The animal breeding farms have a prosperous development in Lebanon. But there is a concomitant that needs to focus on. How to dispose of animal waste in farms? Converting it into organic fertilizer is an excellent choice. In this process, composting is necessary. But in natural conditions, manure composting will take a long time. So on 7th February 2023, a customer from Lebanon inquired about small scale composting system.

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case

The requirements of the Lebanese client for small scale composting

The customer from Lebanon planned to make cow manure and chicken manure into compost fertilizer. And the capacity is 3 t/h. In addition, he told us “…We work in the traditional way under the sun heat which takes about 3 months to get the final product, also we can only work during the summer days. We are kindly asking you to give us a composting line system where we can produce all over the year within a smaller period of time…”

  • 3 t/h small scale composting system

  • Converting cow and chicken manure into compost within a smaller period of time

  • Producing manure compost all over the year

How to compost cow dung and chicken manure in a small scale fast?

The main requirement of this Lebanese customer is making cow dung and chicken manure into compost in a short time. Because small scale composting usually adopts aerobic fermentation method, which mainly makes use of the high temperature caused by microorganisms activity to kill harmful substances in manure. There are three tips for you.

Controlling moisture content

To create a suitable environment for fast small scale composting, there are two items you must focus on. One is the moisture content of your manure material. When it is higher than 60%, excessive water will affect oxygen transport, which is essential for bacteria living. But generally, the water content of fresh cow dung and chicken manure is about 70%-90%. Here, we can provide you with professional dewatering machine, which can reduce the moisture content of manure to 30%-40%.

Crushing materials into fine power

Then as the name suggests, another important factor for better aerobic fermentation is oxygen content. Only with enough oxygen supply can microorganisms decompose manure quickly and generate a large amount of heat to compost your manure materials. Then how to transport enough oxygen into manure piles? You can choose to crush manure into fine powder. In this way, it has a larger contact area with the air and can get sufficient oxygen supply.

Composting manure with professional equipment

Whether it is to control moisture or adjust oxygen content. Ultimately, their purpose is to create an environment with a high temperature of 60℃-70℃ for small scale compost making. Because only when the temperature is higher than 60℃, pathogens, pest eggs and grass seeds will be killed. But when the temperature is higher than 70 ℃, beneficial bacteria in manure will die. What is the best way to control the temperature of manure piles during small scale composting? Using professional compost machine! It can turn manure piles regularly, which can transport oxygen into material and adjust moisture content while dissipating excessive heat.

Then the customer from Lebanon asked us that after the above three steps, how long does it take to turn manure into compost? Usually, you can finish manure composting within 20 days.

What equipment can help you start small scale composting all over the year?

From the above introduction, we know that composting machine plays an important role in fast fermentation of cow dung and chicken manure. But which compost making equipment is suitable for you? You need to consider your conditions. For example, the Lebanese client wanted to produce 3 tons of compost from manure per hour and needed a small scale composting line system where he can produce all over the year. We recommended him choose fermentation tank. There are two reasons:

Fully meet small scale compost needs

In general, organic fertilizer tank can process 100 m³ of dehydrated animal manure a batch. And composting a batch of organic waste will take about 20 days. So using in-vessel fermentation machine, you can produce 4-5 tons of compost from cow dung and chicken manure a day. Therefore, it is suitable for small scale fertilizer composting. And for 3 t/h composting, you can increase the number of fermentation pots according to your working time.

Less affected by seasons

Among all composting machine in SX, organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is the best choice for you, if you want to start small scale composting all over the year. Because it starts organic fertilizer composting in a closed environment and adopts double-layer insulation design. This composter can greatly reduce the outside world influence for your small scale manure composting. Including seasons, extreme weather, etc. So you can produce compost fertilizer out of manure all over the year.

The above are details about our communication with the customer from Lebanon. In addition, besides organic fermentation tank, we also can provide you with many other equipment for small scale composting. Such as groove type compost turner, windrow compost machine, etc. Even you want to further process manure compost into organic fertilizer, we also can offer you powder fertilizer making line, compost granulation system, etc.

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