Composting is an environmentally friendly way to recycle organic waste and make fertilizer. After composting, the organic material is harmless and no odor. However, one of the challenges that can arise during the composting process is how to get rid of the unpleasant odors in workshop? Remove odor from compost is beneficial for protecting workers’ health and meeting the international environmental requirements. Here, our engineers have 2 tips for your reference.

What is the best method to get rid of composting odor?

If you want to minimize odors during composting, we recommend you buy our in-vessel composting system. It is a closed compost method of organic waste. This can effectively prevent odor spreading. Then, how to dispose of gas waste from in-vessel compostor into harmless? There is a professional gas waste treatment system. It consists of spray tower and activated carbon box. For one thing, the former will make use of liquid to reduce the unpleasant smell particles. For another, the latter will further adsorb and trap composting odor molecules with activated carbon. Therefore, the composting gas waste can be processed into harmless and smell less quickly and easily.

Learn more about in-vessel composting!

Is there a system to remove odor from open composting?

Of course. For open air composting of organic material, which is more exposed to the elements, YUSHUNXHIN also can offer you suitable odor control measures. One effective solution is the utilization of a high-pressure spray deodorant system. It can evenly disperse deodorizing compounds into the air and onto the composting material. This can convert odorous gases into harmless substances by adsorption and decomposition, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the unpleasant of aerobic fermentation.

For example, under the action of deodorizing liquid, hydrogen sulfide will decompose to generate sulfate ions and water; ammonia will convert to nitrogen and water. This approach has customized design according to your scale of the fertilizer composting operation. Involve fixed or mobile spray units. It’s a more immediate and flexible solution, especially useful in large-scale or outdoor composting facilities where enclosing the operation might not be practical.

In summary, the best method to remove odors from composting processes heavily relies on the context of the operation. In-vessel composters coupled with professional gas waste treatment systems offer a robust and environmentally compliant solution. especially for enclosed or indoor facilities. For open composting systems, high-pressure spray deodorants provide a versatile and effective way to manage odors.

Moreover, if you want to learn other aspects about fertilizer composting or organic fertilizer manufacturing, welcome to contact us for the best solutions or suitable machines. Such as composting time, fermentation temperature, organic fertilizer production moisture, etc.

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