At present, more and more businesses invest in organic fertilizer making. Do you plan to make your animal farm waste into quality fertilizer? Do you want to make more profits from organic fertilizer manufacturing? Come to convert organic litter into pellets! For this, it is essential to purchase a suitable organic fertilizer pellet making machine. But there are many types of organic fertilizer granulators, which one is the best choice for you? In general, you can consider it from three aspects: granulation method, capacity and cost. And SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, can fully meet your needs. We design various organic fertilizer pelletizers according to granulation methods, capacities and costs for your choice. In addition, if you need, we can also design a customized granular organic fertilizer production line for you.

What method is used in organic waste pellets production?

If you want to produce granular organic fertilizer smoothly, it is necessary to know how compost powder forms into organic fertilizer pellets. In general, it mainly relies on two forces to make powdery organic compost into granules. One is cohesive force between materials caused by liquid binder. Another is the resulting mechanical force of machine working. So usually, there are two kinds of granulation methods you can adopt in organic fertilizer granule production.

Wet granulation method for commercial organic fertilizer pellet making

Do you plan to prepare organic waste fertilizer pellet for commercial purposes? We recommend you choose the wet granulation method, which makes use of not only liquid cohesive force but also resulting mechanical force of machine working to process powder organic fertilizer into granules. So the final organic fertilizer particles have characteristics of beautiful appearance, uniform particle size, low pulverization rate, etc. In order to make it more convenient to add liquid, we especially design spray devices for our wet granulation machines. Moreover, in order to fully meet your requirements, we design wet granulation machines with different mechanical forces. Therefore, there are disc granulator, stirring teeth granulation machine and rotary drum pelletizer for your choice.

Dry granulation method for low cost organic fertilizer granulation

Dry granulation equipment is more suitable for those who want to prepare granular organic fertilizer in a simple process or at a low cost. It mainly relies on an extrusion force between two rollers to turn powder organic fertilizer into pellets. So there is nearly no water involved. In addition, the moisture of feeding material is below 10%.  So you can save your money on drying and cooling, then finish the granulation of small scale organic fertilizer making at a low cost.

The typical organic fertilizer dry granulation machine is flat die organic fertilizer pellet making machine. In the process of granulation, the rotating roller of flat die pelletizer will press organic powder into mold. This mold will form powder compost into long cylindrical particles with the required diameter. Then the inside high strength alloy steel knives will cut them into proper length. What a simple process!

How to buy a suitable organic fertilizer pellet making machine according to your expectant capacity?

When selecting organic waste fertilizer granule production machine, you need to consider from many aspects, especially the capacity. For small, medium and large scale organic fertilizer granulation, you need to choose different types of organic fertilizer pellet making machines.

Flat die granulator for 1-2 t/h organic fertilizer pellet making

For fertilizer suppliers who want to start organic fertilizer granules manufacturing in a small scale, flat die pellet mill is the best choice. It is not only because this machine has a capacity of 1-2 t/h, but also its wide application and portability. Plat die pelletizer can be equipped with mold with different size holes. This means, no matter you want to produce organic fertilizer particles of any size within 3-10 mm, it can meet your needs. But it only covers a small area. So you can finish manure fertilizer granule making directly in your farm.

Disc pellet machine and stirring teeth granulator for 1-8 t/h organic waste granule production

But if you want to setup a commercial organic fertilizer granulation plant, you need to buy a organic fertilizer pellet making machine with a larger output. Which can ensure that you can supply fertilizer products to your customers continuously. We can offer you disc granulation machine and stirring teeth pelletizer. The former can process 1-6 tons of granules from organic litter per hour. And the maximum output of the latter can reach 8 t/h.

If you want to finish organic fertilizer pellets production with a higher hardness, stirring teeth granulation equipment is an ideal choice for you. But provided you only have a small room for organic manure granulation, it is wise to buy our disc pellet making machine.

Rotary drum pelletizer for 8-30 t/h manure particles manufacturing

Is there a pelletizer suitable for large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing plant which has a capacity of 20 t/h? Of course. Rotary drum pellet making equipment is designed for you. SXZGZ-2030 can help you produce 15-30 tons of fertilizer particles from organic litter. That is, combing with other suitable fertilizer making machines, you even can establish a 180,000 ton/year organic fertilizer manufacturing line, if you keep it work a shift a day and 10 hour a shift.

How much does organic fertilizer granulation equipment cost?

The price of organic fertilizer making machine is an item you must pay attention to. But there is no doubt that you can buy organic fertilizer pellet making equipment at a favourable price in SX. Because we are a source factory for fertilizer equipment manufacturing, there is no extra charge during the transaction. In general, the prices of the above organic fertilizer granulators are as follows:

$800-$8,500 Plat die granulator

Commonly, the price of fertilizer machine is closely related to the capacity. The output of pan pelletizer is 1-6 t/h, which is higher than flat die granulation machine. So you need to prepare$1,000-$16,000 for purchasing pan granulator.

Low cost
Favourable price

$7,000-$25,000 Stirring teeth granulation machine

Do you want to finish organic waste pellet making in a shorter time? Stirring teeth pelleting machine can fully meet your needs. It can complete the production of a batch of organic fertilizer pellets within 5 min. Therefore, it has a price of $7,000-$25,000.

$7,000-$70,000 Rotary drum pelletizer

In general, in terms of fertilizer machines, the larger the capacity, the higher the price. So If you want to buy a rotary drum pelletizer, you need to prepare $7,000-$70,000.


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How to establish a granular organic fertilizer production line?

If you want to improve the quality of your organic fertilizer and earn more profits, we also can provide you with organic fertilizer making plans according to your requirements. For example, for different materials, there are chicken manure fertilizer making line, cow dung fertilizer production system, pig waste disposal plan and so on for your choice. For different capacities, we can provide you with small organic fertilizer making line and large scale organic fertilizer production system. And we also have organic fertilizer manufacturing business plans for different budget, factory area, etc. In general, these organic fertilizer making lines will contain equipment of dewatering machine, compost equipment, crusher, mixer, granulator, screener, dryer, cooler, dust collector, coating machine, packaging scale and conveyor.

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