What types of fertilizer pellet machines can you buy in SX?

When you want to make granular fertilizer, a suitable fertilizer pelletizer is necessary. As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, SX designs various fertilizer granulation machines for your choice. They all can help you turn powder fertilizer materials into granules quickly.

Pan pelletizer

Disc pan granulator is one of the top 3 fertilizer granule making machines. Because it has characteristics of over 93% granulation rate, economical price, small area occupation, etc. It mainly relies on the rotating of the pan to granulate fertilizer. After the disc rotating, there is a centrifugal force to make powdery fertilizer materials roll and combine with each other and form into granules.

Rotary drum granulation machine

Different from disc granulator, rotary drum granulation machine adopts cylindrical shape. In this way, it can accommodate a larger amount of materials. So this machine can produce more fertilizer pellets than others. However, similarly, it converts power into granules with the help of body rotation and water cohesive force.

Double roller extrusion pelletizer

However, if you want to make chemical materials into granules more effectively, we recommend you choose our double roller press granulator. Because it mainly makes use of extrusion force between rollers to granulate compound fertilizer. There is nearly no water involved, so you can reduce the expense and time for fertilizer drying and cooling.

Flat die granulation equipment

The same goes for flat die granulation machine. It also employs dry granulation method. But it is more suitable for dry organic compost granulation. And its granulation part consists of a rotating roller and a mold with holes. So the final fertilizer particle is cylindrical. It is widely used to make feed, organic fertilizer and fuel granules.

Stirring teeth granulator

As the name suggests, stirring teeth granulation is closed related to the stirring teeth. It makes use of mechanical agitation from high speed stirring teeth rotation and the resulting aerodynamic force to transform organic materials into fertilizer granules. The highlight of the produced fertilizer granule is higher hardness than disc granulation and rotary drum granulation pellets.

Rotary drum churning granulator

It is a two-in-one fertilizer pellet machine. It combines rotary drum granulation and stirring teeth granulation methods. Therefore, it has a higher granulation rate, lower energy consumption and can prepare fertilizer granule with a more beautiful appearance.

Which fertilizer granule making machine is suitable for organic / NPK fertilizer pellet production?

There are various fertilizer granulators, which are suitable for organic fertilizer fertilizer granulation? And which can help you turn chemical materials into pellets? The answer is here!

Manure organic fertilizer granule making system

Organic fertilizer granulator

Whether you want to make cow dung or chicken manure into pellets you can choose our organic fertilizer pellet machine. There are large scale & small scale types, dry & wet types equipment for organic waste fertilizer granules making. They all have an economical price.

Drum granulation line for NPK fertilizer production

NPK fertilizer granulation equipment

When you want to make mixture of urea, SSP, DAP, MOP, etc into granules, we also can provide you with suitable NPK granulator. They can fully meet your requirements for capacity, cost, granulation method, etc.

Compost Pellet Machine

Compost pellet machine

Cow Dung Pellet Making Machine

Cow dung pellet making machine

Chicken manure disposal

Chicken manure pellets machine

What method can you use for quality fertilizer pellet making?

For preparing quality granular fertilizer, there are two granulation methods commonly used.

Wet granulation method

In the wet granulation process, machine mainly makes use of liquid (commonly is water) as binders to enhance the cohesive force between powder fertilizer materials. So this kind of fertilizer pelletizers can make fertilizer granules easier and more quickly. Pan granulator, new type granulator and drum pellet equipment are wet granulation machines.

Dry granulation method

Dry granulation nearly has no water involved. It produces fertilizer pellets relies on the extrusion between rollers – only a physical force. So using dry granulation equipment, you can make powder into fertilizer faster and reduce your costs of drying and cooling machines. SX can offer you dry fertilizer granulators – double roller pelletizer and flat die pellet mill.

How much fertilizer granules can the fertilizer pelletizer produce?

When purchasing a suitable fertilizer pellet machine, capacity is an item you must focus on. Then what is the output of the above fertilizer granulation machines? Which is an excellent choice for small or large scale fertilizer granule production?

Small scale fertilizer production

Small scale commercial fertilizer granulation plant

If you want to setup a small scale fertilizer granulation plant, all types of SX fertilizer pelletrilizer can meet your needs. For 1-3 t/h capacity, flat die granulator, pan pelletizer, double roller granulation machine are ideal choice for you. Because besides suitable capacity, they also have a favourable price. When between 3-6 t/h, you can choose disc granulator and stirring teeth granulator.

Large scale industrial fertilizer pellet making

Over 6 t/h fertilizer granule manufacturing, there are two equipment selection plans for you. You can buy single machine, such as stirring teeth pelletizer and rotary drum granulation machine. The output of the latter can reach 30 t/h. Moreover, you can increase the number of fertilizer pellet equipment. With two pan granulators, you can prepare 10 tons of fertilizer granules in an hour easily.

Large scale fertilizer making

Common FAQ about fertilizer granulation

Q235B boiler steel, which has high strength and not easily deformed characteristics.

Of course. They can fully meet your requirements of 1-10 mm fertilizer granule production.

For wet granulation equipment, it is 20%-40%. But using dry granulator, you need to reduce it to below 10%.

For quality fertilizer granule making, there also is many other equipment that is helpful for you. Such as fertilizer crusher, screener, drying machine, cooling equipment, etc. Moreover, we can provide you with the customization service of these fertilizer machines. Welcome to contact us immediately. We will try our best to offer you the best solutions for your own fertilizer manufacturing, smoothly and successfully.

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