Pig meat is indispensable in our daily life. With the development of pig breeding, pig farm manure has been causing serious pollution to the environment. The simplest solution to pig poop disposal is composting, which can kill harmful substances in swine waste. When you plan to turn pig manure into compost fertilizer, it is necessary to buy a suitable fertilizer compost machine. Because different fertilizer manufacturers have different requirements during their swine waste composting. We especially design various machines for composting pig manure. Whether you have requirements for the speed, cost or capacity of piggery poop compost production, you can choose the right one from them.

Is fresh piggery waste suitable for making compost fertilizer?

In general, fresh pig manure cannot be used in compost making directly. There are two tasks you need to finish before starting pig dung fermentation. Adjusting the moisture content of swine manure and adding auxiliary materials.

How to treat pig manure before composting ?

How to make compost from pig poop quickly?

How long does it take to compost pig manure is an item most fertilizer suppliers pay attention to. Generally speaking, in natural conditions, it takes 2-3 months. Using compost turning machine, it can be shortened to 20 days. Can we compost swine poop faster? Of course. In-vessel compost facility can help you finish pig waste fermentation within two weeks. What can it do to speed up piggery waste composting?

Temperature adjustment

When piggery manure is fermented in the fermentation tank, the temperature sensor will monitor the tank inside temperature in real time . Then it will regulate the temperature by starting on the industrial electric blanket (embedded in the two layer tank wall). In addition, In the upper side of our swine manure fermentation tank, there is a specialized heating device that can heating the oxygen. Therefore, it can make sure the best temperature (60℃-70℃) for pig poop composting. Which is suitable for beneficial bacteria living and can kill pathogens, parasite eggs and grass seeds in manure.

Vertical fermentation tank structure

Oxygen monitoring

Our in-vessel also has professional oxygen sensor to monitor the inside oxygen concentration. When the oxygen needs to supply, high pressure Roots blower will press heated oxygen in the fermentation tank automatically. So microorganisms can continuously decompose organic matter in swine dung and generate enough heat.

Computer automatic control system

Organic fertilizer fermentation tank adopts computer automatic control system. So it can complete aeration, mixing, temperature control, oxygen supply, deodorization and discharge without worker operations. In this way, it can save your time spent on pig litter composting.

Learn more about pig waste fermentation tank

How to compost pig manure in an economical way?

Is there pig manure composting plan with a low investment? Of course. There are two types of pig poop composting machines that are popular with people who have a budget of below $20,000. They are groove type compost turner and moving type compost machine. They are different in fermentation methods, you can choose according to your needs.

Groove type compost turner for swine farm waste fermentation

For those who already have manure tanks at their swine farms, which have a width of 2.5-5 m and a depth of 0.8-1 m. Groove type compost turner is the optimum option. Because you can transform it into fermentation trench directly. Then after installing rails on the both sides of groove, you can operate groove type composter to start pig manure composting immediately. In this way, you can save more money on making piggery manure into compost.

Moving type compost machine for composting pig manure on the ground

Can I start piggery waste composting on the flat ground directly? Of course, we can provide you with moving type compost turner, which makes compost relies on piles swine manure into long windrows on the ground. And it has a turning span of 2 m and a turning depth of 0.6-0.8 m. So you can process 400-500 m³ of pig manure during fermentation without spending money on infrastructure. What’s more, because of the steering wheel control system, which is easy to operate. Only by employing one worker, you can convert pig poop into compost.

Tips: In order to prevent pollution of composting to soil and underwater, it is advisable to start moving composting on the cement floor.

How to set up a swine manure compost making plant?

As for pig waste fertilizer plant setup, wheel type compost equipment is the best choice for you. For one thing, it has a large capacity, which means that it can process 2-3 times of pig manure into compost more than other compost machines. So you can deliver piggery manure fertilizer to your customers continuously. For another, the turning span of wheel type compost turner is 10-30 m. So after using it in producing pig poop compost in a large scale, you can buy fewer compost machines and establish fewer fermentation trenches. That is, wheel type composter can help you set up a pig manure composting plant at a lower cost.

What can you do with pig manure compost?

Pig manure fertilizer making line

If you want to make use of pig dung to make more profits, you can further process swine waste compost into organic fertilizer. SX can provide you with the equipment of the whole set of piggery manure fertilizer manufacturing line. Besides compost equipment, we also can offer you crusher, mixer, granulation machine, screening equipment, dryer, cooler, dust collector, coating machine and packaging equipment.

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