Do you want to make more profits from cow manure recycling? Are you looking for a project for making cattle manure into high quality fertilizer? Take action and turn cow dung into fertilizer granules! In this process, it is necessary to choose a suitable cow dung pellet making machine. In order to fully meet your requirements, SX not only design various cow dung pellet making machines for your choice, but also setup different cow waste granulation lines to help you finish cattle litter fertilizer pellet smoothly. Are they affordable for you? Of course, as a leading fertilizer equipment company, we will offer you cow manure granulation machines and business plans at a favourable price!

Top 3 cow dung pellet making machines for your choice

As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, we can provide you with various  organic fertilizer granulation machines for cow manure processing. Among them, there are 3 types of cattle waste pelletizers that are popular with granular cow manure fertilizer manufacturers. They have different features and are suitable for different occasions, you can choose the right one according to your needs.

Flat die granulation machine for small cow farm manure disposal

Are you finding a fertilizer granulation machine for your small cattle farm waste disposal? Our flat die granulation machine is an ideal choice for you. Why? Because it has features as follows:

Small capacity

Our flat die pellet mill can fully meet your requirements for the production of small scale organic fertilizer making from cow farm manure. If your cow farm generates less than 60 tons of manure per day, we recommend you choose SXPM-400, which has a capacity of 1-1.5 t/h. Moreover, we also can provide you with SXPM-600, which can help you produce 2-2.5 tons of cow litter fertilizer particles.

Flat die small scale organic fertilizer making
Rotating rollers and molds for flat die cow dung granulation

Simple process

Because flat die pellet machine adopts dry granulation method, it can turn powdery cow manure fertilizer into pellets without drying and cooling. In this way, you can finish cattle manure pellet making in a simple process and it only needs a small area. So you can dispose of cow manure into granules in your small farm directly.

Quality cow manure pellet making

This machine can keep most nutrients of cattle droppings in your organic fertilizer particles. So that you can prepare cow manure fertilizer, which can supply rich nutrients to the growth of crops. In addition, it can meet your requirements of making cattle poop fertilizer granules of different sizes. We can offer you mold for 2-10 mm pellets making.

Cow dung pellets produced by flat die pelletizer

What is the cost of a 1 t/h flat die granulation line?

New type organic fertilizer granulator for commercial cattle waste fertilizer production

For those who produce cow dung fertilizer pellet for commercial purposes, we recommend you choose our new type organic fertilizer granulator. Because it is beneficial for the following aspects:

Stirring teeth granulation machine for organic fertilizer making

Ensure the continuous fertilizer supply to your customer

Using our new type cow dung pellet making machine, you can finish the whole granulation process in 3-5 minutes. Therefore, its output can reach 1-8 t/h. That is, it can process 48,000 tons of organic fertilizer granules from cattle manure a year. This definitely can ensure the continuous fertilizer supply to your customer.

Improve the quality of your final cow manure fertilizer particles

To make more profits from cattle litter fertilizer pellet making, you also need to pay attention to further improving the quality of your fertilizer. This cow dung pellet making machine employs the wet granulation method and makes use of high speed rotating mechanical agitation force to prepare cow poop pellets. So the final fertilizer products have characteristics of beautiful appearance, uniform particle size, high hardness, low pulverization rate, etc.

Manure pellets prepared with new type granulator

What is the design of a 5 t/h new type cow manure pellet making system?

Rotary drum granulation machine for large scale cow dung fertilizer granulation plant setup

Some businesses want to invest in a large scale cow manure fertilizer granulation plant setup. For this, our rotary drum granulation machine is the most suitable one. There are two reasons:

Rotary drum pelletizer for large scale granulation

Large capacity

The maximum capacity of it is 30 t/h, That is, only using one granulation equipment, you can produce 2-3 times more fertilizer granules than other cow dung pellet making machines. Meanwhile, its minimum model has an fertilizer granules output of 1-3 t/h.

High corrosion resistance

Can it withstand the erosion caused by a large amount of cow manure processing for a long time? Of course, we especially equip it with rubber lining and cleaning holes, which can greatly reduce the possibility of wall sticking and improve its corrosion resistance.

Rubber lining of rotary drum granulator

Can drum granulator make 3mm cow dung fertilizer pellet?

How to establish a cow manure fertilizer granulation line?

To start commercial cow manure pellets making and cattle waste fertilizer granulation plant setup more smoothly, it is necessary to establish a cow droppings fertilizer granulation line. So besides granulation equipment, you may need the following manure fertilizer processing machines.

Manure dehydrator is used to remove excessive water from cow dung. This is beneficial for starting cattle litter aerobic fermentation faster.

Using this machine, you can decompose cattle manure quickly. Which can eliminate harmful substances and smelly odor in cow waste.

After crushing, the agglomerated cow droppings will become fine powder, which makes granulation better and easier.

Mixer can blend cattle waste with other materials evenly. So you can produce organic fertilizer particles with richer nutrient content.

Large animal farm waste disposal

After granulation, it is necessary to separate required cow manure granules from the others. At that time, screening machine is the best choice.

Dryer and cooler are another part of cow manure fertilizer drying system. Because in the process of wet granulation, they are essential to further reduce the moisture content of dairy waste fertilizer granule. So that the products can meet the international requirements (14%) for organic fertilizer.

This equipment will add a protective film to your cattle manure fertilizer particles. So your fertilizer has a longer storage time and better fertilizer effect.

It can help you divide finished granular cattle poop fertilizer into different quantities. Including 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc. This makes it more convenient to transport, store and sell.

What is the cost of your cattle waste granulation lines?

The price usually plays an important role in cow dung granulation line selection. Then in items of cost, our cattle manure fertilizer pellet systems can be divided into three parts:

$110,000 cow dung granulation line

If your budget for granular cow manure fertilizer manufacturing is lower than $110,000, flat die pelletizer is the optimum option for you. And combing it with small compost machine, crusher, mixer, screener and bagging equipment, you can setup a cow manure granulation line with a low investment.

$110,000-$190,000 dairy waste pellet making line

But provided you have prepared $110,000-$190,000 for turning cattle droppings into granular organic fertilizer, we recommend you buy new type organic fertilizer granulation line. It can improve the quality of your organic fertilizer in appearance and hardness.

$190,000-$550,000 cattle manure granule production line

For those who plan to invest $190,000-$550,000 in cow manure fertilizer granulation plant, you can choose rotary drum pellet making line. It is the best choice to process a large amount of cow dung into pellets in a short time.

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