For cattle breeding, manure management is an aspect many farm owners focus on. For this, it is a good idea to process cow manure into organic fertilizer. SX can provide you with various manure management systems for cattle. Such as composting system, crushing system, mixing system, granulation system, screening system, drying and cooling system, packaging system, etc. And for every system, we especially design different types of cow dung fertilizer machines for your choice. They can help you prepare cow manure into organic fertilizer more smoothly and quickly. If you need them, you can contact us immediately.

cow dung fertilizer making
  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Application: cow dung disposal, organic fertilizer production
  • Products: powder/granule organic fertilizer
  • Equipment material: Q235 carbon steel, alloy

How to dispose of cow dung into compost fertilizer?

Composting usually plays an important role in cow manure management. Because composting is a process to decompose organic matter and generate heat to kill these harmful substances in cattle manure. But if you start cow dung fermentation in a natural way, it will take you a long time, about 2-3 months. Then what is the best way to make cattle manure compost faster and better? Using professional composting machine. Here, wheel type compost turner and windrow compost machine are both excellent choices for you.

Wheel type compost turner for large scale cow manure management

If you need compost equipment for large scale disposal of cow dung, our wheel type compost machine is your best choice. Because it has a turning width of 10-30 m and a turning depth of 1-3 m. It means wheel type composter can compost cow dung 1-3 times more than other fertilizer fermentation machines. In addition, we especially replace single turning wheel with double stirring wheels, which can greatly improve its composting efficiency.

Windrow compost machine for small scale cow waste compost treatment

But how to prepare cow dung manure compost fertilizer in a small scale? You can use SX windrow compost equipment, which ferments cattle manure by piling it into long windrows on the flat ground. Driven by a skilful worker, it can process 500-1500 ㎡ of cow poop per hour. It can help you finish small scale  compost making of cattle dung quickly, about 20 days.

What to do for powder cattle manure treatment?

Then you can choose to process cattle waste compost into two forms. Powder or granules. But whether you want to make cow dung into powdery or granular fertilizer, it is necessary to crush manure material into fine powder. For one thing, compared with cow dung compost, fine powder organic fertilizer is easy to transport and store. For another, the finer the cow dung powder, the more smooth the final fertilizer pellets. And in order to finish cow waste crushing quickly, we especially design vertical crusher for you. It has a high adaptability for high moisture material. This means it is not easy to block and the material discharge is smooth.

Vertical crushing machine for cow manure powder making
Crushing blades in manure crusher
Cow manure powder after crushing

How to make cow waste fertilizer mixture in your manure management systems for cattle

Usually, in order to ensure a balanced nutritional supplement for crops, most fertilizer manufacturers using various materials in their cow dung organic fertilizer production system. Besides cattle manure, you also can add straw, maize stocks, soya bean residues, sugar waste, etc. Then for better granulation, you need to mix them with cattle dung evenly with fertilizer mixer instead of just piling them together. For this, we recommend you choose horizontal mixer and disc mixer. They both can meet your requirements whether you plan to make cow dung fertilizer in a small or large scale.

Horizontal mixing machine for cow dung fertilizer making
Auxiliary materials for cow manure fertilizer production
Disc vertical fertilizer mixing machine

How to design organic fertilizer pellets making system for cow manure management?

For better cow manure disposal, many farm owners prefer to process it to granular organic fertilizer. Why? Because preparing cow manure into fertilizer granules can prevent sticking and nutrients layering. What’s more, compared to powder cattle waste fertilizer, pellets are not easily blown away by the wind. For granulation machine purchasing, there are some tips for you.

Disc granulator for small scale cow waste pellet making

If you want to set up a small scale cow manure disposal plant, we recommend you choose disc granulation machine. Generally speaking, it can produce 1-6 tons of cow manure fertilizer pellets. In addition, it has characteristics of low investment, over 93% granulation rate, less space occupation. Which helps you start small scale cow manure making more smoothly.

Rotary drum pelletizer for large scale cow dung granulation

Provided you need a machine for large scale cow poop fertilizer granulation, rotary drum pellet making machine is your best choice. SXZGZ-3210, the largest drum granulator, has a capacity of 15-30 t/h. Moreover, in order to prolong its service life, we especially equip it with rubber lining and angle irons to prevent corrosion.

Double roller pellet making equipment for dry granulation

But when you want to process cow litter with dry granulation method, it is advisable to buy double roller pelletizer. Because it mainly makes use of the extrusion force between two rollers to prepare cow waste into granules. That is, there is nearly no water involved. In this way, it can reduce the cost of cow manure pellets drying and cooling.

What can you do for cow dung fertilizer screening?

Fertilizer granules screening machine

In general, our granulators have a high granulation rate of over 90%. But how to treat the remaining 10% of cow dung materials. At that time, screening system can help you separate qualified cow manure organic fertilizer particles from unqualified. Then you can transport unqualified fertilizer granules to re-granulate to reduce material waste. For this, rotary drum screener is an ideal choice for you.

How to create a suitable drying and cooling system for cow dung management?

When you use wet granulation method in cattle litter disposal, which uses liquid as binder, it is advisable to use drying machine and cooling equipment in your cow manure fertilizer production line.

Drying machine

Combine with hot blast furnace, dryer can remove excessive moisture from your cow poop fertilizer granules efficiently. It can reduce the water content of cow waste fertilizer particles to an international standard, below 14%. And the organic fertilizer you produce can be stored for a longer time.

Cooling equipment

Drying machine mainly makes us of high temperature to process cow manure fertilizer. But high temperature will affect the quality of your organic fertilizer. Therefore, after drying, it is necessary to reduce the temperature by cooling machine.

The final system of cattle farm waste management plan – packaging

Finally, packaging is essential to prepare cow dung fertilizer for commercial purposes. Because it will make your cattle waste fertilizer more convenient for transport, storage and selling. You can freely choose to pack it into 25 kg/bag or 50 kg/bag. We can provide you with automatic packaging scale with a quantitative precision of 2‰.

Fertilizer automatic packaging machine for sale

Besides the above machines for cow dung management, we also can offer you many other cattle manure disposal systems equipment. Such as batching machine for controlling materials proportion, coating machine for prolonging storage time, dust collector for environmentally friendly cow dung fertilizer processing. You can choose freely according to your needs.

Dynamic batching machine for commercial manure fertilizer production
Coating machine for better fertilizer granules making
Dust collector for fertilizer making without pollution

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