After composting, how can we further process organic fertilizer powder? It is an ideal choice to process it into organic fertilizer granules. Then how to make compost into quality organic fertilizer pellets? In general, there are two granulation methods for your choice. Dry granulation method and wet granulation method. You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs. Then SX can provide you with professional compost pellet machine for dry and wet granulation methods. And besides this, we can also offer you other equipment to help you setup a production line for better compost granule making.

What method is commonly used in making compost into pellets?

In general, there are two kinds of granulation methods you can use in granular organic fertilizer production from compost powder. They are dry granulation method and wet granulation method. But what is the difference between them? Which one is more suitable for you?

Dry compost granulation method

Dry granulation is popular with fertilizer manufactures who want to start a small scale compost fertilizer granulation. Because it has characteristic of low investment, less area occupation, simple process, easy operation, etc. The dry compost pellet machine mainly makes use of physical extrusion between rollers to turn compost powder into organic fertilizer pellets. So, there is nearly no water involved. And because it also requires that feeding material has a low moisture content of below 10%. Under the help of dry granulation machine, you can finish compost pellet manufacturing without drying and cooling. This is beneficial for reducing the cost and space of fertilizer compost granule production.

Wet compost granulation method

But for commercial compost pellets manufacturing, we recommend you adopt wet granulation method. For one thing, it can meet your requirements of making organic fertilizer pellets after a large scale composting. This can ensure the sufficient supply of organic fertilizer for your customers. For another, after wet granulation, your compost fertilizer granule will have characteristics of beautiful appearance, uniform particle size, low pulverization rate, etc. Therefore, it has higher competitiveness in the market and you can make more benefits from compost processing.

Which compost pellet machine is suitable for you?

In order to help you produce quality organic fertilizer granules easily and quickly, we especially design professional organic fertilizer pellet making machines for compost according to those two compost granulation methods. Including flat die granulator, disc granulation machine, new type pelletizer and rotary drum pellet equipment. You can compare the performance of them in design, capacity, cost, etc, and then purchase the right one.

When is suitable for using flat die granulator in compost granulation?

Small scale compost granulation

If you plan to produce 1ton of fertilizer granules per hour after small scale composting , we can offer you with SXPM-400 flat die granulator. In addition, provided you need a 2 t/h compost granulation machine, we also has SXPM-500 and SXPM-600 for your choice. Then their outputs are 1.5-2 t/h and 2-2.5 t/h respectively.

Low investment compost pellet making

Because flat die pelletizer is a typical dry compost granulation equipment, you can spend less on drying and cooling. In addition, this machine has a favourable price of $1,000-$8,500.  So it is an ideal choice for those who want to start a small scale compost pellets making at a low cost.

Is there a working video of flat die granulator?

What can disc granulator do for making compost into organic fertilizer pellets?

Improving compost granulation efficiency

Under the help of wet granulation method, disc pelletizer can improve the compost granulation rate to 93%. Moreover, only needs 5-8 minutes, it can turn compost powder into pellets. So, the maximum capacity of this compost pellet machine can reach 6 t/h.

Pan pelletizer granulation

Produce different size compost pellets

Whether you want to make compost particles with a diameter of 1mm or 8mm, it can fully meet your needs. Because you can adjust the compost granule size in two ways: controlling the water content and changing the disc angle. Less water, smaller size; much water, bigger size; Sharp slope, smaller size; slow slope, bigger granules.

Preparing quality compost particles

Because wet granulation method employment, which mainly makes use of liquid as binder to enhance the cohesive force between materials. Therefore, using it, you can produce quality compost fertilizer granules, which have features of beautiful appearance, uniform particle size and low pulverization rate.

Who should buy new type compost pellet machine?

Who wants to process compost into organic fertilizer granules quickly

Although new type granulation equipment also belongs to wet granulation machine. It replaces the natural granulation method with stirring teeth granulation method, which makes use of high speed rotary mechanical agitation force and the resulting aerodynamic force to convert compost powder to organic fertilizer granules. Hence, from feeding to discharging, it only takes about 3-5 minutes. Moreover, the conglomeration rate is up to 97%

New type organic fertilizer pelletizer for sale

Who wants to produce compost particles with a higher hardness

When you want to produce granular organic fertilizer with a high hardness from compost, new type granulation equipment is also an ideal choice for you. Because of stirring teeth granulation, the hardness of granules caused by new type compost pelletizer will be better than pan granulator or rotary drum granulator

What are the benefits of using rotary drum compost pellet equipment?

Large capacity

For those who want to setup a large compost granulation plant, it is the best choice. The maximum capacity of rotary drum granulator is 30 t/h. That is, it can help you manufacture 180,000 tons of compost pellets a year, if you keep it running two shifts a day and 10 hours a shift. So you can deliver compost fertilizer granules to your customers continuously.

Rotary drum granulation system

Long service life

In order to reduce the corrosion of large amounts of compost processing, we especially add rubber lining and angle irons to drum granulation machine. So it can work for you to prepare compost pellets for a long time.

High automation

This compost granulation equipment is driven by electricity, so it has a high automation. That is, only need to feed compost powder in it, you can get finished organic fertilizer pellets quickly without any worker operation.

What other equipment is needed for compost pellet making?

Besides compost pellet machine, there are many other machines that are essential for quality compost particle production.

Before compost granulation

Before granulation, you can use crusher and mixer.


Crusher can crush compost into fine powder, which is beneficial for better compost granulation.


Mixer is used to blend compost with other materials evenly, such as straw, NPK, zinc, iron, manganese, etc. So you can turn compost into pellets with richer nutrient content.

After compost granulation

Then is there equipment used to improve the quality of compost fertilizer after granulation? Of course, it contains polishing machine, dryer, cooler, coating machine and packaging machine.

Polishing machine

You can use polishing machine to process cylindrical flat die granulation fertilizer pellets into round.

Dryer & Cooler

In addition, dryer and cooler are necessary in the wet compost granulation process. Because they can remove excessive moisture from the fertilizer products to make it more convenient for transport, store and use.

Coating machine

If you want to prevent your compost particles from sticking and nutrient loss, it is wise to purchase coating equipment.

Packaging equipment

Finally, packaging scale can help you pack your compost fertilizer pellets in bags of 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, etc quickly.

So a complete compost pellet making line is as follows:

Dry compost pellet making line

Feeding compost→crusher→mixer→flat die granulator→polish machine→coating equipment→packaging scale

Wet compost granulation system

Feeding compost→crusher→mixer→disc/new type/drum pelletizer→drying machine→cooling equipment→coating machine→bagging equipment

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