Do you want to provide a clean environment for cattle breeding? Are you finding an economical way to dispose of dairy manure on farms? Come to process cow waste into compost fertilizer. Because composting is a process of making use of high temperature to kill bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in cow dung. So cow manure no longer affects the health of cows. Then how to start dairy manure composting smoothly? Before cattle composting, processing fresh cow dung to make it suitable for better fermentation. During cow manure fermentation, using SX compost machine to control temperature to a suitable level. After composting, detecting the quality of cow manure compost. Then you can choose to further process it into powdery organic fertilizer or granular organic fertilizer freely.

What do you need to do before dairy manure composting?

In general, fresh cow manure cannot be used to make compost directly. You need to process cow dung step by step to make it suitable for dairy manure compost production. Including

Collect materials

In order to provide more nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other nutrients for organic fertilizer making, it is advisable to choose fresh cow manure instead of old cattle dung. Fresh dairy waste can avoid contamination from antibiotics or other substances that could harm the composting process. In addition, you also need to collect some auxiliary materials, such as straw, sawdust, leaves, corn cobs, etc. They can balance the nitrogen content of the dairy manure and absorb excess moisture.


Fresh dairy manure usually has a high moisture of 70%-80%, even 90%. But for composting, the optimum water content of material is 45%-65%. Excessive water will block the passage of oxygen transportation, thereby affecting the effect of cow dung aerobic fermentation. And there are two solutions to you. For one thing, as mentioned above, you can add dry auxiliary materials to absorb excess moisture. For another, you can use manure dewatering machine directly, which can reduce the water content of cow poop to 30%-40%.


Beside adding dry materials for moisture content adjustment, in order to make cattle waste into quality compost fertilizer, you may also need to add many other materials. If you want to take full advantage of them, it is necessary mixing them with dairy manure evenly. Here, we can provide you with various fertilizer mixers for your choice.

Fertilizer double shafts mixing equipment
Fertilizer crushing equipment in SX


If you want to decompose cow manure quickly, it is an ideal choice to crush it into fine powder before composting. Because when agglomerated cattle dung become fine powder, it will have a larger contact area with oxygen. Then what equipment is suitable for cow dung crushing? Vertical type crusher and semi-wet material grinder are both excellent choices, because they can process high moisture material without blocking.

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How to choose a suitable cow manure composting machine for you?

During the composting process of dairy litter, the temperature is an item you must focus on. It is advisable to keep it between 60℃ and 70℃. Because only when the temperature is higher than 60℃, the harmful substances in cow litter can be killed. However, if it is higher than 70℃, the beneficial bacteria are also at risk of death. So it is essential to buy a quality machine for dairy manure fermentation. Because when it starts working to turn cow waste, the oxygen will be supplied to generate enough heat and excessive heat will be dissipated. But there are various cow dung composters on the market, how to select the most suitable one for you? There are some tips for your reference.

Groove type composter for cattle farm manure disposal

Provided you want to improve the manure management system of your cow farm, groove type composter is an ideal choice for you. It can help you complete the harmless process of cattle waste within 20 days. In addition, the price of a groove type compost machine is only $ 6,500-$ 19,000. Therefore, it can help you create a clean environment for cow breeding with a small investment. And you can make more profits from preparing cow manure into fertilizer.

Wheel type compost turner for cow dung fertilizer plant

But if you plan to set up a cow dung fertilizer plant, we recommend you choose wheel type compost turner. It can help you to start a large scale composting of cattle manure  quickly and easily. On the one hand, its turning width can reach 10-30 m and turning depth is 1-3 m. So it can compost more dairy waste at one time. On the other hand, it has a high degree of automation. That is, after setting in motion, it can work to compost dairy dung without worker operation.

Moving type composter for flexible cow dung fermentation

Our moving type compost turner adopts four-wheel self-propelled moving system and steering wheel control system. So it can move forward, backward and turn directions freely and easily. Therefore, it can change the cow litter windrow without forklift or groove transfer vehicle. Then you can start cattle poop windrow composting in a flexible way.

In-vessel fermentation tank for fast dairy manure composting

Is there a compost machine help you finish dairy litter compost manufacturing faster? Of course, you can choose our in-vessel fermentation tank. It creates a closed environment for cow dung composting. In this way, the temperature of the material will rise quickly. And it can greatly reduce the influences from the outside world, such as season, cold, weather, etc. Generally, only needs 10 hours, it can finish the harmless process of dairy manure. Then after temperature falling and aging, you can further prepare cow manure into organic fertilizer.

How do you test the effectiveness of dairy waste composting?

Generally speaking, you can consider it in two aspects. Temperature and odor.


Because organic matter decomposition will generate a large amount heat, dairy manure composting is an temperature rising process. As long as the cattle waste is not fully decomposed, the temperature will continue to rise. Adversely, when the raw material temperature won’t rise up again, you have finished the manufacturing of cattle manure compost fertilizer.


Another way to test the effectiveness of dairy waste composting is to conduct an odor test. The reason why cow manure has a smelly odor is that it contains many hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. But composting can effective composting should minimize these elements. So conducting an odor test can help you determine whether the composting process was successful and whether any adjustments need to be made.

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