When you make animal manure into fertilizer, there is an item you must focus on. It is the moisture content of your manure material. In general, fresh animal manure has a water content of 70%-80%. But it is not suitable for organic fertilizer making, especially when you want to make organic fertilizer pellets. For example, on 23rd May 2023, a customer from India inquired about cow manure drying machine. According to his requirements, we recommend our 2-3 t/h manure drying system.

Cow manure drying machines for sale

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:

What are the requirements for cow manure drying from the Indian customer?

Processing 2,500 heads of cow manure in the farm

Reducing moisture content of cattle waste from 70% to 20- 25 %

Can operate to dry cow dung round the year

What capacity of cow manure drying machine can dispose of waste from 2,500 heads farm?

The customer from India told us that there are about 2,500 heads of cow & buffaloes in the dairy farm. A cow usually generates 30 kg of manure a day. So you need to dry about 65 -75 metric tons of manure per day. In addition, this client expected that cow manure drying machine could work for 10 hours every day. So it is advisable to buy fertilizer drying equipment, which can process 6-8 tons of fresh cattle dung per hour. Then because the Indian fertilizer manufacturer wanted to decrease the manure moisture content from 70% to 20-25%. Finally, we sent him the manure drying system which has 2-3 tons of dried manure per hour.

How fertilizer drying equipment works to reduce cow manure water content from 70% to 20-25%?

As mentioned above, this Indian client wanted to reduce the cow dung moisture content from 70% to 20-25%. For this, we recommend two fertilizer drying machines.

Cow manure dewatering machine

For drying 70% water content cow manure, we recommend you use screw type manure dehydrator. Under the action of screw extrusion force and stainless steel screen mesh, the excessive water will be separated from solid cow manure quickly and easily. After dewatering, you can get solid dairy manure with water content of 30-40%, which is suitable to prepare cow waste organic fertilizer.

You can choose our inclined screen solid-liquid separator. It will separate liquid from solid cattle manure before pressing. Therefore, it is suitable for producing fertilizer from higher moisture content dairy waste.

Cattle farm waste rotary dryer

Moreover, you can use rotary dryer to further removing excessive water from cattle farm manure. This equipment mainly makes use of hot air (300℃) to create a high temperature environment to evaporate cow dung moisture. In this way, you can even prepare cow manure fertilizer with a moisture content of below 10%. Of course, including 20-25%.

Fertilizer drying and cooling machines installation

Can cow manure drying system machines operate round the year?

If you want to start large scale organic waste composting at a low cost, it is an ideal choice to buy crawler type windrow compost system. Because it can greatly reduce the cost of  building fermentation trenches. Then how does this large scale compost system work to turn organic materials into compost fertilizer?

In the past, the customer from India processed large quantities of raw cow dung using biological culture and sun-drying methods. But the production must come to halt during the rainy season, thereby increasing the overall production cost of cow manure fertilizer production. Therefore, he wanted to buy drying machine which can operate round the year for moisture reduction in cow dung. SX cow manure drying machine system can fully meet the requirement.

Drying around the year

The above are details about our communication with the customer about drying cow manure in India. In addition, if you want to further make cattle manure into marketable fertilizer, we also can provide you with suitable fertilizer making business plans. Such as powder fertilizer making line, cow manure granulation system, etc.

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