Are you finding the customized design for your fertilizer plant setup? Do you want to buy the best equipment for your fertilizer making project at an economical price? Come to YUSHUNXIN fertilizer equipment factory immediately! In order to give back to our past customers and attract new fertilizer manufacturers, we will be holding a fertilizer machine trade festival from May to June. During this period, you can get the best fertilizer machines recommendations, customized fertilizer making plan design, etc. If you’ve been seeking the ideal time to invest in customized equipment for your fertilizer plant, look no further. This is a gold month for fertilizer equipment buying in 2024. Welcome to contact us for your own fertilizer manufacturing plan at any time!

Alage fertilizer production line

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How long does the fertilizer machine buying festival last?

Spanning 2 months, this fertilizer equipment buying festival will start from 7th May to ending on 30th June, 2024. It is specifically tailored to provide unparalleled benefits to both established and budding fertilizer manufacturers. This is a golden opportunity to access expert recommendations and custom-tailored plans that align perfectly with your fertilizer manufacturing project needs


7th May -30th June

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What fertilizer production line can YUSHUNXIN provide?

As a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer, YUSHUNXIN can offer you various fertilizer making business plans.

Organic fertilizer making line for sale

Organic fertilizer making line for sale

The organic fertilizer manufacturing line use organic waste as material to make quality fertilizer. For one thing, it can help you quickly dispose of manure waste, biogas residue, mushroom waste, agricultural waste, etc. For another, the produced commercial organic fertilizer can greatly increase your income.

Bio fertilizer production line

Bio fertilizer production line

If you want to further improve the quality of organic fertilizer your prepare, we also can offer bio organic fertilizer production plan. With functional bacteria compounding technology, you can make fertilizer with richer nutrients and better effect. So, you can make more profits from fertilizer manufacturing.

Liquid fertilizer making system design

Liquid fertilizer making system design

Even you need a liquid fertilizer making system, there is the best solution for you. With liquid separator, activated carbon filter, UV disinfection machine, fermentation reactor and liquid filling system, you can make quality liquid organic fertilizer quickly.

NPK fertilizer granule making line design

NPK fertilizer granule making line design

In addition, for those who plan to use chemical material to make compound fertilizer, we also design various compound fertilizer making systems for your choice. Such as NPK granule making system, bulk blending fertilizer line, mine waste to fertilizer project, etc.

Here, as a reliable partner for fertilizer equipment buying, YUSHUNXIN equipment them with cutting-edge machinery. Including manure dehydrator, compost machine, batching machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, screener, packaging equipment. They adopts advanced technologies and use carbon steel Q235, alloy and stainless steel as materials.

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Are there any operating fertilizer plants?

Of course. YUSHUNXIN has 20 years of fertilizer machine manufacturing experience. Because of high quality and advanced design, our fertilizer machine is exported to countries all over the world. Such as Indonesia, Botswana, Kenya, Mexico, US, UK, Nigeria, etc. If you want to deeply clear the running of our fertilizer making machines, you can visit our factory for equipment manufacturing. It is located in Xingyang City, Zhenzhou City, Henan Province, China. Or you can send us your material for fertilizer machine testing.

Moreover, during the fertilizer equipment buying gold month, there is excellent discount on equipment, shipment, etc. Come to get your own fertilizer business plan now!

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