On 22nd – 24th April, 2024, this is a  grand exhibition of fertilizer equipment in Morocco. This year, the exhibition was graced by the presence of YUSHUNXIN, a prominent name in the fertilizer equipment manufacturing industry. We bring our the latest technologies and machines of fertilizer production. Welcome to visit our booth to get the best fertilizer making system for you immediately.

Advanced fertilizer equipment of YUSHUNXIN in Morocco Exhibition

YUSHUNXIN, known for its cutting-edge solutions in fertilizer production, has various advanced machinery and equipment of industrial fertilizer manufacturing. Such as compound fertilizer production lines, organic fertilizer machines, and state-of-the-art bulk blending fertilizer systems. All our fertilizer equipment on display has energy efficiency, robust design, and innovative features. So, they can help you optimize the fertilizer production process and prepare quality fertilizer quickly and easily.

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Fertilizer manufacturers were interested in YUSHUNXIN fertilizer equipment

During the Morocco exhibition, YUSHUNXIN to interact with a diverse audience comprising potential clients, industry experts, and competitors. In this process, many fertilizer suppliers from various areas are interested in our equipment for both organic fertilizer making and compound fertilizer production. Including Morocco, Germany, Spain, etc. Our engineers disscussed the details of fertilizer equipment and designed customized fertilizer making plans for your choice.

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Visit our past customer fertilizer making line operation in Morocco

In addition, our engineers visited our former old customers’ fertilizer making machine running. This customer prepared biochar fertilizer from mushroom waste. And the final product is powdery carbon based organic fertilizer. The fertilizer manufacturers told us, this system helped him to dispose of spent mushroom waste quickly and produce fertilizer which can facilitate the mushroom growth. Therefore, now he can expand the mushroom plantation scale and make more profits.

Biochar fertilizer making from mushroom waste in Morocco

What is the process of make powdery organic fertilizer from mushroom waste?

The process of making powdery biochar based fertilizer from mushroom waste is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Here’s a simplified outline of the process:

Collect the spent mushroom substrate after the mushroom crop is harvested. Then you need find a stable biochar source. Stable material sources are the basic of mass biochar fertilizer making from mush room waste.

Begin the composting process by turning spent mushroom substrate to make material harmless. Here, you can introduce composting microbes or use a compost activator to accelerate the breakdown of organic matter. As for the regularly turn the pile to aerate it and ensure even decomposition, you can use our compost machines. Effective compost making and economical price.

For one thing, in order to make nutrient in fertilizer easy to be absorbed by crops, you can crush compost cakes and biochar into fine powder. We have professional crushers for you. For another, to ensure the balance of final fertilizer nutrients, it is advisable to mixing them evenly after crushing.

Pass the primary biochar powder fertilizer with mushroom waste through a screener to remove any large particles and waste and to achieve uniform particle size.

Moreover, you need to dry the qualified carbon -based fertilizer powder reduce moisture content. This is essential for creating a powdery texture and preventing spoilage.

Finally, the powdery organic fertilizer is packed into suitable containers for storage and distribution.

In conclusion, YUSHUNXIN’s visit to the Fertilizer Equipment Exhibition in Morocco was a resounding success. It allowed us to display our technological prowess, understand new market trends. In the future, we will work hard to improve the design of fertilizer equipment and develop better fertilizer equipment to help you produce organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers easier and faster.

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