Packaging is the end of fertilizer making process. But it also plays an important role in fertilizer manufacturing. In order to help you finish fertilizer packaging quickly and easily, SX especially design automatic bagging system. It can pack fertilizer with a quantitative precision of 2‰. And it has characteristics of integrated structure, high efficacy, novel appearance, easy installation and convenient maintenance. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for you, whether you want to package organic fertilizer or NPK fertilizer.

What benefits can automatic bagging system bring to fertilizer making?

Why automatic packaging system is necessary for fertilizer making? What benefits can it bring to your fertilizer production? The answer is as follows:

Making fertilizer easier to transport, store and use

After packaging, the fertilizer will be contained in bag. So the fertilizer will not disperse and layer during transportation. In addition, because packing bag can isolate the outside world influences to a certain extent, packed fertilizer can be stored for a longer time. In this way, farmers can use it anytime.

Delivering fertilizer to your customer in a targeted way

In general, your customers have different requirements for the capacity. For this, our fertilizer bagging system can package finished fertilizer in 10 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc according to your needs. So you can deliver correspondent volume fertilizer to your customers directly.

Finishing fertilizer bagging better

From the above introduction, we know that it is essential to pack fertilizer after production. But manual fertilizer bagging will take a long time. SX automatic packaging line is different. It has a high degree of automation and can finish fertilizer packing and sealing in quickly and easily.

Fertilizer products after packaging

How to choose a suitable fertilizer automatic packaging machine?

In fertilizer automatic bagging system, the most important machine is fertilizer packaging machine. Then how to buy suitable fertilizer packaging equipment for you? In general, you can consider it from the following two aspects:

Final fertilizer shape

Usually, it is advisable choose different bagging machine according to your final fertilizer shape. Especially when you prepare organic fertilizer. What is the difference between them?

Granule fertilizer automatic packaging equipment

When you plan to make organic fertilizer granules or NPK fertilizer pellets, we recommend you choose professional granule fertilizer bagging machine. For one thing, it has a large feeding port, which makes fertilizer granules enter into the bag smoothly. For another, we equip it with an advanced electric weight system. This is greatly beneficial for the quantitative packaging of your fertilizer.

Powdery fertilizer bagging machine

Compared with granular fertilizer, there is more friction in powder fertilizer packaging process. So SX especially upgrade powder fertilizer packager in two items. On the one hand, its feeding port has a sharper slope. This contributes to reducing friction and increasing the influence of gravity. So feeding powder fertilizer will fall more quickly. On the other hand, we design a screw pusher for it. It will push powder fertilizer you produce to the packaging port when the fertilizer is accumulated.

Fertilizer production capacity

In addition, capacity is also an item you need to consider when buying fertilizer automatic bagging equipment. And as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you with packing machines with different outputs.


Small scale single bucket automatic bagging machine

If you only plan to start a small scale organic fertilizer making or compound fertilizer preparation, out single automatic bagging machine is your best option. As the name suggests, this machine only has one feeding port. But it can fully meet the requirements of small quantities fertilizer packaging. Moreover, it has advantages of integrated structure (packing + sealing), small area coverage, low cost, etc.

Medium double buckets auto packing scale

However, when you need a packager for larger scale fertilizer manufacturing plan, it is an ideal choice to purchase double buckets auto packing scale. It can process fertilizer with two ports simultaneously. That is, you can complete the fertilizer packaging in only half the time.

Double buckets bagging machine for sale
Ton bag packaging scale

Large scale ton packaging equipment

Then if we want to pack fertilizer into bag with a capacity over 1 ton, is there suitable equipment? Of course. For this, SX design ton packaging equipment, which can package 500-2,000 kg per bag. In addition, it has a high degree of automation and high packing precision. The packing speed can be adjusted. And it adopts a unique hydraulic lifting system, which makes large scale fertilizer packaging easier.

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What other equipment can be used in fertilizer packaging system?

Besides packaging equipment, there is also other equipment you may need to buy for fertilizer automatic bagging system setup. For example,

Automatic palletizer

Automatic palletizer is an intelligent device that replaces manual palletizing. This automatic palletizing equipment adopts flexible and fast stacking method. Therefore, it can greatly improve work efficiency, increase the degree of mechanization and automation of palletizing. In this way, it is suitable for large-volume fertilizer automatic packaging production line.

Automatic palletizer for large scale fertilizer bagging system
Buffer hopper for fertilizer making line

Buffer hopper

Sometimes, there is a nuance between the speed of fertilizer making and packaging. How to make up for this gap? At that time, buffer hopper can help you a lot. Because it can store fertilizer products in a short time. It is made of quality alloy steel and the capacity can be customized according to your needs.

What is the price of the fertilizer packing line?

Finally, the price is an aspect most fertilizer manufacturers pay attention to when buying fertilizer automatic bagging system. However, it is not fixed and will vary with capacity, equipment choosing, equipment number, etc. But, SX, as a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer, can provide you with quality fertilizer packaging machines at a favourable price. In general, the cost of a packaging scale is $4,000-$8,000. And the price of a complete fertilizer packing system is $20,000-$30,000. Provided you want to get a quote in detail, please contact us on the following contact form immediately.

Fertilizer machine manufacturing

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