In today’s husbandry, horse raising still plays an important role. It has functions of transportation, farming, entertainment and race. For keep horses healthy, manure management is necessary. And to make horse manure harmless, composting is an ideal choice. For this, it is advisable to choose the hot composting method. Here, SX designed various organic horse manure compost machines for your choice. Then in suitable conditions of moisture, temperature, etc, you make horse manure into compost quickly.

Why is composting necessary for horse manure management?

In general, there are two reasons why you must compost organic horse manure for management.

Eliminate harmful substances in horse manure

Manure can affect horse health because it contains a lot of pathogens, pest eggs, etc. But compost is a harmless process of organic materials. In this process, harmful substances will be eliminated by high temperature. Then you can provide a clean environment for horse living. This is indispensable for healthy horse raising. In addition, compost is also beneficial for using horse manure as fertilizer. It can kill grass seeds to prevent grass growing in fields.

Make quality horse manure fertilizer

In addition, for horse manure management, many will choose to turn it into organic fertilizer. Because it contains rich nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements. But most organic matter exists in the form of cellulose and hemicellulose, which are not easy to absorb by crops and plants. However, after composting, these cellulose and hemicellulose will become small molecules. Plants can absorb it quickly and easily.

How to turn horse manure into compost?

For compost organic horse manure, it is advisable to adopt hot composting method, namely aerobic fermentation method. As the name suggests, it mainly makes use of higher temperature (60℃-70℃) to kill substances in horse waste. In this process, oxygen supply is necessary. This is the reason why microorganisms can act to decompose organic matter and generate enough heat to create a high temperature environment. Compared with other fermentation methods, after hot composting, there are better effect and no odor.

Which machine is suitable for your organic horse manure compost?

But natural aerobic fermentation and manual composting, will both take a long time. For shorten horse manure composting time, you need to buy professional horse manure compost equipment. In SX, there are various compost machines for your choice. You should choose the most suitable one according to your actual conditions and requirements.

What is the easiest way to compost horse manure?

If you are finding the easier way to compost organic horse manure, we recommend you choose in-vessel fermentation tanks. It has a computer control system, which makes composting a fully automatic process. After transport materials, it can complete horse waste material feeding, mixing, aeration, oxygen transport, discharging, etc automatically. Moreover, it is equipped with temperature monitor and oxygen monitor, which can help it finish horse manure composting better. What’s more, because starting manure composting in a closed environment, it can reduce the influence from the outside world. So it can help you ferment organic waste fast and meet your requirements of making comport fertilizer from horse manure all the year.

Is there a more economical organic horse manure compost solution?

But if you are worried about fertilizer compost making cost, you can choose our windrow compost turner. For one thing, it adopts the ground fermentation method. It can compost horse poop on the flat ground directly. So you can save the money on fermentation grooves building. For another, it generally equips with a two-rob control system or steering wheel control system. They both make windrow compost turner work to ferment horse manure piles with only one worker. This means a low investment in the labor force. What’ more, it has a favourable price. Therefore, windrow compost equipment is an excellent choice for you to finish organic horse manure compost at a low cost.

How to compost large amounts of horse manure?

In addition, is there a machine that can meet the requirement of large scale horse poop composting? Especially when the manure waste generation in farms can reach 200 tons per day. In this case, wheel type compost turner is the best option for you. It has a turning span of 8-30 m and a turning depth of 1-2 m. Moreover, Because of long turning width, there are fewer fermentation grooves needed. So, to a certain degree, it can reduce the cost of infrastructure building. This machine is widely used for composting organic horse manure for commercial purposes.

How long does it take to make compost with horse manure?

Generally, you need to take 2-3 months to compost horse waste in natural conditions. However, with the help of professional compost equipment, you can complete making compost from horse poop within 20 days.

How do composters work to compost horse manure fast?

During the aerobic fermentation of horse waste, oxygen is key to facilitating microorganisms to compost materials. When materials oxygen content is lower than 5%, microorganism activity will be inhabited. It will lead to anaerobic fermentation and generate odor. But after using a suitable compost turner, it is easy to complete. It can break down agglomerate in to small particle size, which has a larger contact area with oxygen. In addition, machine turning will increase the porosity of organic materials. So oxygen can enter the horse manure compost piles.

The same goes for the moisture content of fertilizer fermentation. When it is lower than 40%, the decomposition bacteria activity will decrease. And over 60% water content will hamper the transportation of oxygen and affect fertilizer fermentation. Here, because composting is a temperature rising process, under the action of composter turning, the moisture content of compost piles will decrease continuously. Then how to add water to horse manure compost making? We can offer you horse manure compost equipment with a water tank.

The above two actions can help the temperature of horse manure increase to 60 quickly. Only when the temperature reaches 60℃, the harmful substances in manure will die. However, it cannot exceed 70℃, which will kill beneficial bacteria in organic fertilizer materials. Don’t worry. Composter turning is also helpful for dissipating excessive heat.

How to tell if horse manure is composted?

Besides horse manure compost system, we also have many other manure composting plans for your choice. Such as chicken manure composting system, dairy manure compost plan, pig farm waste compost line, etc. Welcome yo contact for your fertilizer business plan.

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