more convenient the transport. On the other hand, lower water content makes fertilizer not easy to mold and deteriorate. So the fertilizer you produce can be stored for a longer time.

Fertilizer dried by fertilizer dryer machine

How to regulate fertilizer moisture before packaging

Manure fertilizer drying machine

Here, if you want to dry fertilizer quickly and easily, it is advisable to use rotary drying machine, which plays an important role in fertilizer drying. During working, the hot air in the SX drum dryer can reach 300 ℃. Therefore, this machine can reduce your organic fertilizer to below 10% in a short time.

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