A commercial composting system refers to a large-scale composting operation to manage and recycle organic waste from animal rearing, crops farming, and industrial production. This system contains dewatering, fermentation, crushing, screener, packaging, etc. Here, YUSHUNXIN can offer you quality equipment for commercial compost making. In addition, in order to fully meet your needs, our engineers especially design 3 types of organic fertilizer compost machines for your choice. These systems can dispose of various animal manure, plant waste, and other biodegradable items into nutrient-rich compost fertilizer quickly.

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How many types of compost machines can be used in commercial compost system?

As mentioned above, compost machine use play an important role in dispose of organic waste into commercial compost. Then what type of commercial compost machine is suitable for you? There are some tips for our dear fertilizer manufacturers.

In-vessel composter – make compost fast

For those who want to making compost quickly, in-vessel compostor is the best choice. This compost equipment ferment organic fertilizer in a closed environment, which can isolate the influences from outside world. Therefore, the temperature of composting can reach 60℃ (which can kill harmful substances) quickly. In addition, it has automatic systems of oxygen supply, temperature monitoring and even air heating. So, in-vessel compost tank can help you decompose manure fast, even in cold winter.

Windrow compost turner – mobile composting

However, when you needs a mobile compost turner, we recommend you buy a windrow compost machine. Both crawler type compost turner and moving type compost equipment have a flexible walking system and simple control design. They makes the industrial composting equipment move forward and backward and turn direction freely on the flat ground. You can choose to making compost indoor and outdoor according to your needs. Only need to pile organic waste into windrows, you can drive the windrow compost machine to turn windrows for aerobic fermentation directly.

Trench composting machine – both large and small fermentation

Is there equipment for large scale commercial compost production? Of course. You can choose our wheel type trench compost machine. Which mainly makes compost from organic waste in fermentation grooves. And its turning span can reach 8-30 m and turning depth is 1-3 m. Therefore, the machine can fully meet your compost manufacturing with over 10 t/h averagely. At the same time, there are also some trench type compostors for small scale fertilizer fermentation. Including groove type compost turner and chain plate compost machine.

Can the machines compost chicken poop/ dairy manure/ pig waste/ horse manure?

Of course. All our equipment for commercial composting system use high quality carbon steel as material. So it can withstand the erosion from making compost with various materials. Including chicken poop, dairy manure, pig waste, horse manure, biogas waste, mushroom waste, sugar factory waste, etc.

get for your own commercial composting system now!

Compost systems in a small & Large scale

In addition, we also can design customized commercial composting systems according to your  output

Small scale fertilizer production
Large scale fertilizer making

What is the process of commercial composting system?

When you plan to make compost fertilizer, it is necessary to clear the commercial compost process. There are two kinds of industrial compost making lines for your choice.

Economical compost fertilizer making with 2 necessary steps

For those who want to start from a simple and low cost compost making project, you can choose to buy this organic waste decomposition system. It contains only 2 steps.

How to further making fermented manure into better compost fertilizer?

But if you have enough budget and want to make better commercial compost fertilizer, you can further process organic compost by 3 steps.

After organic decomposition, the moisture of compost is about 30%. So there are some clumps in the finished compost fertilizer. But after crushing compost into fine powder, the nutrient is easier to be absorbed by crops and plants. Here, for wet material grinding, we recommend you use vertical organic fertilizer crusher or semi-wet material grinder.

In addition, in order to further improve the impurity of your compost fertilizer, you can add a rotary screen machine after crusher. With screen mesh rotation, the machine can remove small stones in compost fertilizer you make and separate large particles from fine compost powder. In this way, you can prepare better commercial compost fertilizer.

Finally, packaging finished compost powder into bags is the end of commercial composting system. This is beneficial for easier to transport, storage and use. Our compost fertilizer packing machine has a quantitative precision of 2‰. Moreover, you can choose to bagging compost fertilizer into 10 kg/bag, 20 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag freely.

As a professional fertilizer business plan provider besides composting system, YUSHUNXIN can also offer many other solutions and equipment for processing composted manure into quality organic fertilizer. Such as compost pellet system, organic compost dryer, etc. Welcome to contact us for your own fertilizer business plan any any time.

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