Because of rich nutrients contained, cow manure is an ideal material for organic fertilizer production. This is not only beneficial for dairy farm manure management but also helps you make more profits. But turning cattle manure into organic fertilizer pellets needs a more complicated procedure and a larger investment. Can we prepare cow dung fertilizer in a simpler and more economical way? Of course. Processing cow farm waste into powdery fertilizer! For this, SX can provide you with various cow dung powder making machines for your choice. They can help you finish cattle waste fertilizer manufacturing quickly and smoothly.

What equipment is required for cow dung powder fertilizer making?

How to prepare organic powder fertilizer from cow dung? What cow dung powder making machines can be used? They are two things you must know when you plan to make cattle farm waste into powder fertilizer. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX design various powder fertilizer making lines for your choice. And in general, a complete cow manure powder manufacturing system consists of the following machines:

Manure dehydrator

Fresh cow manure is a mixture of solid and urine. But in powder organic fertilizer production, the main material is solid manure. So you need to dry cow manure first. In addition, in order to start the next step – composting, it is advisable to reduce the moisture content of dairy manure to 60%. Therefore, manure dewatering machine is necessary for manure fertilizer preparation.

Manure dewatering

Fertilizer composting equipment

While containing rich nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, cow manure also holds pest eggs, metal elements and grass seeds, which will pollute the soil. But mechanical aerobic composting can kill absolutely these harmful substances. Here, trench type composter, windrow compost turner and organic fermentation tank, all are excellent choices for composting dairy manure quickly.

Load type feeder

Then you need to transport cattle manure compost to load type feeder, which can feed fertilizer making material effectively. For one thing, steel mesh at the inlet can filter large rocks and branches to improve purity of final powder. For another, its belt conveyor can not only withstand the impact of falling materials, but also adjust the material conveying speed according to your needs. So you can produce quality cow manure powder smoothly.

Dairy farm waste compost crushing equipment

Manure crusher

In the whole sets of cattle manure powder production equipment, the most important one is crusher. It is used to convert cow dung into fine powder. Then because cow manure has a high water content, we recommend you buy new type vertical crusher and semi-wet material grinder.

Powder screening machine

Can we package cattle manure fertilizer powder directly after crushing? No, fertilizer crushing is not the end. In order to prepare better cow dung powder, you need to add a powder screener after manure shredder. Rotary screening equipment will further remove waste from fine cattle waste powder.

Cow dung powder screening machine with dust cover
Cow manure powder fertilizer automatic packaging machine for sale

Automatic bagging machine

Finally, you can pack dairy manure powdery fertilizer with automatic bagging machine. According to your capacity, we can offer you single / double buckets fertilizer bagging machines and ton fertilizer packaging scale.

How to choose crusher for cow manure powder production?

As mentioned above, manure shredder plays an important role in cow dung powder making. But which pulverizer is suitable for you cattle farm waste disposal? What is the difference between semi-wet materials grinder and new type vertical shredder? You can get the answer here.

Semi-wet materials grinder – finer powder

If you want to crush cow dung into finer powder, we recommend you purchase our semi-wet materials pulverizer. It adopts a double-stage crushing system. That is, the cattle waste material first is crushed into small particles and then crushed into fine powder. And the final crushing granularity is about 50 meshes. Generally, the nutrients in this kind of powder fertilizer is easier to be absorbed by plants. Moreover, it can process 1-8 tons of powder fertilizer per hour. So it can fully meet your requirements of small-medium scale cow manure fertilizer preparation.

New type vertical shredder – large capacity

Is there a larger capacity cow dung powder making machine? The answer must be yes. You can choose SX new type vertical shredder, which has an output of 3-15 t/h. Using it, you can start your large scale dairy manure powder manufacturing successfully. However, processing so much cattle dung, does vertical grinder have designs for blocking prevention? Of course. On the one hand, the crushing blades adopt special steel which has high strength. This means this machine can grind manure into small size powder effectively. On the other hand, there is no sieve mesh inside. So crushed cow dung can be discharged without blocking.

What is the price of cow dung powder making machines?

SX powder fertilizer making line is an ideal choice for turning cow manure into organic fertilizer at a low cost. Then what is the precise quote of cow dung powder making machines? Usually, the cost of cow dung powder manufacturing project is not fixed. It is related to many factors, including capacity, fertilizer equipment manufacturer, etc.

Prices of different capacities cattle waste powder production systems

Generally, the larger the capacity, the higher the cost. So the price of a 1-5 t/h cow manure powder fertilizer preparation line is $35,000-$45,000. When the output increases to 5-10 t/h, you need to prepare $45,000-$65,000. How about 10-20 t/h? Its cost is between $65,000-$95,000.

Cow dung powder making machines line setup

Why SX can provide you with cow dung powder making machine economically?

For one thing, we are the source factory for fertilizer equipment manufacturing. There is no extra charge during cow dung powder making machine buying. For another, we have been focusing on the production of fertilizer equipment for nearly 20 years. We adopt advanced technology and equipment. So we have the strength to offer you quality powder fertilizer production machine at a favourable price.

The above is the information about cow dung powder making machine. If you have any other requirements, even want to know about cow manure pellets making, welcome to contact us immediately.

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