In general, for small scale chemical bulk blending fertilizer making, 5-10 t/h fertilizer blending system is enough. However, it is not suitable for large scale production. Is there a business plan that can produce BB fertilizer in a large scale effectively? Of course. We can provide you with drum type BB fertilizer mixing line, which has a capacity of 20-40 t/h. In addition, it has characteristics of high automation, small area occupation and low investment. So if you want to setup a large scale fertilizer blending plant, 20-40 t/h bulk blending fertilizer production line is an ideal choice for you.

Who needs a 20-40 t/h bulk blending fertilizer production line?

It is necessary to consider your actual conditions when choosing the production line for your complex fertilizer production. As for 20-40 t/h fertilizer blending system, it can meet your requirements as follows:

Annual output of drum type fertilizer blending system

Finishing large scale compound fertilizer making quickly

For large scale chemical fertilizer making, our 20-40 t/h BB fertilizer production line is an excellent choice. Because it can help you complete large scale compound fertilizer manufacturing faster. For one thing, it can process 20-40 tons of bulk blending fertilizer per hour. That is, you can achieve an annual output of about 10,000-250,000 tons. For another, fertilizer blending line has a simpler process. Only need three steps – batching, mixing and packaging. In this way, you can finish compound fertilizer production in a shorter time.

Buy an automatic fertilizer blending system

Mechanization is necessary for large scale fertilizer production. Because it is not only beneficial for increasing fertilizer productivity, but also reducing the cost of labor force. Our 20-40 t/h bulk blending fertilizer production line has a high automation. Only needs 1-3 workers, it can complete the whole process of blending fertilizer making. General, batching system has an independent PLC controller, packing machine also has an independent controller. Mixing and belt conveyor have a total control system.

Control system of fertilizer blending system
Bulk blending fertilizer making line plant setup area

Only a small area for bulk blending fertilizer production

In general, the larger the capacity, the larger the area is needed. For example, a complete 20 t/h NPK fertilizer granulation line needs an area of 5,000-100,000 ㎡ for installation. But for a 20 t/h fertilizer mixing line, you only need to prepare a ground of 800-2,000 ㎡.

Making large scale complex fertilizer manufacturing at a low cost

In addition, SX 20-40 t/h bulk blending fertilizer making line is also an ideal choice for you to start low investment complex fertilizer making. On the one hand, it usually needs less equipment, including batching machine, drum type BB fertilizer mixer, buffer hopper, packaging machine and conveyor. On the other hand, as a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX will provide you with a favourable source factory price. About $60,000-$200,000.

Price of large scale fertilizer blending system

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What is the design of 20-40 t/h large scale fertilizer blending system?

For finish large scale BB fertilizer manufacturing, we need to buy equipment with a high efficacy. It not only has a large capacity but also special designs which are beneficial for faster production. Therefore, in 20-40 t/h NPK blending system, you will choose the machines as follows:

Dynamic batching machine for large scale BB fertilizer production line

Dynamic automatic batching machine

For large scale bulk blending fertilizer production, dynamic automatic batching equipment is essential. It adopts PLC system to accurately control the material flow from each silo. So the nutrient content of final compound fertilizer products is in line with your formula. In addition, we equip each material hopper with a belt conveyor. So it can transport various materials simultaneously to shorten production time.

Drum type BB fertilizer mixer

In mixing process, we recommend you use drum type BB fertilizer blender for large scale bulk blending fertilizer making. It has a large output of 20-40 t/h. This means this machine can accommodate a larger amount of chemical pellet materials. Therefore, it can help you finish various NPK materials mixing more quickly.

Drum type BB fertilizer mixer for effective bulk blending fertilizer production
Buffer silo for better BB fertilizer manufacturing in a large scale

Buffer silo

Because of large scale fertilizer processing, you need to add a buffer hopper to improve the stability the fertilizer making line. It is widely used in storing finished BB fertilizer temporarily to relieve the working pressure of the packaging machine. Moreover, when one equipment breaks down, buffer silo can keep the fertilizer blending system running normally in a short time.

Large scale automatic fertilizer bagging scale

With the increasing of capacity, you need to purchase a more effective fertilizer bagging equipment. Here, SX can offer you double buckets automatic packing scale and ton bag packaging machine. The former has two discharging ports working simultaneously while the latter can be used in packing fertilizer into bags with a large volume.

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Can 20-40 t/h BB fertilizer system withstand the erosion of large scale chemical materials?

Chemical fertilizer processing will cause serious corrosion to equipment. Can 20-40 t/h bulk blending fertilizer system withstand the erosion of large scale chemical materials? Of course. The machine material is carbon steel, which has high strength and corrosion-resistance. In addition, we can equip equipment with stainless steel lining on your request to insulate erosion. And all easy wear out parts of all BB fertilizer making machines use Mn steel as manufacturing material. So this fertilizer production line can work to produce complex fertilizer for a long time.

Can the large scale bulk blending fertilizer making line produce more than 40 tons of fertilizer per hour?

The answer is yes. The largest capacity of the drum type BB fertilizer making system is 50 tons/h. If your capacity is higher than 50 t/h, we recommend you use two drum BB fertilizer mixers for your bulk blending fertilizer manufacturing project. And if you need a more effective fertilizer production process, you can buy two sets of rotary drum BB fertilizer making lines directly.

60 TPH bulk blending fertilizer production line

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