As the name suggests, fertilizer blending equipment is designed for mixing various fertilizer making materials evenly. It is essential for all kinds of fertilizer manufacturing, whether it is organic or compound fertilizer making, powder or granular fertilizer productions. Because blending can ensure the nutrient balance of your final fertilizer product. Then how to choose a suitable fertilizer mixer for your fertilizer production business plan? You can buy the mixing machine according to the material shape, capacity, cost, etc. But no matter what kind of mixer you need, SX can fully meet your needs.

What kind of fertilizer can fertilizer blending equipment process?

When you buy equipment for your fertilizer making plan, it is necessary to consider that is it suitable for your material processing? The same goes for fertilizer mixer purchasing. You need to choose different machines for powder and granule materials processing.

Powder fertilizer blending machine

Commonly, most fertilizer business plan needs a powder mixer, whether it is a organic fertilizer making project or NPK compound fertilizer production system. So in order to meet different requirements of fertilizer suppliers, we design various types of powder fertilizer mixers for your choice.

Fertilizer blending machines for sale

Including horizontal mixer, single shaft horizontal blender, double shafts horizontal mixing machine and vertical disc blending equipment. They all adopt multiple mixing blades, which can blend disparate raw materials evenly in a short time. In addition, for organic fertilizer manufacturing this is also beneficial to prevent materials from sticking.

Which fertilizer mixer is suitable for you?

Fertilizer granules blender

Besides fertilizer powder mixing, sometimes, you also need to blend fertilizer granules. For example, the most typical one is bulk blending fertilizer making, right? Is there fertilizer mixing equipment that is designed for granular materials processing? Of course. It is BB fertilizer mixer. This machine plays an important role in quality bulk blending fertilizer production.

There are two reasons:

Mixing granules quickly

This fertilizer blender mainly makes use of special internal spiral design and unique three-dimensional structure. This can help you mix various chemical fertilizer pellets evenly. But it only takes several minutes. Moreover, this unique inside design is also beneficial for feeding and discharging fertilizer more smoothly. Feeding in positive rotation and discharging in reverse rotation.

Mixing design of BB fertilizer blender
BB fertilizer mixer for granules fertilizer blending

Reducing outside world influence

BB fertilizer mixer overcomes the mixtures chromatography and distributaries phenomena caused by different proportion of raw materials and particle size. Thus it further improves the accuracy of fertilizer materials dosing. What’s more, it also solves the influence on system caused by material properties, mechanical vibration, air pressure, voltage fluctuation cold weather etc. So you can produce higher quality compound BB fertilizer.

How to make bulk blending NPK fertilizer?

Which fertilizer mixer is suitable for small / large scale fertilizer making?

After knowing what kind of fertilizer blending equipment can be used in your material processing, it is time to focus on the capacity. Here, SX can provide you with ideal mixing machines of different outputs.

2-5 t/h small quantities fertilizer blender

If you only want to start a small scale fertilizer manufacturing, we recommend you buy horizontal mixer or single shaft horizontal blender. They both can complete the production of 2-5 tons of fertilizer mixing in an hour. What is the difference between them?

When you plan to start small quantities of organic fertilizer making or chemical fertilizer production at a low cost, the former is an ideal choice. Usually the price of a 2-5 t/h horizontal mixer is $1,700-$8,000. However, provided you pay more attention to mixing efficiency, it is advisable to pick up single shaft horizontal blender. Because it adopts double helical ribbon type blade, which can help you finish fertilizer blending better.

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5-8 t/h medium scale fertilizer mixer

But for 5-8 t/h medium scale fertilizer manufacturing, the best choice for you is disc mixing equipment. Because it has many advantages.

For example, less space occupation. Because of vertical design, only needs an area of 4-5 ㎡, it can finish the whole process of 5-8 t/h fertilizer mixing. In addition, long service life. The mixing blades of this machine are made of special alloy, which has high wear-resistance. What’s more, it adopts a system of feeding materials from top and discharging from bottom. So it is more convenient for fertilizer materials transport and processing.

8-15 t/h large scale fertilizer blending equipment

Then which fertilizer blender is suitable for larger scale fertilizer making? The answer is double shafts horizontal mixer!

For one thing, we equip it with a pair of screw shafts, which rotate in opposite directions. They can help you mix fertilizer better, especially large scale organic fertilizer making. For another, it has a high degree of automation. So it is an ideal choice for blending fertilizer continuously. That is, you can finish large scale fertilizer mixing faster. What’s more, this fertilizer blending equipment has a large capacity, which can reach 10-15 t/h. Therefore, it can fully meet your requirements in large scale fertilizer production.

What is the cost of fertilizer blenders?

Besides material type and capacity, the cost of fertilizer mixing is also an item you must focus on. Generally, according to the price of fertilizer blender, we divide them into two parts:

$3,000-$15,000 fertilizer mixing machine

When you plan to buy fertilizer blending equipment at a lower cost, we recommend you choose horizontal mixer, disc blender and BB fertilizer mixer. You only need to prepare $1,700-$12,000 for them.

$3,000-$15,000 fertilizer mixing machine

But if you have enough budget and want to have a better fertilizer mixing effect, we recommend you buy single shaft horizontal mixer, double shafts horizontal blender and drum type BB fertilizer mixing equipment. The cost of them is about $3,000-$15,000.

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