Nowadays, more and more people are prone to invest in organic fertilizer making. Why? One the one hand, because of balanced nutrients content and less pollution, the demand for organic fertilizer grows increasingly. On the other hand, with the booming of husbandry industry, there is a large amount of animal manure needed to dispose of. And making manure into organic fertilizer is an ideal choice. Provided you are a beginner or want to start with small scale organic fertilizer manufacturing, you can buy our 20,000 t/y organic fertilizer production line.

20,000 t/year organic fertilizer production line
  • Cpacity: 3-4 t/h
  • Cost: $40,000-$150,000

  • Euipment Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

  • Application: Making organic fertilizer from cow dung, chicken manure, pig waste, straw, biogas residues, etc

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What is the design of a 20,000 t/y organic fertilizer production line?

In general, as a professional fertilizer equipment factory, SX will design business plan according to your actual conditions. In this process, capacity is an item we must consider. Then what equipment is used in a 20,000 t/y organic fertilizer production line? Commonly, it is advisable to keep fertilizer preparation line running 2 shifts a day and 10 hours a shift. So you need to buy organic fertilizer machines with a capacity of 3-4 t/h. For this, we recommend you purchase the following equipment:

Small scale fertilizer compost turner

When you plan to turn farm manure into organic fertilizer, you need to compost manure to remove harmful substances first. For small scale fertilizer fermentation, many fertilizer suppliers will choose our groove type compost turner or in-vessel fermentation tank. The former is a more economical choice for you while the latter can help you finish manure fermentation more quickly.

Load type feeder for small scale organic fertilizer production

Batching machine

Generally, SX fertilizer batching machine adopts electric weighting technology. So it can strictly feed various raw materials according to the required proportion. In this way, you can produce organic fertilizer with richer nutrients and higher quality.

SXFLF-600 new type vertical crusher

Because new type vertical fertilizer shredder employs special steel crushing blades. It have a longer service life and can grind compost into fine powder quickly. In addition, we especially use polypropylene plate as lining and there is no screen mesh. Therefore, it has strong applications for high moisture materials and is not easy to block.

New type vertical crusher for 20,000 T/Y organic fertilizer making
Powder compost screener for organic fertilizer making

Powder screening equipment

In order to prepare better organic fertilizer, screening is necessary. Powder rotary screener can help you separate waste and large particles from fine compost powder. Then the waste (stones, cigarette butts, etc) will be discharged and large particles will be returned to shred again. This is beneficial for improving the purity of final fertilizer product and reducing material waste.

Single shaft horizontal mixer

This mixer processes organic fertilizer with a group of double helical ribbon type blade. It can blend various organic materials evenly. This can ensure you produce fertilizer with balanced nutrients.

Single shaft horizontal fertilizer mixer
Pan pelletizer for organic fertilizer making

SXYZ-3000 pan pelletizer

For 3-4 t/h organic fertilizer granules production, SXYZ-3000 pan pelletizer is a hot selling product. For one thing, its granulation rate can reach 93%. So you can turn compost powder into pellets more effectively. For another, it has smaller space occupation and favorable price, which make you spend less on 20,000 t/y organic fertilizer manufacturing system setup.

Fertilizer granule screener

Like powder sieving machine, fertilizer granule screener can divide finished organic pellets into small size, required size and large size. Then you can transport qualified organic fertilizer granules to the next process and return other fertilizer to re-granulate.

Screener for organic fertilizer pellets making
4 tph organic fertilizer drying equipment for sale

SXHG-1212 rotary dryer

Because of wet granulation method employment, the moisture content of organic fertilizer is about 20% after pan granulation. But for more convenient transport and storage, we usually need to reduce the water content to below 10%. Then how to dry organic fertilizer after granulation? There is professional rotary dryer for you. Its inside hot air temperature can reach 300℃. So it can dry organic fertilizer pellets in a short time.

SXLQ-1212 rotary cooler

After drying, the temperature of produced organic fertilizer is about 30℃- 40℃. So it cannot be packed directly and needs cooling. Here, SX can provide you with SXLQ-1212 rotary cooler, which is suitable for small scale fertilizer cooling.

Small fertilizer rotary cooler in SX
Small scale automatic organic fertilizer packaging machine for sale

Automatic packaging scale

Finally, you need to pack organic fertilizer pellets. But manual bagging will take a long time. So we design automatic fertilizer packaging equipment for you. Its quantitative precision can reach 2 ‰ and you can freely choose to pack fertilizer into 10 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc.

Technology parameters of 20,000 T/Y organic fertilizer granulation line

Equipment Model Capacity (T/H) Power(KW) Dimension (MM)
Groove type compost turner SXCF-3000 3-5 18.5+1.5+0.75
New type vertical crusher SXFLF-600 3-5 22 1300*750*1900
Single shaft horizontal mixer 2-5
Pan pelletizer SXYZ-3000 2-4 11 3400*2400*3100
Rotary screener SXGS-1240 3-5
Rotary drum dryer SXHG-1212 3-5 7.5
Rotary drum cooler SXLQ-1212 3-5
Automatic packaging scale

get the 20,000 t/y organic fertilizer making system immediately

How to setup a 20,000 t/y organic fertilizer production plant at a lower cost?

The above is a 20,000 t/y manufacturing line of organic fertilizer granules. And the investment is about $100,000-$170,000. However, can we setup a 20,000 tons/year organic fertilizer production plant at a lower cost? Of course. You can choose fertilizer making business plans as follows:

Flat die dry granulation system

This fertilizer preparation line mainly adopts dry granulation method, which makes use of extrusion force between roller and mold to convert compost powder to pellet. In addition, the feeding materials moisture content is below 10%. Therefore, there is no need to remove excessive moisture from fertilizer particles. That is, you can save your money on fertilizer dryer and cooler buying. Then you only need to prepare $50,000-$150,000.

Model Capacity (t/h) Powder (kw) Pellet Diameter (mm)
SXPM-400 1-1.5 30 2-10
SXPM-500 1.5-2 37 2-10
SXPM-600 2-2.5 45 2-10

Powder organic fertilizer manufacturing line

Is there a lower cost organic fertilizer manufacturing system? If you only want to turn organic waste into fertilizer in a simple way, you can buy small scale powder organic fertilizer production line. It consists of fewer machines, including small compost turner, load type feeder, vertical crusher, compost powder screener, packaging equipment and belt conveyor. So only need $30,000-$45,000, you can setup a 20,000 t/y powder organic fertilizer production plant.

Why SX can provide you economical 20,000 t/y organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment?

Source factory price

As a leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer in China, SX has its own fertilizer machine manufacturing factory, which is about 40,000 ㎡. So you can buy organic fertilizer making machines at a source factory price. There is no extra charge, so it must be the most favorable price.

SX factory for manure fertilizer making equipment manufacturing
Organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturing

Customized project design

In addition, SX will offer you organic fertilizer making plan according to your actual conditions. Of course, it contains your budget for organic fertilizer production. Therefore, contact us immediately to get your organic fertilizer preparation line!

Besides 20,000 t/y organic fertilizer making line, SX also can offer you suitable organic fertilizer making plans with other capacities. Such as 30,000 organic fertilizer production line, 50,000 organic fertilizer plant setup, 100,000 organic fertilizer manufacturing project, etc. Welcome to contact us immediately for your own fertilizer business plan.

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