Currently, poor environmental conditions are a major factor affecting the development of pig farming. Including waste water, infectious diseases, disease carriers, noxious gases and unpleasant odour. The main cause of the pollution is that swine feces are not treated well. Then how to dispose of piggery manure well? The best pig farm waste management method is making piggery manure into organic fertilizer. Because it contains rich nutrients, which are beneficial for the growth of crops and plants. Then how to produce organic fertilizer from pig poop?

Pig Manure waste management
  • Solution: Making into organic fertilizer
  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Types: powder & granule

  • Cost:  $30,000-$500,000

  • Equipment: Compost machine, cruhser, mixing, granulator, dryer, cooler, packing scale, etc (according to your needs)
  • Equipment Material: Carbon steel Q235, alloy steel (can be customized)

What do you need to do before starting making organic fertilizer from pig farm waste?

Remove excessive water from pig manure

Generally speaking, pig farm waste not only contains solid portion of feces but liquid portion of urine. But usually, we mainly use pig manure solids to produce organic fertilizer. Therefore, it is necessary to separate solids from water. For this, we can provide you with Inclined screen solid-liquid separator, which is suitable for dewatering pig manure with a high moisture content of over 90%. In addition, if your pig manure material has a water content below 90%, it is advisable to buy screw dewatering machine for pig manure processing. They can reduce the moisture content of pig poop to 30%.

Composting piggery manure

Why is composting the key to pig manure treatment?

The reason why pig manure causes environmental pollution is that it contains a large amount of harmful substances. Such as harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds. If you want to dispose of pig dung into organic fertilizer, it is essential to eliminate these harmful substances in piggery waste. For this, composting is the best choice for you. It is a process to make use of high temperature, which is caused by microorganisms activities, to complete the harmless process of pig manure.

How to speed up pig manure composting?

In natural way, the fermentation of swine waste will take you a long time of 2-3 months. But with the help of SX fertilizer compost machines, you can finish it within 20 days. SX compost equipment mainly adopts aerobic fermentation method. While working, it will turn pig litter piles to supply oxygen for better fermentation and dissipate excessive heat for preventing beneficial bacteria death. For this, our groove type compost turner and windrow compost machine are both excellent choices to create a better environment for decomposing pig manure faster.

Groove type farm waste composting
Pig manure after composting
Windrow composting for pig manure management

What other machines can compost pig manure?

Top 2 organic fertilizer manufacturing business plans for pig farm waste disposal

After dewatering and composting, it is time to turn pig manure into organic fertilizer you need. Here, SX can offer you various piggery poop fertilizer production plans for your choice. They can be divided into two types: powdery swine dung organic fertilizer making system and granular pig manure fertilizer production line.

Powdery organic fertilizer making system for swine dung treatment

Are you finding a plan for making organic fertilizer from swine waste at a low cost? Do you want to buy a pig poop fertilizer making line for small organic fertilizer plant setup? If your answer is yes, we recommend you purchase powdery fertilizer making line for your pig waste disposal.

Granular fertilizer production line for pig farm waste management

However, if you need a swine manure disposal project with high commercial profits, further processing piggery litter compost into organic fertilizer pellets is your best choice. Moreover, granular pig dung fertilizer production also can prevent sticking and nutrients layering. Therefore, it is more convenient for transport, storage and selling.

How to design powder fertilizer manufacturing system for pig farm waste management?

Provided you plan to dispose of swine litter into powdery organic fertilizer. Besides dewatering and composting, you also need to do following things for it:

Feeding pig dung compost fertilizer

In this process, you need to transfer pig manure compost to fertilizer batching machine, which can feed organic materials in required proportion. And for powder pig manure fertilizer making line, it is advisable to use loader type feeder, which is low cost and not easy to block.

Load type feeder for powder pig manure fertilizer making

Mixing other materials with piggery litter

In order to produce high quality organic fertilizer, fertilizer manufacturers usually use multiple organic materials instead of just using swine poop in pig manure processing. Such as chicken manure, straw, rice husk, NPK, etc. Then for nutrients balance of your final piggery waste fertilizer, it is advisable to mix them with pig manure evenly. For this, we can provide professional mixer.

Crushing swine manure caking into fine powder

Powder fertilizer, as name suggests, is fine powder pig dung organic fertilizer. But swine waste compost usually contains many agglomerate and caking. So it is necessary to crush piggery dung compost into fine powder. For grinding equipment choosing, we recommend you vertical type crusher and semi-wet material crusher.

Crushing machine for piggery manure powder making
Powder fertilizer screener for sale

Screen piggery waste powder fertilizer

Then after crushing, you may find there is still some waste in your pig manure powder fertilizer. How to separate them from your qualified organic fertilizer? Powder fertilizer screener can help you a lot.

Packaging pig dung fertilizer

Packaging is the final step of powder pig waste fertilizer production line. With automatic bagging equipment, you can pack your swine manure fertilizer into bags with different volumes. In this way, you can deliver your fertilizer to different customers in a targeted way.

Single bucket packaging machine

Get the pig manure powder fertilizer making line immediately!

How to set up a suitable granular swine dung fertilizer making line for you?

If you want to further convert powdery pig litter fertilizer into pellets, besides the above processes, you also need to process piggery poop as follows:

In pig manure granules making, the importance of the pellet machine purchasing is beyond doubt. Here, disc granulator is the most cost-effective option for you. It can help you produce 1-6 tons of swine litter fertilizer pellets per hour. But its price is only $1,000-16,000.

Same as powdery pig manure fertilizer production, after pelleting, you need to separate the qualified pellets from the unqualified ones. In order to meet your requirements, we also design equipment for fertilizer granules screening.

Usually, international requirement of pig poop fertilizer moisture content is below 14%. However, after granulation, the water content generally is 15%-20%. In this aspect, our drying machine and cooling machine can help you a lot.

Then if you want to prevent piggery dung granules from air moisture absorption and nutrient loss. You can buy a rotary coating machine for your pig dung disposal system.

When the shape of your final pig manure fertilizer is granular, it is essential to replace powder fertilizer packing machine with granular fertilizer bagging scale.

What is the quotation for your pig waste management?

The cost is an item most people focus on when selecting pig farm waste management plan. But the price of organic fertilizer making from piggery manure usually is not fixed. It is related to many factors, especially the type of fertilizer and machine configuration. Then you can know the details cost of powder and granular pig poop fertilizer manufacturing systems.

Low cost

Powder piggery waste fertilizer making line

From the above introduction, we can learn that the configuration of powder pig manure fertilizer manufacturing line is simple. Besides compost machine, it only contains loader type feeder, manure crusher, powder screening machine, powder packaging equipment, belt conveyor and so on. Generally speaking, the simpler the equipment configuration, the less the cost and the less the space occupation. Therefore, this pig farm waste management plan only needs an investment of $35,000-$90,000 and a factory area of 800-5,000 ㎡.

Granular swine manure fertilizer preparation line

Because of more equipment using, the cost of a pig dung organic fertilizer granules making system is higher than powder one. In general, you need to prepare $110,000-$550,000 for this SX swine waste management project. Compared with making piggery poop into powder fertilizer, you need to add mixer, granulation machine, granule screener, dryer, cooler, coating equipment and granular fertilizer bagging machine to your pig manure fertilizer making plant. In addition, it needs a large installation site of 2,000-10,000㎡.

Favourable price

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