Fertilizer coating machine plays an important role in fertilizer production. It can help you make various organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers you need. Including colored, nutritious and slow release fertilizer granules. Then, where to buy a quality drum coating machine for your fertilizer manufacturing? SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, can provide you with various coaters for your choice. And the coating machine price must be favourable.

Fertilizer coating machine for sale

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What can drum coating machine do in the fertilizer production process?

In the process of fertilizer granule preparation, we will coat fertilizer pellets before packaging. At that time, you can use fertilizer coating machine to improve the quality of your final pelles in the following aspects:

Materials for fertilizer coating

Preparing slow available fertilizer

Generally, when you want to produce slow available fertilizer, drum coating equipment is necessary. This machine will add a protective film to your fertilizer granules, which can slow down the fertilizer nutrients release. In this process, you can use sulfur, paraffin, resin, polymer, etc as materials for coating. Because these materials are waterproof, coating machine also is an ideal choice for you to prepare fertilizer with longer storage time.

Adding trace element to your fertilizer

In order to enrich the nutrient content of final fertilizer pellets, you may need to add some trace elements in the fertilizer production process. Such as boron, iron, manganese, zinc, silicon, nickel, etc. At that time, completing it in the form of coating is an ideal choice for you. Even during bio fertilizer production, you can add biological bacteria by drum coating equipment. It can prevent biological bacteria from being killed by high temperature of composting and drying.

Trace elements for better fertilizer production
Colored coating fertilizer granules making

Making fertilizers with different colors

Moreover, for better facilitating customers to distinguish between different fertilizers, it is advisable to give them a colored appearance. Here, rotary drum coating equipment can help you finish colored fertilizer granules preparation easily and quickly.

Is there other tips for better fertilizer making?

What type of fertilizer coating machine can you choose in SX?

According to different fertilizer making conditions, you may need different types of fertilizer pellet coating machines. For example, in terms of fertilizer types, you need an organic fertilizer coating machine or compound fertilizer coater. In capacity respect, you can buy a large scale drum coater or small scale. Finally, automatic coating equipment is the secret of preparing fertilizer pellets quickly. But don’t worry, SX drum coating machine can meet all the requirements above.

Small scale drum coating equipment

Moreover, for different outputs fertilizer pellets coating, SX also designs suitable equipment for you. For small scale granular fertilizer coating, we recommend you choose BM1200×4000 or BM1400×4000 drum coaters. They can meet your needs of 1-5 t/h and 5-7 t/h fertilizer pellets processing.

Large scale rotary coating machine

Of course, the model for large scale fertilizer granules coating is also here. For coating 7-15 tons of fertilizer particles per hour, BM1600×6000 is the best choice. But for plan of 15-30 t/h pellets coating, BM1800×8000 is waiting for you, come to take it immediately.

Automatic granule coating equipment

Then all models of our drum coating machines belong to automatic fertilizer coating machine. It employs an electrical control system, which can greatly save the cost of labor force and make fertilizer pellets faster.

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How does drum fertilizer coating equipment work to process fertilizer pellets?

On the whole, fertilizer coating machine mainly makes use of powder or liquid materials to coat pellets to improve your fertilizer quality. After finished granules enter into drum coating machine, the inside spraying system will sprinkle coating materials you prepare. Then under the action of drum rotation, fertilizer granules will roll, so that the coating raw materials can evenly cover your organic & compound fertilizer granules. Then the machine will discharge coated fertilizer pellets to the next process.

How much does the drum coating machine cost?

Fertilizer coating machine price

The price of drum coating equipment is $3,000-$15,000. However, it is not fixed. The price will change with capacity, design, time, etc. But don’t worry, as a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX will offer you a suitable fertilizer coating mill at a favourable price. As low as source factory price.

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Besides fertilizer coating machine, SX can also provide you with many other machines for organic or chemical fertilizer production. Including composting machine, crusher, granulator, screening equipment, packaging scale, etc. If you are interested in them, welcome to contact us immediately.

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