For chicken farm manure management, turning it into compost fertilizer is an ideal choice. But according to the different actual conditions of chicken farms, there are different chicken poop composting lines needed. Then how to compost chicken poop from 100,000 birds farm? On 31st July 2023, a customer from Bangladesh inquired about this. He wanted to know the layer manure fermentation process and get suitable fertilizer equipment recommendations.

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case

What is the process of chicken manure compost?

The customer from Bangladesh is a beginner for chicken poop compost production, so he wanted to learn the whole process of layer manure fermentation. In general, fresh chicken manure composting needs the following 4 steps:

Adjusting moisture content of chicken manure

This Bangladesh had chicken manure material with a moisture content of 70%. For this, we recommended you dry chicken manure before composting. And it is advisable to reduce the water content of broiler manure to 45%-60%. Why? Because it is enough to support microbial activity to decompose organic matter without blocking oxygen transport (which is also important for manure composting).

Mixing chicken poop with required materials

If you want to produce better chicken manure compost, you may need to add other materials. Such as cow dung, pig manure, straw, etc for C/N ratio adjustment; NPK, calcium, iron, manganese, etc for enriching nutrient of chicken poop compost; or bentonite for producing better chicken manure granule. Mixing them evenly is necessary to fully play the role of these materials.

Crushing broiler manure into finer powder

As mentioned above, oxygen also plays an important role in composting chicken poop. Then how to make chicken waste material fully contact with oxygen? You can choose to crush manure into powder. Generally, the smaller the particle size, the larger the contact area with oxygen.

Turning materials mixture to start composting

Finally, the most essential step, turning chicken manure regularly and continuously. In this process, the porosity of chicken manure compost piles will be adjusted. For one thing, microorganisms in materials can get enough oxygen supply to decompose chicken manure. So there is enough heat generated to kill harmful substances in manure. For another, excessive heat can dissipate to prevent beneficial bacteria death.

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What equipment is needed for composting 10,000 birds chicken farm manure?

For chicken manure compost machines purchasing, capacity is an item you must consider. The client from Bangladesh planned to dispose of chicken manure in a 100,000 birds farm. Because a chick will generate about 0.15 kg of manure a day, you need to compost 15 tons of chicken waste a day. Then you need chicken manure processing equipment with a capacity of 1 t/h. In this case, we recommend you a compost system that consists of screw type dewatering machine, single shaft mixer, SXSF-40 semi-wet crusher and groove type compost turner. It has characteristics of high working efficacy, easy operation, economical price, etc. So it is an excellent choice for you to start small scale composting of chicken poop.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to compost chicken poop from 10,000 birds farm in Bangladesh. In addition, we also have other chicken manure disposal plans for your choice. Such as chicken manure organic fertilizer production system, chicken manure pellet making plan, other chicken manure compost lines, etc.

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