On 10th December 2023, there is poultry manure drying machine system delivery to Bengal. It will be transported to the customer who plans to dispose of poultry manure waste in his chicken farms. This Bengali client wanted to collect poultry poop waste from H type Cage conveyor belt that he already has and sells it for commercial purposes. In order to make more profits, the client planned to make it into dry poultry manure with moisture of 20%. Finally, he bought our 20 MT/day manure drying system. Now the drying system has been running to process poultry manure smoothly.

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:

How to dry poultry manure from 65% to 20% moisture?

The email from the Bengali customer showed us that the moisture content of poultry waste is 65%. How to reduce the manure water content to 20%? Here, we recommend the fertilizer drying system, which consists of dewatering machine and rotary drum drying machine for poultry manure drying. The former is used to remove excessive water from poultry manure initially by pressing. This can dry poultry poop to 30%-40% water content. Then the latter will make use of hot steam to further dry poultry manure and make the moisture decrease to 20%, even below 10%.

Is there more pictures and videos about poultry manure drying machine?

Why not dry poultry manure with rotary drum drying machine directly?

In general, there are two reasons: energy consumption and material waste prevention.

Poultry farm waste management
Poultry farm waste management

Poultry manure drying

Reducing the energy consumption of poultry manure drying

Drying poultry waste with rotary drum manure mainly relies on oil or natural gas to supply heat. Generally, the lower the manure waste moisture, the shorter the drying time, so the less fuel consumption. Moreover, this is also beneficial for reducing your cost of poultry manure processing.

Preventing poultry manure material waste

In addition, drying poultry poop with a high moisture content with rotary dryer directly is easier to cause material sticking. This will block the drum fertilizer drying machine and lead to material waste. Therefore, it is advisable to process poultry farm waste with manure dehydrator first.

Is there a small poultry manure dryer with 20 MT/day?

In order to meet your requirements of both small and large scale poultry manure drying, we especially design poultry manure drying machine with different capacities. Including 1-20 t/h manure solid-liquid separators and 1-18 t/h rotary poultry manure dryers. For the customer from Bengal, SXTS-180 screw type dehydrator and SXHG-0808 drum drying machine can complete the 20 MT/day poultry manure drying perfectly.

How long does chicken manure take to dry?

10-20 minutes

Poultry Manure Drying Time

Only need 10-20 minutes, our fertilizer drying system finishes the drying of poultry manure. Because we design 304 stainless steel screen mesh with 0.3-0.5 holes. Combine with screw pressing part, the machine will separate solid manure from liquid quickly. Moreover, the temperature of drum drying hot air can reach 300℃. So it can dry poultry poop faster than other machines.

What is the price of this poultry manure drying system equipment?

Finally, the cost of chicken manure droppings dryer is an item you must pay attention. In general, a 20 MT/day poultry manure drying machine system price is about $ 5,000-$50,000. It depends on detailed configuration. Then for larger scale poultry manure drying machine, you need to prepare more budget. If you need more precise quote for your fertilizer drying system, you can contact us immediately.

poultry manure dryer machines cost

Get precise quote of your own poultry drying system immediately!

The above are details about our communication with the customer about Poultry manure drying in Bengal. In addition, if you want to further to make poultry manure into compost, organic fertilizer pellet, we also can offer you suitable fertilizer business plans and machines.

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