For mine waste management, making into mineral fertilizer is an ideal choice. For this, there are two types of plans for your choice. Making ore waste into fertilizer powder or mine fertilizer granules. Here, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, YUSHUUNXIN can offer quality machines for mineral fertilizer production. Including ore crusher, mixer, granulator, screen, packing machine, etc. Welcome the contact us to get your own plan for making fertilizer from mine immediately.

mine waste management plan by fertilizer production
Mine waste managment
  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Solution: Mineral fertilizer making
  • Equipment Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

  • Application: rock phosphate, limestone bentonite, clay, zeolite, coal, etc

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2 ways of mine waste management by mineral fertilizer production

Generally, there are two fertilizer making systems for mine waste management as follows:

Ore powder fertilizer making line – simple and economical

If you has a limitation of mine waste disposal or want to start from simple process, we recommend to choose make mine into powder fertilizer. Only need 4 steps, it can help you prepare quality mineral fertilizer. They contains ore crushing, powder mixing, screen and packaging. In addition, because of simpler process of mine waste to fertilizer manufacturing, the system only needs several machines. Therefore, it has characteristics of less area occupation and lower investment.

Mine fertilizer granule production – better ore pellet making

But when you plan to make mine into fertilizer pellet to make more profits, ore powder granulation line is you best choice. After granulation, the mine fertilizer you produce has features of lower sticking possibility, slow release and no nutrient layering. Therefore, it is easy to transport, store and use. The system is popular with commercial mine fertilizer plants. In this process, after crushing, mixing and powder screen, it usually need granulator, granule screener and packing equipment.

What crushers are commonly used in ore processing?

From the above, it is obvious that crushing is necessary for using mine as fertilizer. Then, what equipment is suitable for ore crushing? There are two machines.

Jaw crusher

First, you need to process mine waste with primary breaking down. For this, you can use a Jaw crusher, which is especially design for ore crushing. The machine can break down 100-1200 mm mine rocks into 10-360 mm small particles. Only the strength of rock material is 147-320MPa.

Raymond grinder

However, for quality mine fertilizer production, you need ore powder with a smaller size. So, you need to process ore rocks with Raymond grinder after Jaw crusher. The mine waste management machine can further crush small mine stones into 100-500 meshes size.

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How to buy suitable equipment for making ore rocks into fertilizer granules?

Then, for mine fertilizer granule making, which equipment is the best for ever step? There are tips for purchasing your own fertilizer machine for mine waste disposal.

Batching machine

For commercial fertilizer making from mine waste, dynamic batching machine is the best choice. Especially for large scale and various material use mineral fertilizer production projects. The dynamic batching machine can feeding multiple materials simultaneously. So you can make mine fertilizer faster. Moreover, it has designs of electronic belt scale and PID regulation and alarm system. Therefore, it can strictly feeding mine powder materials with required proportion.


In order to make fertilizer with balanced nutrients, we usually add auxiliary material during mine fertilizer production. But, to achieve the goal, it is not enough to just pile them together. You need to mix various material evenly. Here, we design double roller mixer and vertical mixer for your choice. The former has high mixing efficacy and continuous system. The latter is suitable these who has a over 8 t/h powder mixing requirement and purse more economical price.


Then, the key to turn ore powder into fertilizer pellets – granulator. For small scale, there is pan granulation machine for you. With an output of 1-6 t/h. While for large scale, we can offer you rotary drum pellet equipment. Its maximum capacity can reach 30 t/h. They both make use of water as binder to granulate mine powder into granules in a short time. Moreover, for material that is sensitive to water, our engineer especially design double roller granulation. It relies on the physical extrusion force to make mine pellets. So there is no water involved.

Sieving and Packaging

Finally, there are two steps you need to do. On the one hand, sieving out nonstandard mineral fertilizer granules. In this way, you can greatly improve your fertilizer pellets quality and reduce the material waste. In this step, rotary screen machine is commonly used. On the other hand, it is packaging finished mine granules into bags. There is professional fertilizer packing scale. Automatic bagging and sealing. And the quantitative precise is lower than 2‰.

What types of mineral fertilizers making lines in YUSHUNXIN for you?

In YUSHUNXIN, there are 3 kinds of system for mine waste management is popular with mineral international fertilizer manufacturers.

What other mineral materials can be used in making fertilizer

Besides the above ore waste, our mineral fertilizer making also suitable for many other mineral materials. Such as bentonite, clay, zeolite, coal, biochar, etc. Welcome to contact us immediately for your own fertilizer business plan for mine waste management.

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