Because NPK fertilizer can supply nutrients for crops in a targeted way, most businesses plan to invest in NPK compound fertilizer production. Like the customer from Indonesia, who inquired about NPK fertilizer making machines on 12th March 2023. Finally, after discussing the details, he chose our NPK double roller granulation line.

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:

Which granulation machine is suitable for NPK compound fertilizer making?

The client from Indonesia wanted to use Nitrogen (urea), Rock Phosphate, DAP/MAP (depend on Composition), KCL or ZK,clay, dolomite/calcium, coating oil to prepare NPK fertilizer pellets. So first of all, it is essential to buy a type of suitable chemical pellet making equipment.

For this, SX can offer you double roller granulator, pan pelletizer and rotary drum granulation machine. This Indonesian customers needed a lower cost NPK fertilizer granulation line. Hence, we finally recommended him double roller granulator. Because this machine adopts dry extrusion granulation method, which mainly makes use of extrusion force between two rollers to turn NPK into fertilizer pellets. In this way, compared with using disc and drum granulator, there is no need of drying and cooling in NPK double roller granulation line. So you can reduce the cost of fertilizer dryer and cooler purchasing.

How to design a double roller granulation line which can produce 120 tons of NPK fertilizer per day?

Besides, this Indonesian customer planned to prepare 120 tons of NPK pellets a day. So he asked us can double roller granulation system finish it? Of course. Because if you keep the double roller pelleting line running 2 shifts a day and 10 hours a shift. It only needs to make about 6 tons of chemical fertilizer particles per hour. Then in general, the capacity of a double roller granulator is 2-3 t/h. Therefore, only by purchasing a system with two double roller extrusion pelletizers can you complete the production of 120 tons of NPK pellets a day easily and quickly.

6 t/h small double roller granulation line design

Is this double roller granulation line suitable for larger scale compound fertilizer manufacturing?

10-20 t/h large scale double roller granulation system for NPK fertilizer making

The answer is yes! When you want to enlarge your complex fertilizer making business later, you only need to increase the number of double roller granulation machines. For example, if you want to setup a 10-20 t/h NPK double roller granulation line, you can equip it with 4-6 roller press granulators. But for other fertilizer processing machines, including batching machine, crusher, mixer, screener and packaging equipment. You can choose to upgrade them or not freely according to your actual conditions.

How about the final NPK granules of double roller granulation line?

However, the final fertilizer granule is still the best way to test whether the NPK double roller granulation system is suitable for you or not. Hence, the client from Indonesia finally asked us about the following items:

What is the final granule size of double roller granulation line?

3-10mm. When you want to adjust the size of compound fertilizer pellets you produce, you only need to change the roller sheets. That is, replace the old ones with rollers which have the required size ball sockets.

Roller sheets of double roller extrusion granulation equipment
Granules produced by NPK double roller granulation line

What is the hardness of granules made from this double roller pellet making plan?

15-20N. It is higher than the pellets hardness from pan pelletizer and drum granulator. Hence, this kind of compound fertilizer granule is more convenient for transport, storage and use. Because it has characteristics of lower pulverization rate and less NPK nutrient loss.

Do the moisture of final double roller granulation products meet the international requirements?

Of course. There are two reasons. For one thing, the moisture of raw materials for double roller granulation is about 5-10% (the best is 5%). For another, as mentioned above, roller extrusion pelleting process adopts dry granulation method, which means that there is no water involved. So the waste content of final fertilizer particles absolutely meets the international standard of compound fertilizer making.

Low water content

The above are details about our communication with the customer about NPK fertilizer pellet making in Indonesia. In addition, besides double roller granulation line, if you are also interested in pan pellet making or rotary drum granulation, we also can provide you with the best fertilizer business plans!

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