Why you need batching machine in fertilizer making process?

In general, fertilizer batching equipment plays an important role in quality fertilizer production. Even it is the first step of NPK compound fertilizer manufacturing. Why? Because it can bring you benefits in the following two aspects:

Filter waste

When you produce organic fertilizer, you will find that there still is some waste in material after fertilizer composting. Such as stones, branches, etc. Leaving them alone will seriously affect fertilizer quality, especially when you prepare granular organic fertilizer. At that time, you can use our batching machine which has a filter mesh. It can remove the waste from raw materials to improve the purity of your fertilizer.

Fertilizer batching machine with filter mesh
Electronic weighing scale of fertilizer batching equipment

Improve the accuracy of raw material ratio

In order to produce fertilizer with richer nutrients, we usually use a variety of materials. But if you want to prepare better organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, only add them is not enough. You must deliver materials in a strict accordance with the required ratio. Batching machine is designed for this. It adopts electronic weighing scale, which has a high quantitative precision.

Is there a batching machine with 5 material hoppers?

Which type of fertilizer batching machine is suitable for you?

After deciding to purchase a batching machine for your fertilizer production, there is an item you must pay attention to. It is which type of fertilizer batching machine is suitable for you? There are some tips for your reference.

Buying loader type feeder for low cost fertilizer making

Provided you want to produce fertilizer at a low cost, we recommend you choose our loader type feeder. There are two reasons. For one thing, it has an economical price, only needs $ 3,000-$5,000. For another, it also can help you save money on fertilizer blending equipment purchasing. Because there is a mixing shaft inside loader type feeder, which can blend various materials evenly. Moreover, this also contributes to prevent material from sticking and blocking, then reducing material waste.

Choosing static batching machine for small scale fertilizer production

But when you plan to prepare fertilizer out of various materials, it is advisable to buy static batching machine. Because it has multiple cabins, which can quantify raw materials in the production of fertilizer. But it usually feeds fertilizer materials one by one to belt weighting scale, so it is more suitable for small scale fertilizer making. In addition, its degree of automation is high. In the whole fertilizer batching process, only the feeding part needs manual labor. Hence, this machine can greatly save your time and cost of small scale fertilizer making.

Purchasing dynamic batching equipment for large scale fertilizer manufacturing

Is there fertilizer batching equipment for making large scale fertilizer effectively? Of course. Here, our dynamic batching machine is the best choice for you. We equip every hopper with an electronic belt scale or nuclear scale and the host with PID adjustment and alarm function. Therefore, this machine can realize automatic control of the warehouses (hoppers) and batch fertilizer making materials continuously and precisely. Then you can produce higher quality fertilizer products.

How does fertilizer batching equipment work to help you produce better fertilizer?

No matter what device you want to buy, it is always essential to learn how it works. Of course, the same is true of fertilizer batching equipment purchasing. Then what is the working principle of SX fertilizer batching machine? Why can it deliver materials in a strict accordance with the required ratio?

The batching machine usually consists of two parts: material hopper and electronic belt scale. Generally, you need to feed materials in corresponding hoppers first. Then hoppers will discharge materials to belt scale automatically, which can measure the quality of the material on the tape. At the same time, the digital velocity sensor at the end of belt scale will measure the running speed of the feeding machine continuously. Finally, speed signal and weight signal are sent to the microprocessors in the fertilizer batching equipment controller. It will produce and display cumulative/instantaneous flow. Though compared with the set flow, the control instrument will output the signal which can control the frequency converter. In this way, you can realize the requirement of fertilizer making materials quantitative feeding.

Can batching machine process high moisture fertilizer materials without blocking?

If using high moisture material in fertilizer manufacturing process, can batching equipment discharge it without blocking? This is an item most fertilizer manufacturers focus on when using fertilizer batching equipment. But don’t worry,as a professional fertilizer machine factory, SX especially upgrade the design of our batching machine in the following aspects:

Sharp slope angle of fertilizer batching hoppers

Big outlet port

In general, the outlet port size of material hopper is 25×25 cm. It is big enough for material discharge.

Fertilizer batching cabin outlets

Sharp slope angle

The cabin wall slope angle of SX batching machine is very sharp. Therefore, raw materials are more affected by gravity and easier to fall.

Fertilizer batching machine cabins manufacturing

Proper cabin size

The cabin is not very big, the material in the discharge port won’t take a lot of pressure.

is it suitable for process 30% moisture material?

Besides fertilizer batching equipment, SX can also provide you many other machines, which are beneficial for fertilizer making. Including fertilizer composting machine, granule making machine, crusher, mixer, drying machine, etc. Welcome to contact us anytime!

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