Because of the geographical environment, Mauritius is rich in sea by-products. But, besides selling them directly, is there another method to make profits from them? On 15th February 2024, a sealife organic company manager inquired about this. The company has already operated basic seaweed products, and wanted to expand their business on the basics of algae products. For this, we recommend to use algae as fertilizer. Its profits are more than 3 times that of the original. Here, YUSHUNXIN can offer customized algae organic fertilizer making system.

Algae fertilizer production line
  • Country: Mauritius
  • Cpacity: 3 t/h
  • Cost: $20,000-$60,000
  • Final fertilizer shape: granules
  • Requirements: Removing small stones
  • Application: sea by-products as fertilizer

The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:

Is algae suitable for using as fertilizer?

Of course. For one thing, seaweed has rich n, p, k elements and microelements, which are necessary for fertilizer making and crops growth. For another, fertilizer that making from algae also contains abundant bioactive substances such as alginate, mannitol and phenolic substances, which can facilitate the nutrients absorption of plants. So the project of producing algae based fertilizer is an excellent option.

Materials for algae fertilizer production

Learn more about alage fertilizer production

How to make fertilizer from seaweed?

Because the Mauritius customer cannot determine what kind of seaweed fertilizer to produce. So we offer him 2 algae organic fertilizer making plans: Powdery and granular organic fertilizer manufacturing systems.

Simpler algae to fertilizer system

For simpler process and lower investment seaweed fertilizer production project, we recommend you buy our powdery organic fertilizer making system. Only need 6 steps, you can turn seaweed and manure mixture into quality fertilizer. Including water removing, composting, batching, crushing, screening and only needs an area of 800-1500 ㎡ and cost of $10,000-$90,000.

Making seaweed into fertilizer granules

But, if you want to prepare high quality algae organic fertilizer and make more profits, you can choose our organic fertilizer granulation system. It needs to add mixer, granulator, dryer and cooler on the basic of powdery fertilizer plan. Therefore, an algae fertilizer granulation plant needs a 1,500-5,000㎡ area. And you need to prepare a budget of $8,0000-$200,000.

Can I start a small scale production of organic fertilizer pellets from algae at a low cost?

After getting the design and quote of use algae as fertilizer project, the Mauritius client told us that he prefers to fertilizer granule making, but needs a lower investment design. With a small scale output, it is 3 t/h. For this, you can buy an organic fertilizer granulation system, which only contains groove type compost turner, vertical crush, pan granulator and packing equipment. The prices of these seaweed fertilizer machines are $20,000-$60,000.

How to remove stones during seaweed fertilizer production?

Finally, customer from Mauritius asked us if there is a method to remove stones during the process of making algae fertilizer? There are usually many small stones in algae and manure waste material. Here, you can add screen equipment after crusher. It will sieve out stones from algae compost powder.

Screen for removing stones during fertilizer making

The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to use algae as fertilizer in Mauritius. If you want to make sea by-products into fertilizer, welcome to contact us for your own sea product fertilizer production project design. Moreover, we also can offer you suitable solutions for making fertilizer from animal manure, agricultural waste, biogas residue or chemical materials such as N, P, K.

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