In order to make more profits, you must improve the fertilizer quality you produce. Then how to prepare better organic fertilizer? Adding nutritious materials is an excellent choice for you. On 5th August 2023, a customer from Egypt inquired about fertilizer blending solutions of compost. Which mainly uses compost and biochar, additives as materials and can process 10 tons of materials per hour. According to the actual conditions and requirements, we sent the client a suitable compost mixing system.

The following are the specific details of communication in this case:

Which machine is suitable for the 10 TPH compost mixing system?

For finish the compost mixing, the client from Egypt was interested in batching system, mixer and packaging scale. But there are various compost material batching machines, blenders and packagers, which is more suitable for the 10 t/h compost blending line? As a professional fertilizer manufacturer, we recommend you choose the following machine:

Dynamic batching equipment

When adding materials to compost, it is essential to ensure the proportion between them. Here, dynamic batching equipment is an ideal choice. It adopts electronic belt scale or nuclear scale as weighting devices. And the host has PID regulation and alarm function. So it can strictly control the discharging volume of raw material in each hopper. In addition, it equips each material hopper with a belt scale. In this way, it can feed various compost mixing materials simultaneously. This is greatly beneficial for finishing the 10 t/h compost mixture making quickly.

Double shafts horizontal mixer or disc blender

Then in compost mixing system, choosing a suitable compost fertilizer blender is important. For the output of 10 TPH, both double shafts horizontal mixer and disc blender are suitable. The former is suitable for mixing compost powder with biochar and additives continuously and effectively. The latter has characteristics of economical price and less space occupation. You can choose one of them for your compost mixing system according to your needs.

Fertilizer automatic packaging machine for sale

Automatic powder bagging machine

Finally, for commercial compost making, bagging machine is necessary. And automatic powder packing equipment is suitable for you. It can pack finished compost mixture into 10-50 kg/bag freely and process 150 – 250 bags/hour. Moreover, for feeding compost mixture to package more smoothly, we especially design a screw pusher for reducing the possibility of blocking.

Can batching machine be equipped with 4 materials hoppers?

This Egyptian customers planned to use composted manure as the main material and add biochar and other two additives to produce organic fertilizer with rich nutrients. Therefore, the client needed a batching machine with 4 material hoppers. Can SX offer the equipment? Of course. We can adjust the number of material silo according to your requirements.

Fertilizer batching machine with 4 material hoppers

What other machines are needed in 10 t/h compost mixing system?

In general, the higher the compost quality, the more the profits making. In order to earn more, the client from Egypt asked us is there method to improve the compost fertilizer quality besides the above processes? Of course. If you want to make better compost fertilizer, you can choose to use fertilizer crusher and screener in your compost mixing system.

  • Fertilizer crushing machine is used to grind compost into fine powder. So the nutrients contained in compost are easier to absorb by crops and plants. Here, you can buy a new type vertical crusher, which has a capacity of 8-15 t/h. What’s more, it adopts high strength blades and no screen mesh design. Therefore, it can process high moisture materials without blocking.

  • Rotary compost screener can separate fine compost powder from waste, such as small stones, cigarette butts, etc. Using it, you can get compost fertilizer with a higher purity.

What is the suitable moisture of compost material?

How much does the 10 t/h compost blending system compost?

To be honest, the price of fertilizer making line is not fixed all the time. Because it is closely related to capacity, equipment types, configuration and even time. But for reference, a whole set of compost mixing system, including batching machine, mixer, crusher, screener, packaging scale and conveyor, needs about $ 40,000 – $ 65,000. If you want to get more precise quote, welcome to contact us immediately.

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