For compound fertilizer making, especially NPK fertilizer production, fertilizer blending system is an ideal choice to reduce cost and simplify process. Because only need three steps – feeding, mixing and packaging, you can finish the whole process of bulk blending fertilizer making. But the design of fertilizer blending line will change with your actual conditions and requirements, especially the capacity. For example, for small scale complex fertilizer making, we recommend you choose our 5-10 t/h fertilizer blending system.

Small scale chemical fertilizer blending system
  • Capacity: 5-10 t/h
  • Equipment Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy

  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

  • Design: Batching machine, small BB fertilizer mixer, packaging equipment, etc

  • Application: Granular Urea, MOP, SOP, KCL, etc to NPK fertilizer

When is it suitable to use a 5-10 t/h fertilizer blending system?

When you buy a fertilizer making line for your plant, you need to consider from three aspects. Material, budget, scale. The same goes for fertilizer blending line choosing. In general, it is advisable to choose 5-10 t/h fertilizer blending system in the following situations:

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How does the 5-10 t/h BB fertilizer manufacturing system work to produce bulk blending fertilizer?

In general, a 5-10 t/h bulk blending fertilizer manufacturing system can be divided into three parts. Feeding, mixing and packaging. For every step, as a professional fertilizer equipment company, SX can provide you with the most suitable equipment.

Feeding chemical pellet materials in required proportions

For bulk blending fertilizer production, proportions of feeding materials is essential. It is the secret of making fertilizer which is popular with local farmers. For 5-10 t/h BB fertilizer making, we recommend you buy static batching equipment. It adopts an electronic control system on material hoppers, so it is able to feed chemical materials such as urea, DAP, MOP, etc strictly according to the required volumes. Therefore, you can produce quality chemical blending fertilizer you need.

Mixing various materials evenly

Next, the most important step – mixing various materials evenly. For small scale 5-10 t/h BB fertilizer making, most fertilizer manufacturers choose our BB fertilizer mixer with special internal screw mechanism and unique three-dimensional structure. It mainly utilizes the forward and reverse rotation to finish material blending and discharging . When the BB fertilizer mixer rotates clockwisely, the internal fertilizer materials are continuously picked up and then roll and drop because of gravity. During this process, various chemical pellets will be mixed evenly. Then making the machine rotate counterclockwisely discharge the bulk blending fertilizer products.

Packaging finished BB fertilizer

Finally, packaging finished BB fertilizer into bags. You can choose to pack your fertilizer into 10 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag, 50kg/bag, etc. This is beneficial for selling your fertilizer to customers with different volume requirements in a targeted way. Here, we can provide you with automatic packaging equipment.

Fertilizer automatic packaging machine for sale

What is the cost of a 5-10 t/h fertilizer blending system?

5-10 t/h fertilizer blending line price

The price of 5-10 t/h fertilizer blending line is an item you must focus on. Then what is the quote for a 5-10 t/h BB fertilizer making line? In general, this production system needs $20,000- $100,000 (reference price). But It is not fixed, because it is closely related to the materials types and capacity. The less the materials types and the smaller the capacity, the lower the cost. If you want to get a more precise quote of the fertilizer blending system you need, you can contact us immediately. We will offer you customized project design and corresponding quotation.

Is there operational YUSHUNXIN 5-10 t/h NPK fertilizer blending system case?

Of course. Our NPK fertilizer mixing machines are sold at home and abroad.  Including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nigeria, Indeonesia, Kenya, etc.

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Can the fertilizer blending system be used for larger scale compound fertilizer manufacturing?

Of course. You only need to adjust the equipment model or number. On the one hand, you can directly buy two or more 5-10 t/h fertilizer blending system lines to enlarge your compound production scale. For the other hand, you can choose to increase the number of BB fertilizer blenders only and purchase batching machine and bagging equipment with a larger capacity. You can choose the best one according to your actual conditions.

Is there a more effective fertilizer blending line for large scale bulk blending fertilizer production?

More effective fertilizer blending fertilizer line for sale

Besides increasing the number of fertilizer blending systems or BB fertilizer mixing machines, is there a business plan for starting large scale compound blending fertilizer production more effectively? The answer is yes. SX can provide you with drum fertilizer blending line, which can process 30-40 tons of bulk blending fertilizer per hour for you.

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