Cost plays an important role in NPK fertilizer plant setup. Most NPK fertilizer manufacturers inquired about it when purchasing NPK fertilizer production line from our SX fertilizer equipment factory. And as a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer, SX can provide you with the most suitable business plans according to your NPK fertilizer plant cost. Below $60,000, $60,000-$150,000 or higher. In addition, if you need details of the expense of the labor force, factory area, energy consumption, etc, we can also send you information all you want to know. Welcome to contact us immediately.

4 main factors affect the cost of NPK fertilizer plant setup

In general, for NPK fertilizer plant cost, we mainly consider it from 4 aspects. Including material, equipment, running, area.

Chemical material cost

Material preparation is an essential step for NPK fertilizer production. It is advisable to use chemical materials that are readily available in your country and the materials source is as close as possible. This can help you spend less on NPK fertilizer making materials buying.

NPK fertilizer equipment price

In the early stages of construction of the NPK fertilizer making factory, the NPK fertilizer equipment cost plays an important role. And it usually is not fixed, will change with your NPK fertilizer making scale, method, design, etc. Here, SX will try our best to help you.

NPK fertilizer plant area cost

Moreover, another large output in initial NPK fertilizer preparation factory building is area buying or rental. A NPK fertilizer manufacturing plant consists of material area, equipment area, finished NPK compound fertilizer storage area, etc. Generally, the larger the area, the higher the budget; the smaller the area, the lower the budget.

NPK fertilizer production line running consumption

In the long term, you also need to focus on the cost of daily operation of NPK fertilizer making system. Including costs of labor force, energy consumption, maintenance, etc.

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How to start NPK fertilizer production within $60,000?

If your budget for NPK fertilizer equipment is not large, below $ 60,000, there are three types of NPK fertilizer production plans for your choice.

1-10 t/h Powder chemical fertilizer production line

When you want to make NPK fertilizer from ore material at a low cost, we recommend you choose to prepare it into powdery chemical fertilizer. Because it only needs equipment: Jaw crusher, Raymond mill, screener and packaging machine. If you plan to add liquid chemical materials like SSP fertilizer production, Add a fertilizer blender is enough. In general, less fertilizer equipment means a lower investment in NPK fertilizer production. And for a $60,000 budget, buying a 1-10 t/h powder chemical fertilizer production line is no problem.

1-10 t/h fertilizer blending system

Moreover, within $ 60,000 budget, you also can choose to make NPK blending fertilizer. In this process, using chemical pellets as materials, only need three steps, you finish quality NPK fertilizer manufacturing. Batching, mixing and bagging. For this, we can offer you static batching machine, BB fertilizer mixer and automatic packaging scale and suitable conveyor.

1-3 t/h double roller granulation line

Can we turn chemical powder into NPK granules within $60,000? Of course. You can buy our double roller granulation system. It adopts dry granulation method, which processes NPK powder materials in a low moisture content condition (below 10%) all the time. Therefore, there is no need for drying machine and cooling equipment. In general, this system contains dynamic batching machine, cage crusher, double shafts horizontal mixer, double roller granulator and packing equipment.

What is the design of $60,000-$150,000 cost NPK fertilizer plant?

Then for the $60,000-$150,000 budget, we recommend you the following 2 NPK fertilizer manufacturing lines, which are popular with NPK fertilizer suppliers.

20-40 t/h NPK fertilizer blending system

With $60,000-$150,000 budget, you can enlarge the NPK fertilizer blending system scale to 20-40 t/h. Correspondingly, the fertilizer equipment in this production line will be upgraded. It employs dynamic batching machine, rotary drum blender and double bucket automatic packaging scale. They have a large capacity and can help you produce bulk blending fertilizer more quickly.

NPK pan granulation line

As for NPK powder granulation, you can buy our pan granulation line. It adopts wet granulation method, which uses liquid as binder to facilitate NPK pellets making. So its granulation rate can reach 93%. After batching, crushing, mixing and pan granulation, you also need to use dryer and cooler to remove excessive moisture from produced NPK granules. Finally, packaging fertilizer into bags.

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Which NPK fertilizer making system needs a budget of over $150,000?

If you have a budget of over $150,000, you can further enlarge your NPK fertilizer plant. You can choose double roller granulation line and pan granulation system freely. In addition, rotary drum granulation line is also an excellent option for effective large scale NPK fertilizer granule production. It uses rotary drum pelletizer. For one thing, it can prepare 1-30 tons of NPK compound fertilizer pellets per hour, which is far more than other NPK granulators. For another, it is designed with rubber lining, cleaning holes and stainless steel press stripes. Therefore, it can withstand the corrosion of large scale chemical materials processing.

How to reduce your NPK fertilizer plant cost?

In sum up, if you want to setup a NPK fertilizer plant at a lower cost, you can act from the following aspects:

  • 1

    Choose a simple NPK fertilizer process: Generally, for NPK fertilizer production, the simpler the process, the less the equipment, the smaller the area, the lower the cost.

  • 2

    Buy NPK fertilizer equipment from source factory: Buy NPK fertilizer from a source factory instead of distributor. There is no extra charge during trading. Here, SX fertilizer equipment factory an ideal choice.

  • 3

    Find a leading fertilizer equipment company: A leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer like SX not only can provide you with quality machines for your NPK fertilizer plant setup but also can offer you considerate service. Such as suitable machines recommendations, CAD drawing, installation guidance, etc. They are all out of charge.

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