Fertilizer blending plant is set up to produce compound fertilizer by mixing several chemical granules evenly in proportion. This type of fertilizer is often referred to as bulk blending fertilizer production, abbreviated as BB fertilizer. Usually, its nutrient proportion is not fixed and can be adjusted according to local farming conditions. So more and more fertilizer manufacturers prefer to invest in bulk blending fertilizer production. For this, SX, as a professional fertilizer machine factory, can provide proposals in many aspects. Including material selection, factory location, business plan choosing, etc.

NPK fertilizer blending system
  • Cpacity: 5-40 t/h
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy

  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

  • Design: Batching machine, mixer, packaging equipment, etc
  • Application: Granular Urea, MOP, SOP, KCL, etc to NPK fertilizer

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How to prepare materials for fertilizer blending plant setup?

When you want to start bulk blending fertilizer making, materials preparation is an item you must focus on. Then what is the principle of BB fertilizer production materials selection? Generally, you need to pay attention to three principles:

Chemical materials

Bulk blending fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer. So the raw materials of it are commonly various single chemical fertilizers or complex fertilizers. Such as urea, gypsum, DAP, TSP, ammonium sulphate, etc.

BB fertilizer manufacturing
Bulk blending fertilizer materials

Uniform granules size

In general, fertilizer blending plant is built to process granular chemical materials into required fertilizer. It is the premise of using chemical fertilizer pellets for starting BB fertilizer making. In addition, in order to prepare high quality bulk blending fertilizer, it is advisable to choose granules with uniform size. Otherwise, the even fertilizer nutrient is easy to layer during transport. Then it will affect the nutrient supply for the growth of crops.

No chemical reaction

Finally, you’d better select materials which have no chemical reaction. Because chemical reaction is a process that leads to the chemical transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. This will change the nutrient proportion of fertilizer and even generate harmful substances.

Ia it suitable for producing 15-15-20 NPK fertilizer ?

What equipment is needed in bulk blending fertilizer manufacturing?

Besides suitable material election, it is also necessary to buy professional equipment for fertilizer blending plant. Because it is the secret of finishing bulk blending fertilizer smoothly and quickly. But what machine is needed for BB fertilizer production? In general, you need the following four fertilizer processing machines.

Batching machine

As mentioned above, BB fertilizer is a mixture of a variety of chemical materials with a certain proportion. If the proportion is changed, the final fertilizer will no longer be suitable for local farming conditions and even cause damage to it. But how to ensure that you can make BB fertilizer strictly according to the formula proportion? Using batching machine, which adopts an electrical weighting system and feeds different chemical materials in order instead of all at once. Therefore, it can feed required materials with high precision.

BB fertilizer mixer

Bulk blending fertilizer making, as the name suggests, mixing machine plays an important role in this process. For this, we especially design professional BB fertilizer mixer. It overcomes the mixtures chromatography and distributaries phenomena caused by different proportions of raw materials and particle size. Moreover, it also solves the influence of material properties, mechanical vibration, air pressure, etc. So it can help you blend various chemical materials evenly to ensure the nutrient balance of your BB fertilizer.

Automatic packaging machine

After mixing, you can package the compound fertilizer directly. What a simple process! Then to finish blending fertilizer faster, we recommend you buy an automatic bagging machine. It has an electrically automatic weighting system, which has a quantitative precision of 2‰. Therefore, it can help you pack final BB fertilizer into 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, etc in a short time. In this way, you can transport, store and sell them more conveniently.

Belt conveyor in fertilizer making line


If you want to keep bulk blending fertilizer manufacturing smoothly, it also needs to buy conveyor. It is used to transport chemical materials from one equipment to another. For this, we can provide you belt conveyor, mobile belt conveyor, bucket elevator,etc.

Top 2 business plans for BB fertilizer production

In order to different requirements of fertilizer suppliers, we especially design fertilizer blending business plans with different capacities. One is designed for small scale compound fertilizer making plants, which need to produce 5-10 tons of BB fertilizer per hour. Another one is rotary drum mixing fertilizer line, which is suitable for preparing bulk blending fertilizer in a large scale.

Small fertilizer blending plan design

When you need a BB fertilizer making line with a capacity of 5-10 t/h, we recommend you choose our small scale fertilizer blending system. It consists of static batching machine, large angle belt lifter, BB fertilizer mixer, single bucket quantitative packing scale. It adopts the operation method of feeding in positive rotation and discharging in reverse rotation. Easy operation. In addition, because of the special internal spiral mechanism and unique three-dimensional structure, it can mix materials evenly and export fertilizer without blocking.

Large scale drum type fertilizer making line

Provided you want to set up a large scale fertilizer blending plant, you can choose our drum type fertilizer mixing line. It replaces the BB fertilizer mixer with drum type BB fertilizer blender, which has a larger output of 30-40 t/h. That is, it can help you produce 180,000-250,000 tons of bulk blending fertilizer a year. Correspondingly, it is advisable to upgrade single bucket packing machine to double buckets automatic bagging scale. In this way, you can finish large scale mixing fertilizer manufacturing quickly.

How to choose an area for fertilizer blending plant setup?

After material collection and equipment purchasing, you also need to prepare a suitable place for fertilizer blending plant establishing. Usually, you need to pay attention to two items

Can fertilizer blending line produce NPK fertilizer?

Of course. In fact, fertilizer mixing line is a kind of compound fertilizer production process. So there is no doubt that it can be used in NPK fertilizer production. Whether you want to make 15-15-15, 20-10-10 or other types of NPK fertilizers, it can fully meet your requirements. Even, compared with NPK fertilizer granulation line, it has a higher flexibility for different proportions of NPK fertilizer manufacturing. Therefore, it is also an ideal choice to setup a NPK fertilizer blending plant.

BB fertilizer making line installation

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