How to make biochar fertilizer? Crushing, mixing, granulation, screening, drying, cooling and packaging. This is a complete process of turning biochar and compost into carbon based fertilizer granules. In addition, if you need a manure compost machine and biomass carbonization equipment, we can also offer you the best equipment. What’s more, according to your budget, we can design customized project for using biochar as fertilizer. Welcome to contact us to get your own fertilizer production system immediately.

Biochar fertilizer production line design
biochar fertilizer machine
  • Cpacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Products: Biochar organic fertilizer granules
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy

  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

  • Application: biochar and chicken manure, cow dung, pig waste, etc

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Can biochar be used as fertilizer?

Of course. Using biochar as fertilizer is an ideal choice for both disposing of charcoal waste and preparing quality organic fertilizer. In general, making fertilizer with biochar has 2 advantages as follows:

Biochar is made of biomass waste, such as straw, bamboo, rice hull, coconut shell, etc. These materials are rich in organic matter, which is key to facilitating the growth of crops and plants. Preparing fertilizer with biochar can increase the fertilizer organic matter content by 20%. It means that crop yield can increase by 10%.

In addition, because of excellent absorption, adding biochar in fertilizer making process can also improve soil and enhance the quality of crop fruits. It can effectively adsorb pesticide residues and heavy metal ions in the soil. So, there is a more healthy environment for crop growth.

How to make fertilizer with biochar?

When you plan to make carbon-based fertilizer, you must learn the major processes of carbon based fertilizer production. Generally, if you use biocahr and compost as materials to make biochar fertilizer, it needs 3 steps:

Crushing biochar and compost into powder

In order to make quality biochar fertilizer, it is advisable to crush your charcoal blocks/chips and compost caking into finer powder. This is beneficial for both powdery and granular charcoal fertilizer production. For the former, the finer the biochar fertilizer powder, the easier the fertilizer nutrient absorption. For the latter, the finer the material, the better the organic fertilizer pellets manufacturing. Here, for biochar chips and compost, a vertical fertilizer crusher is enough.

Mixing compost with biochar evenly

Then, for ensuring the nutrient balance of final biochar fertilizer you prepare, a fertilizer mixer is needed. It can blend compost with biochar powder evenly. According to your different requirements of capacity and efficiency, we design various mixers for biochar fertilizer making. Including large scale horizontal mixer, fast double shaft horizontal blender, low cost disc mixing machine, etc.

Turning compost and biochar powder into organic fertilizer granules

If you want to further improve the quality of your charcoal based fertilizer, you can choose to granulate biochar and compost mixture. Them you can make biochar fertilizer with features of easier transport, longer storage time and slower fertilizer effect release. For this, we can offer you pan pelletizer for small scale biochar fertilizer granulation, drum granulator for large scale carbon-based fertilizer granule production and double roller granulation machine for making organic fertilizer with biochar at a low cost.

What carbon-based fertilizer equipment is needed in commercial biochar fertilizer making?

When you want to start a biochar fertilizer plant and manufacture commercial carbon based fertilizer, besides the above equipment, you can add the following to your industrial production system of making fertilizer with biochar.

Sieving and separation machine for biochar fertilizer pellets

With our fertilizer pellet screen machine, you can sieve out finished biochar fertilizer with size you need. In this way, you can produce biochar organic fertilizer granule with uniform size. How to dispose of left particles? Returning them to crush again and granulate into required carbon fertilizer pellets.

Fertilizer granule drying and cooling machines

Provided you buy a disc or drum granulator for you biochar fertilizer making system, drying and cooling steps are necessary. Because, they make use of wet granulation method, which use water or liquid cohesive agent to speed up the process of biochar and compost to fertilizer granules. After the granulation, the moisture content of granular carbon fertilizer is 20%-30%. However, for more convenience for transportation and storage, it is advisable to reduce it to lower than 10%. To fast biochar fertilizer drying and packaging, rotary dryer and cooler are best choices.

Final carbon fertilizer packaging scale

Finally, for commercial biochar fertilizer production, packaging machine is key to shorten the time of biochar fertilizer making. It can finish the bagging of your finished charcoal fertilizer within 20 seconds. In addition, you can choose to pack your fertilizer into 10kg/bag, 20kg/bag, 50 kg/bag freely. The quantitative precision is lower than 2‰.

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Can we make fresh chicken dung and biomass waste into biochar fertilizer?

The answer is yes. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX will design a biochar fertilizer production line according to your actual conditions. When your material is fresh chicken manure and biomass, we can offer you suitable manure composting machines and biomass to biochar equipment.

Which machine can compost biochar fertilizer faster?

What is the biochar based fertilizer equipment price?

Generally, the price of the system of making biochar fertilizer is not fixed. Because it depends on your capacity, equipment types, project design, etc. The biochar based fertilizer system costs range from $10,000 to $500,000.

  • 1

    For $10,000-$100,000 budget, you can choose to only buy a basic biochar fertilizer making system, which consists of only crusher and granulator.

  • 2

    With $100,000-$300,000, we can offer you an upgrading design of biochar fertilizer pulverizer, mixer, pelletizer, screen, dryer, cooler and equipment. With an output of 1-10 t/h.

  • 3

    With cost of $300,000 to $500,000 or more, you can setup a biochar fertilizer manufacturing plant with the whole process. Including composting, batching, crushing, mixing, granulation, screening, drying, cooling and packaging. The largest capacity can reach make 20-30 tons of biochar fertilizer pellets per hour.

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