Manure dewatering machine is a key fertilizer processing equipment of manure drying system. It can adjust the moisture content of manure to a proper level, so that you can compost organic fertilizer quickly and easily. And in order to fully meet your requirements, we especially design many types of manure dehydrators according to different manure materials for your choice. Besides, even if you want to further process dehydrated manure into organic fertilizer, we also can design business plans according to your actual conditions.

Why we need to use manure dewatering machine in organic fertilizer production?

Animal manure is the most common material for organic fertilizer manufacturing, because it contains rich nutrients which are beneficial for the growth of crops and plants. But when you use fresh manure as fertilizer, it is necessary to remove excessive water from manure. Why? In general, there are two reasons as follows:

Making manure suitable for organic fertilizer composting

The reason why we cannot use animal manure as fertilizer directly is that it contains many pathogens, pest eggs and grass seeds. They are harmful to the soil and will affect the healthy growth of crops. So you need to compost manure before preparing organic fertilizer. In this process, it is essential to control the moisture content of manure between 40% and 60%. Which can meet the needs of water supply for aerobic fermentation and will not block the transport of oxygen.

Convenient transport conditions for fertilizer production plant setup

Making manure easy to transport

In addition, fresh manure is a mixture of liquid and solids, so it is not convenient to transport to composting area. Especially cow dung, pig manure, etc. After processing with manure dehydrator, the solid animal manure will be separated from liquid and its moisture content can be reduced to 30%-40%. Only by driving forklifts can you transport manure to fertilizer composting area quickly and easily.

What kind of material can manure dehydrator machine process?

For organic fertilizer making, there are various materials for your choice. For animal manure, you can use chicken manure, pig litter, cow dung, etc. Can manure dewatering machine process all of them? Of course. We can provide you with the most suitable manure solid-liquid separator according to your material.

Chicken manure dewatering equipment

For removing excessive water form chicken manure, we can provide you with SXTS-180 screw dewatering machine. On the one hand, it has a stainless steel screen with 0.3-0.5 mm holes, which makes its separation rate reach 95%. This is greatly beneficial for preventing nutrient loss. On the other hand, this manure can produce 10-15 m³ of dehydrated manure per hour, which can fully meet your need for chicken poop disposal.

Pig litter solid-liquid separator

Compared with chicken manure, pig manure has higher moisture. But don’t worry. The feeding moisture content of our screw type dewatering equipment can reach 80-90%. Even if the water content of pig waste is higher than 90%, you also can choose inclined screen solid-liquid separator. Before extrusion, it will separate solid pig manure from liquid first. So it can help you remove excessive water from swine waste effectively and make you start pig manure fertilizer making quickly.

Cow dung dewatering machine

In general, a cow will generate 30 kg of manure a day, which is higher than other animals. So when you want to dispose of cow dung into organic fertilizer, you need to buy a manure dehydrator with a large capacity. For this, we can provide you with SXTS-230 screw type dewatering machine and SXTSX-1200 inclined screen solid-liquid separator. The former has a capacity of 15-20 m³ and is widely used in processing cow dung with moisture content of 50%-90%. But when your cattle waste has a water content of over 90%, the latter is the best choice for you. And its output can reach 30-40 m³/h.

How does solid-liquid separator work to remove excessive water from manure?

Control system of manure dewatering machine

Turn on manure dewatering machine

Our manure dewatering machine has an electrical control system, which makes itself easy to operate. This will makes you freely start and stop the host and pump. Therefore, only by employing one worker can it complete the whole manure dehydration process.

Feed manure materials

After set in motion, the pump will work to transport raw materials to the dehydrator. Here, we especially design inlet and overflow outlet for feeding manure materials into dehydrator more smoothly.

Pump feeding of manure dewatering
Manure water removing process


After feeding, it will start removing excessive water from manure. But as mentioned above, there are two types of manure dewatering machines, and they are different in dewatering methods. Screw type dehydrator only makes use of screw rotation part and sieve to extrude feeding manure. However, when it comes to inclined screen solid-liquid separator. It will separate solid manure from the liquid before starting extrusion.


Finally, the hydrated manure will be discharged from the solid-liquid separator. Its moisture content is about 30%-40%. This can help you make manure into compost more smoothly.

Dehydrated manure produced by SX dewatering equipment

Is there screen mesh/sieve with 0.3mm holes?

How to further process dehydrated manure into organic fertilizer?

After dewatering, can manure be used as organic fertilizer directly? The answer is no. You need to further process it into compost. Because it still contains many pathogens, parasite eggs and grass seeds, which are harmful for the soil and not suitable for quality manure fertilizer production.Then, after manure composting, there are two choices for you.

Making compost into powder organic fertilizer

If you want to process manure into organic fertilizer at a low cost, powder fertilizer making line is your best choice. It only contains several fertilizer machines. Including load type feeder, crusher, screener, packaging machine and belt conveyor. So it has characteristics of favourable price, small area occupation, high automation, etc. Then only need a low investment, you can make manure compost into quality powder organic fertilizer.

Processing compost into granular organic fertilizer.

In addition, when you want to make more profits from manure fertilizer making, we also can provide you with compost granulation line. It will turn manure compost into organic fertilizer pellets. Hence, it needs a more complex procedure. After converting manure into powder organic fertilizer, it will further process it with mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, coating machine and bagging equipment. Therefore, the final manure organic fertilizer is more convenient to transport, store and use.

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