Nowadays, for farm management, animal manure disposal has been an item must be focused on. And more and more farmers choose to turn manure into organic fertilizer. Because it not only can remove manure waste in your farm quickly, but also increase your income. But how to make high quality organic fertilizer from animal manure? In this process, SX recommend you use professional fertilizer machines. Why? What are the benefits of mechanical organic fertilizer production?

You can turn manure into organic fertilizer more quickly

For manure fertilizer production, especially commercial organic fertilizer manufacturing, you must pay attention to how long does it need?

Mechanical organic fertilizer making has a high degree of automation. It can help you finish manure disposal faster. For example, in natural conditions, chicken manure composting will take 2-3 months. However, SX composting machine can help you complete the aerobic fermentation of chicken poop within 20 days. In addition, we can offer you suitable equipment for other steps of organic fertilizer manufacturing. Whether it is manure dewatering, crushing, mixing, granulation, screening, drying, cooling or packaging. Using them, you can even process 30 tons of organic fertilizer from manure in an hour!

Help you produce organic fertilizer with richer nutrients

Generally, in order to improve nutrients content of final fertilizer, it is advisable to use various materials in organic fertilizer manufacturing. Besides manure, you also can add straw, sawdust, biological agents, NPK, etc. But only putting them together is not enough. You need to ensure the balance and stability of final organic fertilizer nutrients you produce.

In the mechanical organic fertilizer production process, we can provide you with automatic batching machine and fertilizer mixer. The former can accurately feed different organic making materials in accordance with scientific proportion. The latter can mix different raw materials evenly. So you can make manure organic fertilizer with abundant and balanced nutrients. It not only contains major nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, but also trace elements and beneficial microorganisms. This means the fertilizer can effectively improve soil fertility and facilitate plant growth.

Pellets produced by SX mechanical fertilizer production line

Absolutely eliminate harmful substances in organic fertilizer production

Organic fertilizer composting

When you plan to make organic fertilizer from manure, there is one thing you must do. It is removing harmful substances from manure. Here, mechanical organic fertilizer processing can help you a lot. It adopts advanced technology and equipment, which can adjust environmental factors such as temperature and humidity to the most suitable level. In this way, the harmful substances in manure, such as pest eggs, metal elements, bad bacteria, etc will be killed absolutely. So you can prepare manure organic fertilizer which can supply nutrients to crop growth without any scathe.

To sum up, mechanical organic fertilizer manufacturing has obvious advantages in terms of time, nutritional components and safety. In addition, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you with various organic fertilizer making business plans. Including cattle manure organic fertilizer making line, chicken poop fertilizer production plan, pig farm waste fertilizer manufacturing system, etc. If you are interested in them, welcome to contact us immediately!

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