Are you finding solutions to organic waste disposal? Do you want to know what organic fertilizer business plans are available for you? Do you want to buy quality machines for your organic fertilizer production project? You can find answers from SX. SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment factory, has advanced technology and years experience in organic fertilizer machines manufacturing. Besides quality organic fertilizer equipment, we also can provide you with various business plans for organic fertilizer making. In addition, if you have any requirements, you can contact us for customization. We will try our best to help you start the organic fertilizer production project smoothly!

organic fertilizer production project
  • Cpacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Area: 800-10,000 ㎡
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy

  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

  • Application: Dispose of animal manure waste, straw, rice hull, biogas residues, sludge, etc.

Business plans for making powder and granular organic fertilizer

In general, most organic fertilizer manufacturers prefer to prepare organic fertilizer into two forms. Powdery and granular. So in order to meet the different requirements of our customers, we especially design powdery organic fertilizer making line and granular organic fertilizer production line separately.

Powdery organic fertilizer making system design

Powdery organic fertilizer manufacturing line is a simple process to make organic waste into fertilizer. So only needs a few fertilizer machines, it can help you finish organic fertilizer making. Including dehydrator, composting machine, loader type feeder, organic waste crusher, powder screener, powder packaging machine and belt conveyor.

Powdery organic fertilizer making system

Granular organic fertilizer production project technology

When you want to further process organic fertilizer, you can choose to turn powder compost organic fertilizer into granules. Then because of more complicated process, it needs more organic fertilizer machines. Generally, a complete granular organic fertilizer preparation line contains dehydrator, compost equipment, batching machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, screening equipment, dryer, cooler, coating machine, packaging machine, belt conveyor, dust collector. You can choose them to design your own plan for organic fertilizer production project according to your needs.

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How to start a small, medium and large scale organic fertilizer production project?

Besides organic fertilizer form, we also can offer you designs according to the capacity of your organic fertilizer production project. Whether you plan to produce organic fertilizer in a small, medium or large scale.

1-5 t/h small scale organic fertilizer making plan for sale

If you need a plan for turn organic waste into fertilizer in a small scale, which is about 1-5 t/h. Disc granulation line is an ideal choice for you. For one thing, it can fully meet your requirement to prepare 1-5 tons of organic fertilizer per hour. For another, it also has characteristics of high granulation rate (over 93%), low cost, high automation, less space occupation, etc. These can help you start small scale organic fertilizer production more smoothly.

What fertilizer machine is needed in disc granulation system

For running disc pan granulation line, you need to buy organic fertilizer machines of windrow compost turner, static batching machine, SXSF-120 semi-wet material crusher, double shafts horizontal mixer, SXYZ-3600 disc granulator, SXGS-1240 rotary screener, SXHG-1515 rotary dryer, SXLQ-1515 rotary cooler, BM1400×4000 coating machine, automatic bagging machine and so on.

Is there any other system for small organic fertilizer manufacturing

Of course. For making organic fertilizer in a small scale, you also can choose our flat die dry granulation line. It adopts dry granulation method, which relies on physical force between roller and mold to granulate organic fertilizer. There is nearly no water involved, so it is dispensable to buy dryer and cooler. In this way, you can spend less and don’t need to prepare a large installation area.

Is there other small organic fertilizer making plans?

5-8 t/h medium scale organic fertilizer production line design

However, when you want to produce 5-10 tons of organic fertilizer per hour, stirring teeth granulation line is more suitable for you. Besides the suitable capacity, it also can help you produce organic fertilizer pellets with a higher hardness. Moreover, it is a fully automatic organic fertilizer making system. Only by employing a few workers, you can keep the running of the whole system.

What is the design of stirring teeth granulation system

In stirring teeth granulation process, it is advisable to use groove type compost turner, dynamic batching machine, SXSLF-800 new type vertical crusher, double shafts horizontal mixer, stirring teeth granulation equipment, polishing machine, SXGS-2080 rotary screener, SXHG-1540 rotary dryer, SXLQ-1540 rotary cooler, BM1600×6000 coating machine, automatic packaging equipment and so on.

Stirring teeth organic fertilizer granulation

What is the cost of organic fertilizer production line?

8-20 t/h large scale organic fertilizer preparation system

Provided you plan to enlarge your organic fertilizer making business, you may need a rotary drum granulation system. Generally, it can help you prepare 8-20 tons, even 30 tons of organic waste fertilizer per hour. That is 50,000-180,000 tons of organic fertilizer pellets making a year. In addition, it has a higher performance on corrosion resistance, energy consumption reduction, automation, etc. So it earns the trust of large organic fertilizer production businesses at home and abroad.

Rotary drum granulation system

What is the configuration of rotary drum granulation system

For large scale organic fertilizer making, you need to purchase equipment with large output. So our rotary drum granulation line usually contains wheel type compost turner, dynamic batching machine, SXSLF-1000 new type vertical crusher, SXWJ-1630 horizontal mixer, SXZYZ-2080 rotary drum pellet making machine, SXGS-2080 rotary screener, SXHG-2424 rotary dryer, SXLQ-2424 rotary cooler, BM1600×6000 coating machine, automatic packaging equipment and so on.

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Besides the above business plans for organic fertilizer production projects, we also have solutions to different materials. For example, chicken manure fertilizer making line, cow dung fertilizer production system, pig manure fertilizer manufacturing plan, etc. In addition, we can also design layouts according to your organic fertilizer plant cost. Therefore, you definitely can find the right design for your organic fertilizer manufacturing plant!

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