Do you require a way for disposing of farm manure? Are you trying to find a way to develop your organic fertilizer business? But you have no previous experience of making organic fertilizer from animal manure. Here, you can start with small scale fertilizer manufacturing. Usually, it can help you produce 1-5 tons of organic fertilizer per hour. And it has characteristics of low investment, easy operation, less space occupation, etc. So it is an ideal choice for beginners who want to setup an organic fertilizer plant. Then how to start small scale organic fertilizer production? You can consider it from the following aspects:

What do you need to do for starting small organic fertilizer production?

Before starting small scale organic fertilizer manufacturing, you need to know what you should do for it. Generally, you need to pay attention to 3 items: materials, plant location and equipment selection.

Material collection

In general, you can make small scale organic fertilizer with 3 kinds of materials. Animal manure: cow dung, chicken manure, piggery waste, goat poop, etc; Industrial waste: biogas residue, sludge, sugar waste, mushroom waste, etc; Agricultural litter: straw, sawdust, maize stocks, soya bean residues, etc. It is advisable to use the first two as the main material for organic fertilizer making and the last as auxiliary materials.

Organic fertilizer making materials
Organic fertilizer production equipment

Equipment selection

Then suitable equipment purchasing is essential for smoothly small scale organic fertilizer production. For this, you need to know what machine is needed in small scale organic fertilizer making? How much does the small scale organic fertilizer making system cost? Can your small organic fertilizer factory accommodate it? But don’t worry, we will help you. Even we can offer you customized design according to your requirements.

Plant location

For small scale organic fertilizer making plant setup, there are three tips for you. Avoiding building in areas where local policy prohibits. Located in a place with convenient transportation. And setting it up close to raw material sources.

Organic fertilizer plant setup

How to make better organic fertilizer?

What equipment is suitable for small scale organic fertilizer manufacturing?

When you want to produce organic fertilizer in a small scale, it is necessary to choose organic fertilizer machines with small capacity. Usually, small scale organic fertilizer manufacturing line can produce 1-5 tons of organic fertilizer per hour. For this, SX can provide fertilizer machines as follows:

Small scale fertilizer making dehydrator

Screw dewatering machine

For small scale production of organic fertilizer, SXTS-180 screw dehydrator is your best choice. It adopts a stainless steel sieve with 0.3-0.5 mm holes, which can help you separate solids from excrement of livestock quickly. After dewatering, the water content of manure can be reduced to 30%-40%, which is more suitable for organic fertilizer making.

Small composting equipment

Composting plays an important role in removing harmful substances from manure. For small scale fertilizer fermentation, there are 3 types of fertilizer composting machines for your choice. For starting small scale composting in fermentation trench, we recommend you choose groove type composter. When you plan to start composting on the ground directly, you can buy windrow compost turner. In addition, if you want to finish composting of organic waste faster, the in-vessel fermentation tank is your optimal option.

Semi-wet material crusher in SX

Semi-wet material crusher

After fermentation, you need to crush agglomerated compost into fine powder. It is beneficial for producing organic fertilizer pellets with a more smooth appearance. Then for 1-5 t/h small scale organic fertilizer pulverizing, semi-wet material crusher is an ideal choice for you.

Disc mixer

Then in order to ensure the nutrient balance of your final fertilizer, it needs a mixer to blend different materials evenly. And for small scale organic fertilizer plant mixer, it is advisable to purchase disc blender. It not only has advantages of suitable output, but also low cost, less space occupation, etc.

Disc vertical fertilizer mixing machine

Small organic fertilizer granulator

When it comes to small scale organic fertilizer granulation machine, we can provide you with disc granulation equipment, new type pelletizer, double roller granulator. If you are looking for equipment for small quantity wet granulation, we recommend you choose pan pellet making machine or new type pelletizer. But for starting granulation with moisture content below 15%, double roller granulator is your optimum choice.

Screening equipment

What you need to do after organic fertilizer pellet production? Screening, that is, separating the qualified fertilizer granules from the unqualified. For this, we can offer you rotary screener. Moreover, in small scale organic fertilizer production, most people prefer to use SXGS-1240 sieve machine.

Screening equipment for granular fertilizer sorting
Dryer and cooler for better fertilizer manufacturing

Dryer and cooler

In order to make your final organic fertilizer meet international standards, you also should process them with dryer and cooler. They can eliminate excessive water left by wet granulation to improve your organic fertilizer quality. But they are dispensable for mini organic fertilizer production with dry granulation method.

Coating machine

If you want to further prolong the storage time of your small scale organic fertilizer pellets, you also can add a coating machine. It will add a protective film to fertilizer granules to prevent moisture absorption and nutrient loss.

Coating machine for better fertilizer granules making
Fertilizer bagging machine for sale

Packaging equipment

Finally, you need small scale packaging equipment. In this case, we recommend you choose single bucket automatic bagging scale. It can help you pack finished organic fertilizer into 25 kg/bag or 50 kg/bag quickly. Then you can sell them to your customers in a targeted way.

Get more details of organic fertilizer equipment

How much does a small scale organic fertilizer manufacturing line cost?

The cost of small scale organic fertilizer production usually varies according to capacity, equipment configuration and many other factors. Here, we will show you the prices of 1-2 t/h small organic fertilizer production line, 2-3 t/h small organic fertilizer making line and 3-5 t/h organic fertilizer manufacturing system for your reference.

1-2 t/h small organic fertilizer production line price

Usually, a complete small organic fertilizer production line, which can help you process 1-2 tons of organic fertilizer pellets, will cost about $110,000.

2-3 t/h small organic fertilizer making line budget

When you want to buy a 2-3 t/h small organic fertilizer making line, you need to prepare $110,000-$140,000 for it.

3-5 t/h small organic fertilizer manufacturing system cost

Do you want to know the price of 3-5 t/h small organic fertilizer manufacturing system? In general, it costs $110,000-$190,000.

Small scale organic fertilizer production line is an ideal choice for beginners and small farm management. But if you have a large animal farm or want to further enlarge your organic fertilizer making plant scale, you can choose our large scale organic fertilizer production plan.

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