What can rotary dryer machine do for fertilizer making?

Rotary dryer machine plays an important role in your fertilizer making process, especially when you adopt wet granulation method in fertilizer making. Why? What benefits can the fertilizer drying machine create for you?

Make your final fertilizer easier to transport

In general, after wet granulation, the moisture content of your fertilizer pellets is still at 30%. But by using rotary dryer machine, you can reduce the water content to 10%. In this way, you can produce fertilizer granules with a higher hardness. That is, it has a lower possibility of pulverization and is more convenient for transportation.

Fertilizer dried by fertilizer dryer machine
Dried fertilizer is easier for storage and transport

Prolong your fertilizer storage time

In addition, preparing fertilizer with rotary drying machine is also beneficial for prolonging the storage time. Especially when you make organic fertilizer. Why? Because the lower the moisture content of fertilizer pellets you produce, the lower the possibility of mold and deterioration. Hence, it can be stored for a longer time.

Can rotary drying machine dry sludge / food?

Top 3 popular fertilizer drying machines with fertilizer manufacturers

From the above introduction, we know the importance of rotary drying equipment for fertilizer manufacturing. But there are many kinds of drying machines on the market, which one is more suitable for you? Here, in order to fully meet your needs, SX especially design various dryers for your choice. The best-selling three are as follows:

Chicken manure rotary dryer machine

When you plan to make chicken poop into organic fertilizer, the high moisture content is an item you must focus on. And the same goes for fertilizer drying, because it will greatly affect the drying effect. Therefore, we especially upgrade our chicken manure drying equipment. The inlet temperature of it is higher than 300 ℃ and the material contact temperature also can reach 70℃ -80℃. So it can reduce the water content of your chicken manure fertilizer quickly. What’s more, after drying, the moisture content of chicken manure fertilizer pellets is only about 10%.

Cow dung drying equipment

But for those who want to make fertilizer from cow dung, we recommend you choose our rotary dryer machine with a larger capacity. Because a cow generally generates 30 kg of manure a day, which is much higher than that of chicken. For this, SXHG-2020 rotary drying equipment and SXHG-2424 drum dryer are both excellent choices for you. Their capacities are 8-16 t/h and 14-18 t/h respectively.

NPK compound fertilizer dryer

Besides the above two types of drum drying machines, NPK compound fertilizer dryer is also popular with fertilizer manufactures. Because we equip it with lifting plates inside, which can greatly reduce the erosion from chemical materials and wet granulation. So when you adopt wet granulation method to make NPK fertilizer, it is an ideal choice for you.

How does rotary drying equipment work to dry your fertilizer?

After buying rotary dryer machine, you also need to learn the working process. This can help you start fertilizer drying more smoothly. Usually, we can divide the drying process into three parts:

Feeding fertilizer materials

When the temperature at the bottom of the drying equipment reaches suitable level, belt conveyor or bucket elevator will transport fertilizer to feeding port. Then under the action of drum rotating and gravity, the fertilizer will evenly disperse in the dryer and roll continuously.

Injecting hot air to dry fertilizer

Then the hot air will be injected into the dryer to contact the organic or NPK fertilizer making materials. Then it will transfer heat to the material through heat conduction, convection, radiation, etc. Therefore, the temperature of the material will continue to rise and the moisture will continue to volatilize.

Dust collector for fertilizer drying

Discharging finished fertilizer

Finally, the fertilizer products that meet the required moisture level are discharged from the outlet. While the unqualified fertilizer will be left in the equipment for drying continuously. But besides them, there also is some gas waste generated. How to treat waste gases? For this, we can provide you with professional dust collectors.

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What other equipment do you need during fertilizer drying?

If you want to dry fertilizer better, you also need to purchase the following equipment:

Natural gas burner

Natural gas burner is one of the main burning equipment of natural gas. In the process of fertilizer making, it is the heat source for fertilizer drying. Can it be used for drying other raw materials? Of course. Moreover, we can also provide you with oil and gas burning machine for dual purposes. Therefore, it is the ideal drying heat source of new energy for national environmental protection.

Hot blast furnace

But if you want to transport hot air to rotary dryer machine, hot blast furnace is also necessary. This machine is mainly used for storing hot air. Then under the help of fans, it will transport hot air to fertilizer drying equipment. Can it withstand the heat of drying? The answer is yes. We especially equip it with manganese steel plates outside and firebrick inside. In addition, we can offer you different types according to your requirements.

Fertilizer cooling machine

After rotary drying machine processing, the temperature of final fertilizer is 30 ℃-40 ℃. This will affect the quality of fertilizer you prepare and makes it not suitable for storage. So it is necessary to reduce the temperature of fertilizer after drying. At that time, rotary cooling machine can help you a lot.

How much does the rotary dryer machine cost?

Finally, the price is an aspect most fertilizer manufacturers pay attention to when buying rotary dryer machine. However, it is not fixed and will vary with the output. The smaller the capacity, the higher the price; the larger the capacity, the lower the price. Then SX, as a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer, can provide you with quality drying equipment at a favourable price. It is about $7,000-$150,000. Provided you want to get a quote in detail, please contact us on the following contact form immediately.

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