How to dispose of the residues out of biogas project? This is what a customer from Kenya inquired about on April 5th, 2024. The client was from an energy company, which was currently working on a biogas project with Napier Grass and Cow dung. Now, in order to dispose of the biogas residue and expand the business scale, they planned to invest in setting up an organic fertilizer production line. According to the requirements of the Kenyan customer, we sent him a 50 TPD compost pelleting machine system.

Kenya customer visit factory for compost pelleting machine system
Biogas waste compost pellet making
  • Country: Kenya
  • Capacity: 50 TPD
  • Material: Napier Grass and Cow dung

  • Material Conditions: composted biogas waste, 30% moisture

  • Requirement: Granules making
  • Solution: Disc granulator, crusher, mixer, dryer, cooler, packing machine, etc

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:

Is the system suitable for cow dung biogas compost granule making?

From our page of cow dung fertilizer making, the client from Kenya already had a preliminary understanding of organic fertilizer production. Here, the customer was interested in the solid compost pelleting machines which contain mixing unit, granulating equipment, drying unit, cooling unit and packaging machine.

Is the system suitable for cow manure biogas residue compost granulation? Of course. For using compost as material, the fertilizer pelleting system is an ideal choice. But, it is advisable to add a crusher before mixing unit. The machine is used to make cow dung mixture compost into fine powder. So you can finish the compost pellet making easier and faster. In addition, the granule has a more smooth surface.

Which machine is suitable for 50 TPD compost pelleting from cow manure biogas residue?

Because the Kenyan customer compost material has a moisture of 30%, we recommend you choose our disc granulation machine. It adopts wet granulation method, which use liquid as binder to enhance the adhesive between raw material and facilitate the granule making from cow dung biogas residue. This means that the required moisture of feeding material is 20%-40%.

In addition, for the 50 TPD compost pellet production project, there is SXYZ-2800 pan granulation machine for you. Its output is 2-3 t/h. If you make the compost granulation line working 2 shifts a day and 10 hours a shift, it can fully meet your needs. At the same time, the machine has low energy consumption and a smaller area occupation.


Model Capacity (t/h) Disk Diameter (mm)

Granulation rate



Disc granulator

SXYZ-2800 2-3 2800 Over 93% 11 3200*2200*3000

Is there other plans for cmompost pellet making?

How to change the biogas residue compost pellet size with disc granulator?

In general, during pan granulation process of cow dung biogas waste compost, you can regulate the fertilizer pellets in the following two ways:

Adjust the moisture content

The higher moisture content, the larger size; the lower moisture content, the smaller size. Why? The high water content makes materials easier to stick to each other and combine with more materials. So it is easier to roll into larger fertilizer granules.

Pan granulation water spraying
Disc angle adjustment

Change the angle of disc

The sharp slope, the smaller size; the slower slope, the large size. However, what you need to focus on is that it is advisable to keep the angle of disc between 35° and 55°.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about 50 TPD biogas residue compost pelleting machine to Kenya. Besides, we can also offer you many other fertilizer machines. Such as system of organic waste composting machine, manure dehydrator,  etc. Welcome to contact us for your own fertilizer business plan.

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