Compost turner windrower is widely used in organic fertilizer composting. Of course. Including dairy manure compost making, chicken manure fermentation, pig waste composting, etc. As the name suggests, it adopts windrow composting method. In this process, only need to pile organic materials into long windrows on the cement ground, you can drive windrow composter to start composting. And in order to meet different requirements from customers, we design two types of compost turner windrowers – crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turner for your choice.

What conditions do you need to buy moving type self-propelled composter?

If you want to buy windrow composting equipment with characteristics of small capacity, flexibly moving and economical price, we recommend you choose our moving type self-propelled composter.

Small capacity

SX moving type windrow compost turner has a turning width of 2 m and turning height of 0.6-0.8 m. Therefore, it can process 400-500 m³ of organic materials per hour to facilitate aerobic fermentation. In items of capacity, it can fully meet your needs of small scale organic fertilizer compost manufacturing.

Economical price

Then economical price is also a reason why so many fertilizer manufacturers buy moving type self-propelled composter. Only need $4,000-$12,000 (reference price), you can take the self-propelled compost turner to your farm to turn manure waste into commercial compost fertilizer. The specific price will fluctuate with the configuration, if you need precise quote, welcome to contact us immediately.

Flexibly moving

In general, in the process of windrow composting, you need to drive the composter to moving between windrows to turn materials. So a flexible moving system is important. Moving type compost turner windrower adopts a four-wheel moving system, which makes the machine move forward, backward and turn directions freely. In addition, it uses a steering wheel control system. So even a semi-skilled worker can operate it to process organic fertilizer compost.

When does crawler type compost turner windrower suitable for you?

However, when you have a large amount of manure need to dispose of, crawler type compost machine is a better choice for you. Moreover, it has a more stable movement and can make driver away from dust and odor.

Large output

Crawler type compost equipment can process windrows with a width of 2.4-3 m and a height of 0.6-1.5 m. That is, this equipment can turn 500-1500 m³of organic material piles per hour. Under the action of crawler type composter, you can even finish manure fermentation within 20 days.

Crawler type compost turner windrower for sale
Crawler type tracks for stable moving to compost organic fertilizer

Stable moving

For uneven ground composting, it is also advisable to purchase crawler type compost turner windrower. Because it equips moving system with tracks, which has a larger contact area with ground. So this composter has a high adaptability to uneven ground and can move more stably.

Pollution prevention

Moreover, this machine is designed with a driving cab which can provide healthy protection for workers. It not only can prevent material splash but also isolate odor for the driver. So the worker can operate crawler type windrow compost machine to process manure waste in your farm quickly and easily.

Crawler windrow turner for cow dung composting

Learn more about crawler type compost windrower

Besides compost turner windrower, we also can offer you many other machines for compost making. Such as groove type compost turner for trenching type composing, wheel type composter for large scale fermentation, in-vessel fermentation tank for fully automatic compost production, etc.

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