Double roller granulator is a hot selling equipment for compound fertilizer production, especially for NPK granules making. It adopts dry granulation method, which mainly makes use of the physical extrusion force between two rollers to turn chemical powder into pellets. So it can produce quality complex fertilizer with a suitable shape and size you need. And it only needs low investment and a short time. In addition, if you want to start continuous NPK fertilizer granulation, we can also fully meet your requirements. Besides double roller press granulator, we also can provide you with corresponding equipment to form a professional double roller NPK granulation line!

What kind of fertilizer can double roller press pelletizer produce?

Are you interested in double roller granulation machine? Do you want to use it in your fertilizer production project? You need to learn whether it can produce the fertilizer you want? In general, it is suitable for the following occasions:

NPK compound fertilizer manufacturing

In order to supply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to crops in a balanced way, it is essential to process NPK fertilizer into granules. Here, double roller granulation equipment is an ideal choice. Whether you want to prepare 20-20-20, 20-10-10 or other NPK fertilizer granules, it can finish the task quickly and easily.

NPK fertilizer roller extrusion machine production
Sonw remover double roller granulation

Snow remover granulation

Double roller granulator is also widely used in snow remove agent making. Because after granulation, snow remover is not only more effective, but also easier for packaging, transportation and storage. In addition, using this extrusion pellet making machine, you can turn snow melting agent into granules at a lower cost.

Can double roller granulator make bentonite/organic fertilizer pellets?

What method does double roller extrusion granulator adopt to make fertilizer pellets?

If you want to further know that is double roller granulation machine suitable for you, it is necessary to learn the granulation method it adopts. This pellet equipment adopts dry granulation method, which nearly turns chemical material into granule without water. It mainly makes use of extrusion force between the two rollers to granulate compound fertilizer. And the feeding material moisture content must be less than 10%. In this way, there is no need for subsequent drying and cooling. So you can complete the manufacturing of compound fertilizer particles in a simpler process and at a lower cost.

3 features of fertilizer granules from double roller granulation?

But the most direct and effective way to choose a suitable granulation machine is testing the finished fertilizer pellet. Then what kind of NPK fertilizer granule can double roller pelletizer produce for you? Usually, the fertilizer granule of double roller granulator has three highlights as follows:

Adjustable granule size

What is the size of final granule produced by double roller granulator? This is an item most fertilizer manufacturers focus on. In general, our double roller extrusion granulator can prepare compound fertilizer particles with a diameter of 3-10mm. This can fully meet your needs.

Because of dry granulation method employment, the fertilizer granule size is usually not affected by moisture. Then what is the determining factor of double roller extrusion granulation pellet size? It is the size of ball sockets on the two rollers. So when you want to regulate your compound fertilizer pellet size, the best way is to use rollers with the required size ball socket.

Rollers of double roller granulator

Various shapes for your choice

Besides the size of ball socket on the roller sheet, you also have a wide range of options on shape. For the shape of ball socket on the roller sheet, we can make pillow shape, semicircle shape, stick shape, pill shape, walnut shape, flat ball shape and square bar shape according to your requirements. So whether you want to prepare oval, irregular, wheat shaped or other shapes of chemical fertilizer granules, you can finish it easily and quickly.

High hardness

Then what is the difference between the fertilizer granules of double roller granulation and that of  pan granulation and rotary drum pelletizer? The conspicuous one is hardness. Double roller granulator can offer you NPK compound fertilizer pellet and granular snow remover with a higher hardness than that of other chemical material granulation equipment. The hardness can reach 10-52 N, which means your final compound fertilizer particle has a low possibility of pulverization and is more convenient for transport, storage and use.

High hardness

What are the benefits of using double roller granulator to produce compound fertilizer?

Wide application

Whether you want to produce 20-20-20, 20-10-10 or other NPK fertilizer granules. Whether you plan to prepare high, medium or low concentration of special compound fertilizer. Double roller granulator can fully meet your requirements. And the quality of the final granule is in line with the technical requirements of compound fertilizer.

Various capacities

In order to meet the different requirements of fertilizer manufactures for capacity, we especially design three models of double roller pellet making machines. SXDG-1T, SXDG-1.5T, SXDG-2T. Provided you want to start a small scale compound fertilizer granulation with an output of 1t/h, 1.5t/h or 2t/h, they are the optimum choice.

High granulation rate

Do you want to produce chemical material into pellets with high efficiency? Do you want to buy a compound fertilizer granulator with a low material returning rate? Here, we recommend you choose double roller pelletizer. Its granulation rate can reach 95%. Hence, there is only a small amount of materials needed to be returned to reprocess. And you can produce more qualified fertilizer pellets at the same time.

Low cost

Using double roller pellet making equipment, you can reduce the cost of two aspects. For one thing, it has a favourable price. Only need $3,000-$12,000, you can purchase it. For another, it can reduce the cost of machine changing. The material of double roller granulation machine is Q235 boiler steel and roller sheet material is 20GrMoTi. So only by changing roller sheet every six months, you can keep this machine running for a long time.

Get your own double roller pellet making line !

Technical parameters of SX double roller granulator

Model Power(kw) Granule Diameter (mm) Roller Sheet Size (mm) Dimensions (mm)
SXDG-1 T 15 3-10 150×220 1450×800×1450
SXDG-1.5 T 18.5 3-10 150×300 1450×800×1500
SXDG-2 T 22 3-10 185×220 1630×850×1650

How to realize the continuous production of NPK fertilizer pellets with double roller granulator?

As mentioned above, a double roller granulator is suitable for small scale chemical material pellet making. Then can it produce NPK fertilizer in a large scale or continuously? Of course. You can buy multiple double roller press pelletizers and combing them with batching machine, crusher, mixer, screener and packaging equipment. They will create a double roller granulation line, which ensures that you can deliver quality granular NPK fertilizer to your customers continuously.

Double roller granulation line

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