How Much Does Fertilizer Making Plant Setup Cost?

Cost plays an important role in fertilizer plant setup. But it is not fixed and will change with capacity, design, equipment type, etc. Here are some information about fertilizer plant cost for your reference. Including organic fertilizer plant cost and NPK fertilizer plant cost. As a reliable and leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX will provide you with a favourable price. If you have any requirements or get precise quote for your fertilizer making machines, Welcome to contact us immediately.

Organic Fertilizer Plant Cost

When you plan to make organic fertilizer from cow dung, chicken poop, pig waste, horse manure, etc. When you want to buy a 1-5 t/h, 5-10 t/h or 10-20 t/h organic fertilizer granule making line. Go here to learn more.

NPK Fertilizer Plant Cost

When you plan to make fertilizer from chemical materials like urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, MAP, DAP, SSP, MOP, SOP, etc. When you want to buy a NPK fertilizer making line with a cost of below $50,000, $ 50,000-150,000, etc. Go here to learn more.

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