Why we need to compost chicken manure? Because if you want to recycle chicken poop and make it into organic fertilizer, it is necessary to ensure that it can supply nutrients to crops without any harm. But chicken manure usually contains many parasite eggs, metal elements and pathogens, which will pollute the soil and affect the growth of crops. Composting is a process of decomposing organic matter in chicken poop into nutrient substances, which are easier to be absorbed by plants. In this process, the decomposition will also generate a large amount of heat, which can kill all harmful substances in chicken manure.

Chicken manure composting equipment
  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Application Material: chicken manure, broiler waste
  • Method: Aerobic fermentation
  • Composting Time: 15-20 days

But how to make chicken manure into compost? How to compost broiler waste quickly and smoothly? In general, you need to focus on three aspects. Including moisture content, oxygen content and temperature. They can help you create a suitable environment for aerobic fermentation, so you can produce quality chicken manure compost faster.

How to dry chicken dung before start composting?

When you want to turn chicken manure into compost, it is essential to adjust the moisture content. Because fresh broiler manure usually has a high moisture content of 70%-80%. This will block the pores for oxygen transport and slow down the rate at which microbes decompose organic matter. For composting, it is advisable to keep the water content between 45% and 60%. Then how to dry chicken manure? There are two solutions for your reference.

Dewatering chicken dung at a low cost

If you want to reduce the moisture content of chook poop at a low cost, you can choose to add some dry materials. Such as straw, sawdust, corn cobs, maize stocks, etc. Mixing them with chicken manure directly or pave them at the bottom of compost piles. This method is suitable for drying chicken manure with a water content of lower than 70% before composting.

Auxiliary materials for chicken manure fertilizer production
Manure dewatering

Removing excessive water from chicken poop quickly

Is there a simpler method for adjusting the moisture content of broiler waste? Of course. Using manure dewatering machine directly. After dehydration, the water content of chicken manure can be decreased to 30%-40%. It is suitable for processing chicken manure with moisture over 50%, even higher than 70%.

How many manure can dehydrator process ?

How to ensure oxygen supply timely for aerobic fermentation of chicken waste?

At present, the most commonly used composting method is aerobic fermentation. As the name suggests, oxygen plays an important role in chicken dung fermentation. The ideal oxygen content for chicken poop composting is between 5% and 15% of the total volume. Generally, you can finish it in two ways.

What is the suitable oxygen content in composting ?

How to control the temperature of chicken waste composting?

But all the above working is prepared to control the temperature of chicken manure composting. Because the high temperature is the secret of completing the harmless process of broiler litter. When the temperature is higher than 60℃, it can eliminate the harmful substances in chicken dung. However, the temperature cannot be higher than 70℃, which will kill beneficial bacteria. For this, oxygen supply can support microorganisms to decompose chicken manure to create a high temperature environment. And compost machine turning can dissipate excessive heat from chicken dung compost piles.

How to buy a suitable machine for chicken dung fermentation?

From the above introduction, we can know that composting machine is crucial for quality chicken waste compost making. So in order to meet different requirements from manure compost fertilizer suppliers, we especially design various compost machines for your choice. In general, they can be divided into 3 types. Trench compost machine, windrow compost turner and in-vessel fermentation tank. You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

Trench compost machine for automatic chicken manure composting system

If you want to need a full automatic chicken manure compost making system, trench compost machine is an excellent choice for you. We especially equip it with an electrically automatic control system. After setting in motion, this composter can start working with no worker operation. In composting, it will move along the rails on the both sides of fermentation trench and lower its turning parts to process chicken manure into compost fertilizer.

Windrow compost turner for on the ground chicken dung fermentation

Provided you you don’t plan to spend money on fermentation trench building, we recommend you choose windrow compost machine. Which mainly ferments chicken dung by piling it into long windrows on the flat ground. Then only need to employ one worker to drive it, you can process 500-1,500 ㎡ of chicken waste windrows per hour. So it is an ideal choice for small-medium scale chicken manure compost production.

In-vessel fermentation tank for faster broiler manure composting

When you want to compost chook litter in an environmentally friendly and faster way, it is advisable to buy our in-vessel organic fertilizer fermentation tank. For one thing, it usually composts chicken poop in a closed environment, which can isolate the outside influences. Therefore, it can help you complete the harmful process of chicken waste in 10 hours. For another, in order to meet the customers ’requirements for environmentally friendly composting, we especially design an exhaust gas treatment system for it.

How to further process chicken waste compost fertilizer?

Commonly, there are two methods you can choose to further process chicken manure compost. Making chicken dung compost into power organic fertilizer or prepare chicken manure pellets.

If you just want to make chicken manure into powdery organic fertilizer, you only need to crush, screen and package the chook poop compost. Then you can sell it directly. It has characteristics of simple processes, low cost, less space occupation, high degree of automation, etc.

Chicken Manure Pellets Equipment

But provided you want to make more profits from the chicken manure disposal plan, it is advisable to further process powder chicken manure into granules. If you need, SX can design suitable business plans according to your actual conditions.

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