In general, to supply nutrients to the growth of crops in a balanced way, fertilizer manufacturers will produce organic fertilizer from manure. At the same time, NPK fertilizer is prepared to provide nutrients to plants in a targeted way. But can we make manure into organic fertilizer with richer N, P, K elements? On 2nd Mar. 2023, a chicken manure compost fertilizer supplier from Mongolia inquired about organic and inorganic compound fertilizer production. He told us “We are running chicken farm and we produce chicken manure compost fertilizer. We are going to manufacture inorganic NPK enriched compost fertilizer, which is organic and inorganic compound granulated fertilizer.”

The following are the specific details of communication in this case

Can we add NPK to chicken manure compost to start organic and inorganic compound fertilizer production?

The customer from Mongolia wanted to manufacture inorganic NPK enriched compost fertilizer from chicken manure out of local farming requirements. The prior thing you must know is whether you can add NPK to chicken manure? Of course. It is greatly helpful for improving the quality of chicken poop compost making. Then is spreading NPK directly to chicken manure enough? No. In order to produce quality organic and inorganic compound fertilizer, it is advisable to process NPK in the following steps:

Crushing NPK into fine powder

Whether you plan to process chicken compost into powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer, it is necessary to crush NPK into fine powder. For one thing, after crushing, NPK fertilizer is not easy to stick to each other. So after being processed into powder chicken manure fertilizer, it is more convenient to transport, store and use. And the uniform particle size is beneficial for preventing nutrient layering and improving the purchasing willing of your customers. For another, NPK crushing is also essential for organic and inorganic compound fertilizer granule production. Because the finer the NPK powder, the better the granulation effect.

Here, both cage crusher and chain crusher are excellent choices for you. They are both designed for chemical material grinding. But the former is more suitable for crushing material with high hardness. Such as monoammonium, diammonium, urea, etc. And it has a capacity of 4-10 t/h. The latter is an ideal choice for NPK granules crushing. Because its largest feed grain size can reach 150 mm. In addition, it can process 1-15 tons of chemical materials per hour.

Mixing NPK powder with chicken manure compost evenly

Then in order to prepare organic and inorganic compound fertilizer with balanced nutrient, you also need to mix NPK powder with chicken manure compost evenly. Of course, at that time, chicken manure compost is also fine powder. And there are various types of mixers for your choice. When you want to process a large amount of NPK powder and chicken poop compost, we recommend you choose horizontal mixer. Its largest output can reach 15 t/h. In addition, for those who want to mix them evenly quickly, we design double shafts horizontal blender for you. However, if you want to finish small scale fertilizer blending at a low cost, like the client from Mongolia, you can choose disc mixer.

How to turn organic and inorganic compound fertilizer into granules?

In order to make more profits, this Mongolia customer told us that he plans to make chicken manure + NPK compost into granular organic and inorganic compound fertilizer. And he asked us how to finish it? For this, we can provide you with professional machines for compost fertilizer granulation .

Small scale disc granulation machine

The client from Mongolia planned to produce 2 tons of organic and inorganic compound fertilizer pellets from chicken manure NPK compost. So we sent it a disc granulation line. There are two reasons. On the one hand, it has a capacity of 1-6 t/h, which can fully meet your requirements of small scale compost granulation. And for 2 t/h, SXYZ-2500 is the optimum choice. On the other hand, disc granulation machine has characteristic of favourable price, small space occupation, easy operation, etc. Which are greatly beneficial for making chicken manure compost into granular organic and inorganic compound fertilizer in a small scale. And you can even finish it in your farm.

Rotary drum pelletizer for large scale granulation

Large scale rotary drum granulation equipment

Is there large scale granulation machine for converting chicken manure into organic and inorganic compound fertilizer pellets? Rotary drum granulator is suitable for you. SXZGZ-3210, the largest one, even can process 30 tons of fertilizer granules per hour for you. However, it only needs low consumption. So if you want to setup an organic and inorganic compound fertilizer plant, it will be the optimum choice for you.

The above are details about our communication with the customer from Mongolia. In addition, besides chicken manure organic and inorganic compound fertilizer production line, we also can provide you with many other business plans for chicken manure processing. Such as chicken manure organic fertilizer making line, chicken manure composting system, chicken poop granulation plan, etc.

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