For horse farm management, manure disposal is necessary. It is the key to creating a clean living environment for horses and keeping healthy. Then how to dispose of horse manure quickly and environmentally friendly? In general, you use horse waste as fuel, feed, fertilizer, etc. Among them, using horse manure as fertilizer is the most recommended way. It can not only remove large amounts of horse waste in your farm but also help you make money from it. For making fertilizer with horse waste, quality production plan and equipment are indispensable. And both you can find the best solutions from SX. Welcome to contact us at any time.

Why is horse manure a good fertilizer?

In fact, the most essential reason for treating horse waste into fertilizer is that it is suitable for quality organic fertilizer production. This is shown in two aspects.

Rich nutrient content

Horse manure contains rich organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements. They are necessary for the growth of crops and plants. Moreover, it is a natural fertilizer material. So fertilizer made of horse manure can supply various nutrients for crop growth without harm.

Horse farm manure disposal
Bacteria for fertilizer composting

Facilitate fertilizer composting

In addition, horse manure belongs to hot fertilizer and has many cellulolytic bacteria. So it is beneficial for decomposing manure and generating heat to kill harmful substances faster. Especially, when you produce organic fertilizer from cow dung and pig manure. You can mix it with horse manure to facilitate manure composting.

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What must you do for using horse manure as fertilizer?

Fresh manure is the best choice for organic fertilizer manufacturing. But you cannot use horse manure as fertilizer directly. You need to dry and compost horse manure first.


Generally, the fresh horse farm waste has a moisture content of 75%. Because it is a mixture of urine and solids. It is not suitable for solid organic fertilizer making. High moisture content affects the removing of harmful substances and the storage of final horse dung fertilizer. Then how to dry horse manure? There is professional manure dewatering equipment for you. It can reduce the water content of horse waste to 30%-40% in a short time.

Horse manure dewatering machine for sale


Composting is a necessary step for turning horse manure into organic fertilizer. There are two reasons. For one thing, most organic matter in horse manure exists in the form of cellulose and hemicellulose, lignin, protein, fat, organic acid and various inorganic salts. Some are not easily absorbed by crops and plants. Composting is a process of breaking them down into small molecules that are easily absorbed. For another, horse manure contains many substances which are not suitable for organic fertilizer making. Including pathogens, pest eggs, grass seeds, metal elements, etc. But in the process of horse manure composting, these harmful substances will be eliminated absolutely.

How to process horse waste compost into organic fertilizer?

Then for commercial fertilizer making for horse farm waste disposal, you can further process horse manure into two forms after composting.

How to make horse manure fertilizer pellets in dry / wet conditions?

In different countries, there are different conditions for horse manure fertilizer production. Especially the water source difference. For this, we design customized horse manure fertilizer manufacturing plans for your choice.

How to use horse manure as fertilizer pellets in wet conditions?

If your horse manure fertilizer plant is located in a rainy place, we recommend you buy a wet fertilizer granulation line. It uses water as a binder to make horse manure powder form into pellets more quickly. This is helpful for consuming moisture in materials. Moreover, it has a professional drying system. There is a rotary drum dryer, which can input hot air with a temperature of 200℃-300℃. Therefore, it can dry horse manure fertilizer to below 10% moisture content in a short time.

Can we produce horse manure granule fertilizer in dry conditions?

However, how about dry conditions? Can we prepare horse manure pellet fertilizer under a water scarcity environment. Of course. You can choose our dry fertilizer granulation system. It mainly relies on the physical extrusion force between rollers to make horse manure compost granules. And the feeding material moisture content is only 5%-10%. So there is nearly no water needed.

How much would it cost to use horse manure as fertilizer?

Finally, the cost of turning horse manure into organic fertilizer is essential. In general, from composting to packaging, a complete horse manure powder fertilizer making line needs an investment of $30,000-$100,000. While you need to prepare $ 100,000-$550,000 for a whole set of horse manure pellet making line machines. In addition, the smaller the capacity and the less the equipment, the lower the cost. The larger the scale and the more the equipment, the higher the investment.

Make horse manure as fertilizer cost

Make horse manure as fertilizer


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